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    Didn't do much on the weekend. Saw the local Christmas parade (from a cafe in a comfortable armchair) and had my final NaNoWriMo write in. Still pretty decent though.

    Morning all, what did you fill your weekend with?
    I played Far Cry 4, and helped prob more "helped" plan my wedding :)

      Got right into Dragon Age Inquisition. I want to play Far Cry but it will have to wait. Since I've waited 2(?) long years for this I'm going to take my sweet ass time completing every last mission and discovering very last elfroot!

    Morning all! Hope your weekends were good. Mine was a mixed bag, but I won't get into that.

    I finished XCOM Declassified: The Bureau, which was quite a bit of fun. The plot twists were cool, and I liked the way it all came together in the end. Solid game with a disappointing lack of polish in a few areas. Worth the $6 I paid for it.

    Yesterday was the one-month anniversary of the Undad campaign launch. We're now in the final two weeks. Whee!

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      Did you know that if you rename a unit in XCOM EU William Carter he's actually a colonel level hero unit? Comes with a fedora, alloy cannon, plasma pistol, heavy armour, 20+hp and heaps of perks. Like all the other hero units (mostly named after the devs) you get a warning that using him will disable achievements because he's effectively a cheat but it's kind of cool

        Oh, that's cool! Wasn't EU made prior to Bureau, though?

          Oh yeah, it might be an Enemy Within thing, having both it's hard to tell which one did it

            Well, Bureau was in development for over four years, so I guess it's possible! It's cool either way.

    Morning ladies and gents... How are we all?
    My weekend was pretty uneventful... I voted for the first time ever! \o/
    And I took my dogs to the beach for the first time (they freaking loved it)
    But aside from that did bugger all

    Thinking it might be necessary to clone myself, send the doppelgänger off to fulfil all my fatherly/husbandry duties and go play Dragon Age in a cave out bush...

      Totally, my seven year old screen peeked the other day and said "What game is this dad" and I said "It's past your bedtime now sweetheart, I have clocked off as your dad 20 mins ago, go to bed"

        Lol. Yep. Mine's a toddler, but the affect is much the same #fatheroftheyear

    Morning all!

    So how about them Smash Bros. I really like the new one so far, good to be using cube controllers again.

      I had some people over on Saturday night for a Smash-in. Was heaps of fun. Most of us hadn't played smash since the 64 so there was lots to learn. Plus it helped level up my amiibo quite a bit!

      I was particularly proud that my son decided the Wavebird was the best one to use. He won't share it now!

      I'm a pretty competitive Smash player but when my friend came over on saturday with his Wii U, we were just mucking about with 8 player Smash and Special Smash and just having a good time =)

      Also after watching the game in crappy Youtube/ quality, seeing it in person was amazing.

      How does it handle with the Wii U Pro Controller?

        Good question! I've only used the cube controller, since I'm a cranky old man that doesn't like change.

      I bought it this weekend as well, such a good game but I feel a little hollow not having a subspace emissary or equivalent :(

    Morning TAYbies, how were your weekends? On Friday I traded in my XBone and games, and all my Skylanders, Saturday I picked up Smash Bros, 3 Gamecube controllers and a set of Amiibos, played a few matches, then voted and went to work. Sunday was Smash in the morning, then work, then more Smash at night. Pretty much been spending all my time in Smash levelling up my Amiibos, just put a bunch of them in 8 player Smash and let them go at it. So far I've got 7 at level 50 (Link, Peach, Villager, Marth, Yoshi, Fox and Donkey Kong), finishing off levelling up the rest now (Pikachu, Wii Fit Trainer, Kirby, Samus and Mario).

    How are you all going with Smash, and your Amiibos?

    Also, We're leaving for Brisbane early next week, and I haven't mentioned anything to the missus about meats yet, I kinda don't know how to bring it up. I'm thinking about telling her that I'll just go and meet you guys by myself, you guys got any advice.

    On the subject of meats, who'll be up for one? We're getting to Brisbane next Wednesday and we're staying till Sunday. Think we're going to Dreamworld or Movieworld one day, into the city one of the other days, and I'm not sure what else. Let me know what days are best for you guys and we'll see what we can work out.

