Steins;Gate Coming To PS3 And Vita In North America And Europe In 2015

Briefly: Steins;Gate is coming to North American and European PlayStation 3s and Vitas in 2015 via publisher PQube. Considered by many to be one of the finest visual novels ever made, the time-travelling science adventure came to North American PC earlier this year via JAST USA. Check out our full review of the PC release.


    Great news, loved the anime, haven't had the chance to check it out on PC yet, so this is perfect for me. The western console/handheld market needs more VNs.

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      Yep. I think VN's + handhelds are the world's greatest combination ... perhaps just behind Maccas Hashbrowns + Soft Serve for breakfast

    One of my favourite anime so this is very welcome news. I think it might be time to watch it again.

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