Steam Sale + Infinite Scroll = Bankruptcy

Maybe it's just me, but today I clicked onto the Steam website, just to have a quick gander through the sale. After the recentish redesign? It's terrifying. Infinite scrolls. The bargains keep on coming and they absolutely will not stop until my wallet has been bled dry.

Anyway, welcome to this quick round up of some of the best deals I spotted on the site today. Things like...

— Far Cry 3 for $7.48 — Dishonored for $11.24 — Just Cause 2 for $2.99 — Terraria for $1.99 — Dark Souls for $6.79

But truly, it's the infinite scroll on the new site that will be the death of you. The deals slowly start to repeat themselves, but I keep thinking I'll find something different so I keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.

And scrolling.

And scrolling.

Man, it's such a claustrophobic shopping experience. It feels like a loop that will only end when your children are malnourished and and you're sleeping at Central Station with nothing but a sleeping bag and a desktop PC for company.


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    I have a very simple tactic to prevent myself from wasting money on games I'm not going to play.

    I keep telling myself that PAX tickets are going on sale this week.

      I know! Of course I was immature and bought a whole heap of frivolous shit on the Black Friday sales this weekend, and now I quietly hope Yug holds PAX tickets over until payday Thursday ... *crosses fingers*

        I will beg him through tears and threats of ruining my birthday.

    I'm terrified about this - my wife has hinted that I'm getting something gaming related for Christmas this year, but I was given free rein in the local it's not a game or it's not a game that's out yet...

    I don't want to buy the tickets and then end up with two lots.

    I'm even more scared that she's NOT going to buy the tickets, and I've avoided it for nothing.

      You're going to end up in a situation where you buy her a diamond comb and she sold her hair. Except gaming related.

      She bought you a new graphics card, except you sold your computer for her present.

    I didn't buy anything...

    I was soo excited for Steam sales to come round, but now it's just...


    Got it... Got it... Ew, early access...


    Got it... Got it... Don't want it...

    *Scrolls and sighs*

    Got it... Not interested.... Got it...

      Yeah this is me mostly. I did get Shadow Warrior the other day though.

        "You mess with the bull, you get the Wang" - Lo Wang.

        I heard that in the trailer and had to pick that one up myself. So far it's been great, especially for something I effectively got for free by selling Steam cards.

        you've got the've got the POWAHHHHHHH!!
        best game intro song ever lol

      similar to what I have been doing,
      though about half of the games I have purchased were pretty crap imo, disappointed in myself really. mainly with War Game Red dragon - nothing like what the screenshots portray. Was hoping for a realtime RTS with some concept of base building but instead it's like a turn based, plan and move 1 unit in a mini real time view.


      Last edited 01/12/14 4:48 pm

      Me too. Didn't buy anything at all. So much shovel ware and early access junk.

      I'm holding for the Christmas sale. The discounts will be deeper, the range broader, the sale longer.

      Pixel game, Pixel game, Pixel game, Pixel game, Pixel game, Pixel game, Pixel game, Pixel game, Pixel game, Pixel game, Pixel game, Pixel game, Pixel game, Pixel game, Pixel game.....

      I scrolled as far as Putt-Putt & Fatty Bear's Activity pack before realising there probably wasn't anything I wanted.

      My Steam library is now at 468 titles. I own almost everything I want. There are a few games I'll pick up when they are super cheap but that's about it.

    Cool. Thief deadly shadows $2.25
    Not to mention soul reaver $1.75 How can you say no?

    Last edited 01/12/14 4:47 pm

    All I've picked up is Euro Truck Simulator 2014 cos I wanted to drive around my hometown :D Other than that, not really keen for much else. I almost got Europa Universalis IV as well but I really have no money this month. I'll keep it in mind for the Christmas sale. Gauntlet up there has also caught my eye

      But if you held on until 2015 then you could have played with the new roundabout and speed hump they installed this year!!!


    Far Cry Franchise Pack @ US$9.99 is better value than Far Cry 3 @ US$7.48 as it contains Far Cry, Far Cry 2 Fortune Edition, Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, all for the price of Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition on its own.

    Also got Shadow Warrior, Deus Ex human Revolution and Darksiders 2*

    *via Bundle Stars (Darksiders Franchise pack) for an extra 25% off, discovered thanks to installing enhanced steam addon.

    Last edited 01/12/14 5:34 pm

    Gave in today and picked up divinity: original sin, resistance is futile.

    Because I already have far, FAR more games than I can ever play and because I no longer have a reliable source of income, I've set myself a simple rule for dealing with the Steam sale- rather than browsing the front page, I just check my Wishlist each day and will ONLY buy a game if it meets 2 specific criteria: 1) it's at least 75% off and 2) it costs $5 or less after discount. If it isn't 75% off then it will undoubtably become cheaper at a later date; and if it isn't $5 or less then it's more expensive than I need.

    So far I haven't bought anything this sale and I'm much happier for it. will allow you to set that criteria and email you when it happens. Saves you from checking. : )

    Totally misunderstood the article title. I thought this would be a sad tale of how the steam sales caused a company selling a game called infinite scroll to go bankrupt...

    You know what I like better than Steam Sales? Green Man Gaming sales. They had Wolfenstein New Order for $16, Thief 4 was about $6.5.

      Agreed, they whooped Steams ass this time around. I did get Wolfenstein for $20AU, baragin, and Far Cry 4 for like $40AU I think? Blew Steam away for sure.

        You could of got another 20% off if you dug around the website and found the 20% off code. $20 is still a great price for such a newish game.

          No I did use the extra 20% for 'VIP's', which brought it virtually from 20US to 20AUS is what I mean :P

            oh I see.
            I forget about the conversion rate until next time I check my bank account

    Quick way to avoid infinite scroll - just search specials - shows you the 4,000+ items currently on special- and you can sort them.

    I should have read this first. I won't say what I just spent but I just added about 100gb to my hard drive without buying a game over $15.

    i was gifted Civ V: complete. i also had 60 cents from the mid year sale and didnt think i could get anything. now ive been playing some puzzle game with rats and daedlus something or other and an expansion for RCR.......

    Was pretty tight on my spending, bough CS Source, GTA IV, and Crusader Kings II

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