    @beardymcmuttonchops @beeawwb @cufcfan616 @dc @dkzeitgeist @freezespreston @gutsoup @jimu @lambomann007 @popdart5 @sernobulus @strange @sughly @transientmind @welbot @weresmurf @virus__

    Also, a reminder for Melbourne TAYbies, we'll be there for a meat the night of the 14th, suggestions for where would be great, anywhere in the CBD should be fine.

    @beavwa @budgieishere @chuloopa @coldcamv @crazyguy1990 @f4ction @greenius @jordi @negativezero @pixel_the_ferret_viking @scree @smurfydog @tech_knight @tigerion @tofu @zetrox2k

    Oh, and I almost forgot, I picked up my first Pokemon game ever yesterday (Omega Ruby), haven't really had a chance to get into it yet.

    One last thing, is there gonna be any TAYSmash tonight, because I won't be able to get on until about 9:30pm.

    Edit: Sorry for wall of text.

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      I'll try to make it but having work on the Monday might make it difficult for me, we'll see!
      Our normal meeting spot is a cafe at Federation Square so it's pretty easy to find

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      So far I've got 7 at level 50That was fast.

        I know, when you put 8 of them in 8 player smash, it doesn't seem to take long at all, even at the higher levels they'll go up at least one level every round.

      Next Wednesday being the 10th? As it now happens I have the 10th through 12th off for moving house. Removalists on 10th, cleaners on 11th and 12th. So depending on what workmen are doing what when I should be free for a meat.

      Weekdays the next few weeks are out of bounds during work hours for me. Weekends are groovy.

        That's cool, we'll be there Saturday the 13th as well.

      Thursday lunch is the handiest for me, because school holidays start on the Friday. It's possible I could make a weekend thing but there'll be a lot more obstacles to overcome. Let me know what everyone decides. :)

      Should be doable at this point. Depends on mrs' work schedule, might have to bring the boy, which is also doable.

      Keep me updated!

      Melbourne MEAT yay! That's December right? I'm heading to Adelaide on a road trip for cricket :(

    So I played through the story of Persona Ultimax and was thinking about making a review for it. Mostly to try and get more Australian players to buy the game because there's no one online!

      I bought a copy but haven't played it, not sure I'll get to it at all. Really finding it hard to justify turning the PS3 on now that I've got a PS4.

        This releasing stuff on PS3 but not on PS4 really grinds my gears. (Borderlands, P4A Ultimax, etc) Then my inner cynic is saying just wait, they'll release a PS4 or 'HD' version just so they can double dip.

      I couldn't stand the first one :(

        Never played it.

          Same deal, less characters.

          I was super hyped after playing P4G, was shocked.

            Well I think the game is good and easy to get into.

              Fair enough. It's not hated by many, just kinda niche. For fans who like Persona & like blazblue controls

              I was just disappointed. :(

                I don't know anything about Persona and I enjoy playing it.

                  Personally, that would help me. I loved P4G so much that it felt like a massive step down.

                  You like BlazBlue? I'm guessing I wouldn't. Diehard Street Fighter & Tekken fan.

    Is anyone here from Adelaide? I would love to meet some more local gamers.

      I'm in the north - how about you?

        West. Henley/Grange. But unlike hanging out in the city.

          I was in Grange yesterday for dad's 60th. We had it at Grange hotel. Why IDK b/c I live in the barossa and sister live in Adelaide Hills - thanks for making the party as far away as possible mum!


      I am 'local' and also a 'gamer', so I guess that counts. I am also heaps busy all my life but anything CBD/central is pretty good for me. Also night times. Also, I have consoles if you want to be friends on there or add me on twitter - @sciencejayz - to suss fun things

        I'm in Henley but I enjoy being in the city. I've got free time at the moment and my gamertag is: Shadow Artiste (send me a message as well as a FRIEND so I know it's you).

          What systems do you game on?

