Spider-Man, Hanging Out In Cairo

Spider-Man, Hanging Out In Cairo

You ever wonder what Spider-Man gets up to in Cairo? He takes the train, does his laundry and enjoys a good smoke.

Welcome to the world of Hossam Atef, a young photographer with a nice portfolio of portraits as well as viral pics like his recent Spider-Man series.

Atef told Cairo Scene that the idea came to him when he was joking around with some friends, wondering what it would be like if Spider-Man came to Egypt. “The shock in people’s eyes were so clear and kids thought it was real,” he added, “while old people thought he was one of Sisi‘s guys!”

“The main idea behind this set of photos is to tell the world that the Egyptian people usually do unbelievable acts in different situations and are able to cope with very weird situations by making a lot of fun of them,” he continued. “They know how to laugh through the toughest times. We wanted to draw a smile on Egyptian citizens’ face.” Atef certainly drew one on mine.

Be sure to check out more of the photographer’s work on his Facebook page.


Pictures: Antikka Photography


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