Capcom: Street Fighter V Is Exclusive To PS4 And PC For Good

Video: While we got to see some of Street Fighter V in action earlier this week, there was still some new information announced at the PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas yesterday. Cross-platform play!

Here’s a slightly different version of the trailer that leaked earlier this week, too. Now it’s clear that the game is console-exclusive on the PS4, though the language still makes it possible that the game can appear on arcades, too.

Here’s some more gameplay, too:


  • I don’t know about anyone else here but I regularly roundhouse kick and hadouken the mother of my child thanks to street fighter.

    Yes, she is an angle who looks as gorgeous as the day I met her but I feel uncontrollably compelled as I have been fighting Chunners and Cammy since I was a kid and I have no moral conscious or ability to differentiate reality from fantasy at all.

  • It still looks more like Street Fighter 4 HD than a true Street Fighter 5 to me. You can break into new areas of the battlegrounds now I guess, but other games were doing that last generation.

    It doesn’t seem like as much of a leap as SF2 was to SF, SF3 was to SF2 and SF4 was to SF3.

    • Well I can’t think of any way to improve it? It might have a higher texture, better physics and better lighting but that is about all they can do. If they were to suddenly change the art style of the characters, fans will be so mad.

      • Some new gameplay mechanics would be nice. If you look at the transition particularly from SF3 and SF Alpha series to SF4, aside from the move to 2.5D and a new art style they introduced new mechanics like super armour, new systems for super and ultra combos, and focus attacks, and dropped old mechanics like parries.

        I mean yeah, I know we’ve only got about a minute of actual game footage, which isn’t a lot to go on, so obviously there’s more to what we’ve seen so far. But aside from being able to break into new areas of the battlegrounds (something which as I said, other games have done long ago – and also something that will see basically no use in competitive play) I’m not noticing a whole lot new that wasn’t already there in SF4.

        To me, it just looks like they’ve taken SF4, slapped a new coat of paint on it and called it SF5. It looks more like SF4 HD Edition.

        I do hope I’m proven wrong though.

  • I have a PS4 and I will not be buying this game …. I hate this console exclusive BS …. the only losers are gamers! We win this one, but will lose the next one …. This generation will be a battle of exclusives!

  • its all a bit in limbo atm but definitely exciting. I trust Capcom’s vision in delivering a bright smooth experience cause so far its moody and the blurred edges just makes me feel the same way I felt about DOA5 when it was first out.
    Plus there was too many action cut scenes lol .. Thank god I didn’t get an xbox one 🙂 Damn you Killer Instinct !! I almost felt for it 🙂

  • Way to slice your user base in half Capcom. Bravo.

    As it’s obviously about money, here is my own Street Fighter money trail starting in the early 1990s.

    Sega Mega Drive: Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition, Super Street Fighter 2.

    PS1: Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha.

    Sega Dreamcast: Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike.

    Original Xbox: Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (SF3 3rd Strike & Ultra SF 2 + SF2 Animated Movie), Capcom Classics Collection 1 & 2 (contains all SF2 variations).

    Xbox360: Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 4, Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (XBLA), Street Fighter 3 (XBLA), Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting (XBLA).

    Xbox One: No Street Fighter? Thanks Capcom.

    Looks like Mortal Kombat wins after all… Flawless Victory!

    • Capcom wanted SFV to be cross-platform playable; that is, console players would be able to play against PC players. Sony have no problems with this; hell, the PS3 version of Portal 2 did this.

      Microsoft, on the other hand, don’t want their Xbox One playing nice with anything until their own gaming ecosystem comes out with Windows 10. In the meantime, they don’t want to open the Xbone up to Steam, so cross-platform play won’t happen for Xbone users.

      But why wouldn’t they just release SFV on Xbone without cross-platform play, I hear you ask? Because then the Xbone version of the game would be markedly inferior to the competition, and if the Xbone version would be inferior, Microsoft won’t publish it. They’ve done it before, and talked openly about doing it.

      I’m not denying Sony will have paid for something in development to make it happen, but make no mistake; Microsoft’s own ego played a role as well. They would’ve tried to play hardball with Capcom, take out that feature or you can’t sell your game with us; Capcom just called their bluff.

      • Games like Gran Turismo and Forza, I would never expect to be multi-platform. Other games are multi-platform, and have been multi-platform since the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo days and should stay that way so everyone can enjoy.

        On a more extreme note, imagine if some Blurays only worked on a Samsung, or a Sony Bluray player…

        • It is multi-platform. Just not your platform.

          And you’re probably blaming the wrong people; considering the cross-platform feature described above, it’s just as likely that Microsoft actively refused to have it.

  • I wouldnt be too worried about this exclusivity malarky. No doubt the other dozen or so Street Fighter V name-extension versions they will release every 4-6 months after this comes out will be available on the xbone.

  • As cilantro says no doubt they will make a Complete Edition for xbone.

    A game that isn’t broken like the PS4 will be (as most games are on day 1 these days).
    A game with more characters and stages that the PS4 won’t have.

    yeah it might be all DLC in later updates at 12 bucks a pop but it’ll all be on disk for xbone users.

  • “Street Fighter 5: Added a few things” will be exclusive to the XB1.
    “Street Fighter 5: Hey Mario is in it” will be exclusive to the 3DS and Wii U.
    “Street Fighter 5: Ultimate super complete edition” will be exclusive to the PS4 for 6 months and then available on PC.
    “Street Fighter 5: Final edition” will be available on all platforms.
    “Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition” will be a timed Exclusive for about 3 months to Arcades.
    “Street Fighter 5: Turbo Edition” will be an exclusive to the dash board of certain 2016 Sports Cars.
    “Street Fighter 5: Final Edition, but really this time” will be available on all Platforms.

    Names may be changed closer to release. The iOS and Android versions will be exclusive to their respective phones.

    “Street Fighter 6” Will be exclusive to the Occulus Rift, but pulled from shelves after severe injuries from Multiplayer mode.

  • I’ve spent more money than I can count on Street Fighter, from the moment I threw 60c into a machine in a fish and chip shop up until the xbox 360. But now Capcom doesn’t consider me a customer.

    I fucking hate this exclusivity shit. It feels less about console makers paying money for their console to have exclusive stuff and more about console makers paying money to make sure large percentages of customers are denied an experience.

  • I’ve never been one to make a sour comment on these kinds of things, but this has hit me where it hurts.

    F*** you Capcom!

    My move to XBOne a year ago came with one regret… Leaving SF (and my TE stick) behind. But I was always excited at the news that would come of SFVs release on the next gen consoles. He’ll, I was even happy enough for an SFIV port to tide me over. You’ve f***** me on both accounts.

  • Yes, it sucks, but are you blaming the right people? Considering the cross-platform feature, it’s just as likely that Microsoft is to blame.

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