            Primarily Xbox. But I hearthstone on iPad too

      We are a fairly socially lazy group down here I'm afraid, not like them eastern state socialites.

      But my tag is Jocon89 on all the things; feel free to hit me up for whatevs.

      Also welcome to TAY.

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    I played WoD so much over the weekend I'm actually surprised I'm not dead.

    Morbidity aside time to pick up Smash Bros today :o

      Hahaha man I'm surprised you got any sleep! Both your toons must be raid ready by now; i'm taking a little break myself this week, did way too many dungeons on Fri/Sat.

      Got my 4th toon from 90 to 100 over the weekend. That's all of them though, so nice to have the levelling finished. Not much content at the moment, so the best time to get it done really.

      EDIT: Although only playing two currently. Undead spriest for PvE, Worgen arms warrior for PvP. Nice, simple balance. One Horde, one Alliance. Avoiding playing too many toons this xpac. Gets far too time consuming.

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    Reposting from last week!


    Hey, Sydney TAY!

    Smash Bros is coming out this came out last weekend, don't ya know. I've been meaning to have another get-together at my place for a while, so...

    Who: You guys!
    What: A Scottish Doctor
    When: Saturday, 6th of December (next weekend). Starting at 12 noon and ending whenever you want to go home ...within reason.
    Where: My place. (if you don't know my address, I can email/Twitter DM you)
    Why: We won't have many opportunities to play 8-person multiplayer due to it not being an online mode! Plus it'll be fun. And there might be food.

    Please let me know if you are coming so I have an idea of how much food, etc to get. If people are staying until dinner time we will likely get some variety of takeaway (pizza is the easiest in my area but there are other options).

    You are also free to stay overnight if you wish, but let me know ahead of time. I have two inflatable beds and one small lounge, so you may need to bring some sleeping equipment if you want to stay.

    Also it would be appreciated if you bring a controller! I only have a Gamepad, one pro controller and one wiimote (do people even use these for Smash? :P). I also have one Gamecube controller but will not have one of those adaptors, so if you have one - bring it!

    Tagging the Sydney TAYers:
    @35 @alexpants @anonymous_pessimist @batgirl @batguy @cakesmith @cj @cookingmama @doc_what @effluvium-boy @fatshadylive @gingerchris86 @gorzilla @harli @hugo_the_hungarian_barbarian @mawt @morkai @markserrels @mrtaco @novacascade @powalen @pupp3tmast3r @ruffleberg @shiggyninty @vonsack also @blaghman

    EDIT: Confirmed so far are Pants, CJ, Ginger Chris, Cake and possibly Gooky.

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      Also I can bring the GC adaptor. But I'm working that night, so I'll be leaving about 430 at the latest.

      Hey, I might be able to drop by this! DM me your address please? :D

    So many pokemons.
    I think i have a problem. I see a pokemon i like and catch it. Then i decide i want to breed it to get a good nature and good IV's. Which honestly doesn't take that long any more. Then once that is done i EV train it which can be done mindlessly while watching tv. Then i put movesets on them which i like or are good and then i put that poke straight back into the box. I mean i am having fun with it but my girlfriend thinks im nuts. :P Part of my reason for enjoying it is because i usually have to be doing something in my hands while watching tv. I spin pens, rip paper, draw and now i make perfect pokemon for no reason :P.

      and now i make perfect pokemon for no reason

      You are doing God's work.

      Battle ready mons like that are also valuable for trade.

        On Sunday i made like 3 sylveon's with the ability pixelate with hypervoice and put them out for wondertrade.

        I dont know why im doing these things :P

          Some kid probably got one, not knowing the effort that got put into making it and then boxed it forever.

          I wonder traded so many 4IV Timid Caterpies that people probably saw and immediately went "Ugh, people trading useless starting bugs again!" and traded it on :P

            Yeah i really love getting peoples breed rejects because you can make decent pokemon with them really quickly.

