Square Enix Announces SaGa 2015 For The PlayStation Vita

Square Enix Announces SaGa 2015 For The PlayStation Vita

First introduced to North American audiences as the first Game Boy role-playing game, Final Fantasy Legend, the SaGa series returns after a lengthy hiatus in the newly-announced SaGa 2015 for the PlayStation Vita.

The new game was announced by series creator Akitoshi Kawazu (via Siliconera) during a Square Enix livestream celebrating the series 25th anniversary. No details were given about the next instalment , just some concept art credited to series illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi.

The last time we saw a proper game in the largely science fiction series was 2002's Unlimited Saga, a PS2 game with a unique reel-based battle system that was largely panned for its extreme difficulty. I have a copy on my shelf I will never complete.

Since then all we've seen is 2012's Emperor's SaGa for Japan's GREE social gaming network, and it doesn't really count.

Last we heard, many of the SaGa team's most prominent members, including Tomomi Kobayashi, were working with developer Furyu on Legend of Legacy. With that 3DS game due out in Japan next month, I guess they have got some free time on their hands.

Whatever SaGa 2015 winds up being, as long as it's not Unlimited SaGa 2 I think we'll be happy.


    Don't know anything about SaGa, just happy to see "announces... for the Playstation Vita".

      Considering I have both a Vita and Vita TV, I'm happy to see those as well!

    I miss my old school turn based RPGs. The SNES and Genesis were the golden age of JRPGs

    What was the good saga?

    I had unlimited & didn't like it all all. Fingers crossed I like this one, Vita is not getting enough love from me.

      My Vita has been getting plenty of attention since they released Suikoden 2. I can't recommend that game enough to people who like turn based RPGs

      Last edited 15/12/14 10:45 am

        Oh, I have it. I'm looking for more Vita games.
        Big fan of PSX RPGs, often playing them. Just feels like it's been a while since I was excited about a proper Vita release, even a port or something.

          I know how you feel. I bought my Vita the first week of release, and I have purchased a total of 2 Vita games for it. the rest are PSN games, and classics that I have already purchased

            Oh dood, I got mine a good year in so there was a nice selection.
            cool indie games like Guacamelee came out within months.
            I haven't bought anything since FFX HD I think.

            Next thing I want is Duke Nukem 3D & maybe RE Revelations 2 if the port sounds decent.

            My most played game is Sonic Racing Transformed, such a good port & easy to pick up & play on the go.

            I don't mind filling in the gaps with PSX games, but this gap has been too long!

      Romancing SaGa 3 was pretty fun on the SNES, and I've heard good things about the SaGa Frontier games. Hopefully Unlimited SaGa's the odd-one out and this new one will be good.

    I don't care how you punctuate the name, Square Enix, King is still coming for your ass :P. "Damn you! The only saga is the one crushed by our candies!"

    And now I am going to copyright every word in this sentence.

    What the fuck does SEGA even do other than piss a lot of people off? I wish they would go bankrupt for good already.

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