Subnautica Is Out On Steam Early Access

Video: Subnautica, that cool-looking underwater exploration game by the folks behind Natural Selection 2, is now out on Steam Early Access. Check out its trailer here — that's a cool art style, no?


    Kind of has a Sims feel to its art direction. Could swear at times its some sort of 'The Sims: Aquarium' expansion pack but then there's way to much content in the first 5 seconds to be anything EA.

      Couldn't possibly be the sims... has a giant thing that looks like a pool...

    Man, that header pic (or youtube thumbnail as the case may be) is very pretty.

    Actually looks really good. Now to just wait till next week and get it.

    Purchased it a few months back and so far it looks great. They are updating it several times a week and it just gets better and better.

    Monsters Inc: Subnautica

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