            Right now I'm using the Masuda method to get a shiny Heracross . Its got 5IV's and a adamant nature so I'm going to wondertrade the rejects already got one box full hopefully this doesnt take too long. I WANT A PINK MEGA HERACROSS

      I really need to work this IV/breeding stuff out. I've read articles - most notably from @mawt, but it makes my fucking head hurt. Think I need someone to just sit me down and show me how one day. I just have rubbish geek friends that don't play Pokemon. And you shitbirds all live in NSW or QLD.


      No, but seriously, I love you guys.

        In short: it's hella easy now.
        Also, I'm basically out of Pokémon for the foreseeable future. Ask @powalen or @beavwa for the low down, imo.

          Yeah all good man, I've tried a couple of times and failed. Wouldn't ask you to explain again.

    Bought Redshirt on steam for $2.50 and played that over the weekend. Actually more fun than the reviews would have you believe. I don't know how you explain this kind of game - it's a life management sim on the same level as something like Long Live the Queen but much more flexible with events being randomised rather than following a set schedule. Basically you're a lowly redshirt assigned to a space station. Something will happen in 160 days and you have to use that time to advance as far as possible, basically by using Space-Facebook to make social connections which will enable you to advance your career and/or meet people who can potentially help you.

    I think the ending I got was the pretty conventional one but apparently there's several others which I'll be more than happy to investigate. One playthrough took a surprisingly long 4 hours apparently, I expect that can be shorted when you know all the tricks etc.

    Other than that I played The Stick of Truth. I'm currently in the abortion clinic (I quit out after getting beaten by Chloe Kardashian's giant Nazi zombie abortion if that's any indication of how far through the story I am). From watching my wife play I know there's still a good chunk of the game left since I haven't even been to Canada yet. Hopefully I'll make more progress tonight.

    I got older today apparently. :(

      Happy birthday, Negs! Hope the year treats you good and proper!

      Birthday spooning commences.

      It's super effective!

      HBNZ! Which coincidently, is the initials of an area I used to live in - Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, but HEY, this isn't about me, it's your special day so enjoy man. Have all the fun!

        Napier or Hastings or one of the smaller towns like Wairoa?

          Havelock North for 5 years (family emigrated there from UK when I was 15), also did a year in Wellington. :)

            I was born in Dunedin, 8 years in Christchurch, 2 in Auckland and 3 in Wellington. :)

              Sweet as. :P Do you still go back much or are your family all over here now? Think I'm gonna head back in Feb. Has been about a year since went back and missing the family dogs a lot.

                Some family here but most are back in NZ. Try and get over there periodically but it's insanely expensive to get to Dunedin. :(

                  True, it's quite out of the way. I need to go and explore more of the south island. All I did was Hamner Springs and Christchurch on a volleyball trip for school in 2006. Really want to spend a week with a camper van seeing the sites down there. My dad did that recently and he (a very, very well travelled man) said parts of it were the most stunning places he's seen in his life. Then he went to Queenstown and asked me not to be American or grow a beard as there were far too many of both there lol.

                  All through Central Otago (Queenstown etc) is where we used to holiday a lot. Both in the summer and in the winter.

                  One of the weirdest things was going back there recently and going to an area that used to be all arid, unusable land near Cromwell where we used to go shooting rabbits when I was a kid, and now because they built the dam and flooded an area to create a lake, the climate's changed in the area and right up into the hills is vineyards, apparently one of the real up-and-coming wine areas in NZ.

      Technically, you get older everyday! Yay helping!
      Happy Birthday, man!

    Telltale's Game of Thrones is out this week. Pretty sure it'll be the last game I play this year. Feel a pressing need to take a gaming break after Dragon Age's 100 hours in nine days. XD

      Damn, that's a mammoth effort man, taking a break sounds wise, after putting in that much time you don't want to get burnt out, because Captain Toad is out early January.

        I liked those levels in Super Mario 3D World but have a confession to make... look away, @powalen... I HATE TOAD. XD

          Haha, I felt the same. Used to hate toad but I think in one game (and a couple of side levels in another game) they changed my opinion of them being completely useless.

            I liked the music that played whenever Toad was around in Galaxy. So that's something, maybe?

