Start Saving For Those Boxing Day Games Specials

Yeah, sure, Christmas hasn't happened yet, but the big chains are already planning their Boxing Day sales — and there are potentially some good games bargains to be had if you have a single cent left over from the Steam sales.

OzBargain highlights a good deal at Target: an Xbox One with Halo Master Chief plus download codes for Assassins Creed Unity and Assassins Creed Black Flag for $459.

Spotted anything else worth shopping for on Boxing Day? Tell us in the comments. (Note: most retailers are keeping their Boxing Day catalogues offline right now, but the paper ones are already out.)

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    We got some catalogs in the mail last night for the sales starting on Boxing Day. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a Playstation 3 bundle advertised at KMart containing the console and Little Big Planet 2 for $329. THAT'S A SALE PRICE! O.o PS3's and 360's should be in the sub $150 range now.

      The problem is that a great deal of the "AAA" games are releasing on both gens these days. More so than I can recall happening for any previous gen. So until the publishers completely embrace this gen, the last gen consoles are going to remain at big prices.

      It's funny, I picked up a new PS3 for less than $200 last Christmas.

        Yeah, I got a 500 gig last year for $250 I think. (Not on sale)

          maybe it's because of the declining value of the AUD vs USD

      The price of those consoles is a sad joke - I bought a 360 Boxing Day 2009 for $200. It seems like the price has only gone up since!

    Where is a good value place to trade in the Xbox 360 for an Xbox One?

      Nowhere really. Unfortunately you will get less than $100, possibly a lot less, for the console.

      I've generally found that CEX have the best trade in price for consoles. Especially if you trade it in for store credit and use that to get a second-hand Xbox One from them.

      You'd get more money putting it on gumtree ad a bundle, rather than trading it in to a place like eb or cashies

    Target have just put out their pre christmas and boxing day sale catalog. Cod AW actually increases in price on boxing day.

      Well I'll hardly be trampling all over my fellow man to get my hands on THAT when the doors open.

      I think COD AW is actually on sale today in the PSN 12 Deals Of Xmas sale. I have to admit I've found that particular offering this year pretty underwhelming - most of the games are still well over $60 even on sale, and that's not much better than what you can get them for in JB anyway. There were a few good deals early on (e.g. Alien Isolation for under $50, but I already had it), but it's got steadily less tempting as it has gone one.

        Alien Isolation is $25 USD on Steam right now. #pcmasterrace

        The Xbox Xmas sale has the opposite problem - good specials but all of them underwhelming indie games!

    I've been considering purchasing an Xbox One. What's the likelihood we'll see a price increase with the falling dollar after Christmas?

    The Xbox One bundles on the Microsoft Store haven't been too bad if you can find something to your liking in their limited range of titles. I'm yet to see a super attractive deal from any of the retailers.

    Boxing Day will be interesting this year.

    With Woolies on the verge of a profit downgrade, retailers like Myer and DJ's rumored to be considering launching their BD sales early (before Xmas), and general discretionary retail struggling overall, there could be some really good deals as retailers chase those elusive dollars.

    At the same time they'll be trying to make every cent in profit possible, so people really need to beware of those bargains that aren't.

    I've got two games on the way (Birthday early Jan) and still got Smash Bros which I haven't gotten much time on yet. So I am set for a long time.

    Still waiting for the WiiU to go sub-$400... I'm thinking $300-$350 would be my price point. I think I'll be waiting for a few more years yet :-(

      I've seen wiiu basics for $350 and to be honest theres not alot of difference between the two especially if you have an external harddrive and sensor bar (even though the gamepad can act as a sensor bar). Either way without an external hdd both systems are low on memory if you plan on downloading eshop games.

      I got mine for $175 during that huge Target sale about six/seven months back. Don't give up hope! Recommend you sign up at OzBargain and/or EcoGamer, though - these deals don't tend to last too long.

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        I remember that sale. I live in hope that something similar will eventually come around again.

      Yeah, can't help but feel considering you can get a PS4 or XONE for $499, that anything over $400 is really pushing it for WiiU.
      I agree, I think my sweet-spot is around the $300 - $350 mark too.

    EBGames new year sale sometimes have a few bargains. I have been buying a lot more digital on PS4 recently. The PSN 12 days of Christmas was good for The Last of Us and Alien: Isolation. Anything $30-$50 and I am interested.

    I am waiting for Drive Club to reduce but I might just buy the PSN Plus version as that weather looks good!

    JB already has $199 PS Vita deals with Freedom Wars, considering biting the bullet and getting one.

    I got a Big W catalogue for Boxing Day today with an Xbox One along with Ass Creeds Unity and Black Flag for $388. Cheapest I've seen an Xbone.

    How is an xbone with 3 games at $450 a deal when at eb games right now you can get one with 5 games for Pretty much the same price?

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    I hope there's some decent deals on the new 3ds. Has anyone seen any yet?

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      Been keeping an eye out, seems the best price for the XL (according to ozbargain) is to be had by buying a $50 gift card from JB, which gets you a 20% first $100 voucher ($20 off), then having JB price match Target at $229, so with the voucher it comes out to $209.

    eb games have assassins creed xbox one bundle for $499 includes xbox one and controller halo master chief collection sunset overdrive and three downloadable tokens forza motorsport 5 assassins creed unity and assassins creed black flag and you are allowed to swap halo or sunset for any games as long as there in the value of halo or sunset

    Xbox One with AC Black Flag and Unity (DL codes) for $399 until Dec 31st. A no brainer? Any cheaper deals seen?

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