          Haven't got 3D World, DKC: Tropical Freeze or Hyrule Warriors yet. Must get on that soon.

          Just when I thought we were getting along D':

            I said look away. I was trying to protect this fragile friendship of ours. It's not my fault you read even though I tagged you. It's everyone's fault but mine! :P

      Wow, really? That's awesome news. They're really churning the games out now! Still looking forward to Borderlands Tales dropping onto the 360!

        Tales from the Borderlands was just so fun. Instantly warmed to all those characters and the cool 'he said, she said' hook. I always thought Borderlands world was amazing and was disappointed it was never used to its full potential story wise. Tales uses it to its full potential. :D

        That's, been out since Thursday. I recorded my full 2 hours of it.

          I thought it didn't come out until 3rd Dec for the 360?

            That's what I thought too. But then it was suddenly up there.


      My DA:I game says 100hrs after the close of the first act, but it's wrong, because I've left it on while sleeping and at work. I really need to stop doing that to get more accurate reads on these things.

      My enjoyment of Dragon Age really picked up after I'd scoured every available side-quest and mission before no longer being able to avoid the main quest.

      I'd been thinking it was 'pretty good but not amazing' with too much gathering crap getting in the way of meaty story, until I got to meeting the Big Bad and the events leading up Skyhold.
      I don't care how heavily-directed and 'railroaded' it might be considered, THAT was some heroic shit.
      I had the feels something powerful, and really felt like the character was coming into her own.

      Also, I have had to source that song, the Dawn Will Come.

        Yeah, I found my enjoyment of Dragon Age was dependent on making steady progress with the story and balancing the side stuff. When I did two minor regions back-to-back my enjoyment plummeted, but when I did one story mission and then one minor mission it was all good.

          They need an option to increase the frequency of companion banter. I don't mind running out, it just means I change up my party to get fresh combos. :P

            It's always the best incentive to take new combos.


        The soundtrack is on iTunes, plus those "other" sites, the dawn will come only runs for a couple of minutes, but there are plenty of other epic sounding tracks.

        Also I just did the section you're talking about last night. Everything from Redcliffe castle on has been glorious!

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      Damn man, that's actually more than I've done! I'm only up to 70 hours so far. Then again I'm swapping between it & XCOM Long War so I guess that's taking some of my time away too

      Wait, didn't Tales of Borderlands just come out? Are they releasing both at the same time?
      ...Oh dear. That is not good. Remember how Wolf Among Us had five months between episodes because they were too busy with The Walking Dead Season 2?

    I finally finished Mass Effect 3 on the weekend! Yay! I actually enjoyed the ending but of course I had the extended cut installed. I was reading through the changes between original and extended afterwards and I was like "huh? But that's almost everything!"

    So I apologise to anyone who played this game and finished it before the extended cut was released. Waiting 2 years to play a game wins again!

    Also Smaaaaaaaaaaaaaash Bros!

      I finished it before extended ending and had zero problems with it. Still haven't seen the extended ending and don't feel I need to. Far as I'm concerned it's fan fiction.

      Edit: That sounded far more hostile than I intended.

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        I understand people's issue with the original ending - nothing I did mattered! My choices were rendered invalid! I didn't have a bajillion endings to choose from!

        But I argue that that was the point. You ran around and did what you could, but the enemy was so massive, so all encompassing and so utterly overwhelming that what you did didn't shape the ending - it shaped you. It shaped you to a point where you faced off against this giant, unbeatable Lovecraftian Terror* and you knew that you had one chance to actually "defeat" them, but the system was so rigged and they were so invasive in our culture that you could not win. Not outright. You could screw with the rules of this multi-generational attack, and the multi-millenial cycle, to make next time easier (or do other things next time, I'm keeping this somewhat spoiler free).

        No. You weren't able to win. Not clearly. Nothing you did led you to a point where you could win. You just lost in the best possible way for how your philosophy had shaped you - so that maybe, some time, somewhere else, somebody could get a little closer to winning. That's called evolution. That, from a grand and huge scale (which the Reapers were thinking in) is the powerplay to get to a point where you win - on that scale, what you chose could/would make adjustments to the rules of the cycle. One human, able to make lasting changes across millenia, across the galaxy. What a mind blowing achievement.

        Lovecraftian Terror/Horror is not blood and gore and stabbing eyeballs. Lovecraftian Horror is what Mass Effect is, what the Cthulu Mythos is - that you, a lowly human, cannot win against these giant monstrosities. It is simply not possible. There is no magic combination of events that will lead you to winning.

        As a piece of fiction, as sci-fi, the endings were fine.

        But someone out there decided that the message wasn't good enough, that you had to clearly an unambiguously win because it's a video game and you're meant to be able to win.

        I dislike that person, and empathise with the Bioware people on this one. They did good. We screwed it up.

        I'm sure there's a meta comment about the philosophy of organic nature in there somewhere. But I've only had one coffee so I'm not getting into it.

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          I played with and without extended ending, and to this day think the ME3 ending debacle was the most overblown thing in the history of things.

          I actually had NO interest in Mass Effect until the ME3 ending shit started. Inspired me to play the series through, out of curiosity - and to this day I'm insanely glad I did. Such amazing games.

            I definitely think it was overblown. I was late to the Mass Effect party so I just noted "yes people are upset about this for some reason", and continued to play Mass Effect 2 while that was happening. For the record Mass Effect 2 is probably my favourite Mass Effect game.

              ME2 was such an amazing improvement over ME1. ME1 was kind of janky and clunky in places, but ME2 just tightened the whole formula up. Amazing game.

          Yeah gotta say I agree with that assessment. People don't want to be told that "hey, you tried your best but the universe is still screwed" because they've been so conditioned that if you try your hardest in a video game then you will always win. ME3 was a small victory and, like you said, small victories in the time-scale of the ME universe can mean a hell of a lot against the gigantic terrors from beyond that are the Reapers.

          I actually can't think of a single game that's just like "yeah. You tried but it wasn't enough. The villains win." ME3 is probably the closest that developers will ever get to that kind of glass half-empty struggle because people are petty and want it all.

          Thank you finally I'm able to understand why it's not so bad after reading this! I admit I was one that personally personally caught up in the whole "All that preparation for the same outcome picking between A, B, C and D endings". Not as rabid as those online ones attacking Bioware mind you, but it did bug me to an extent.
          When you put it like that, it makes total sense, it reminds me of Zion (The matrix), where "We have become very efficient at it since we've done it so many times before already". So yeah they've slaughtered entire galactic civilisations that were even more legendary than this shaky alliance you're fighting to protect and you thought it was going to be easy if you, a single puny human with great influence is enough to stop this without extremely heavy casualties?

            To be fair, a lot of people hated the Architect in the Matrix and considered him a cheap cop-out that made no sense. Since that was exactly the role of the Star Child in ME3, I'm quite sure those same people hated it just as much.

              I personally didn't mind him, but that sort of thing does make sense, it's not like they haven't done this before and times before could've been way more challenging than this "Generation" is. They were fighting for their very survival as well, look where that got them against this exact same enemy?

          D'uh a doy, I wanted to save teh galaxie and blow up the f'ing Reapers!. All of them. With my pistol. AND NOW I CAN'T DO THAT WHAT THE HELL BIOWARE C'SUCKERS.

          Intelligent themes. Who cares? They have no place in my gamez!!!!!

          And who the hell is Lovecraft. Is that the jurnalist, because I punched her b*tchface in.

          0/10 wouldn't rent

          Last edited 01/12/14 12:05 pm

          and games like Last of Us, Bioshock: Infinite and Walking Dead are highly praised because of those same reasons. Some people man...

          Yeah, the reaction to the ending made me so livid I had to edit this post to take out 90% of the swears.

          I argued it at the time, and I argue it still:
          Three different scenarios.

          1) Reapers controlled and used as instruments of human/organic supremacy, with a long road to repair, as the entire central government and military makes its efforts to reconnect with the lost reaches of its once-galaxy-spanning civilization, a hard road of hope.

          2) Organics and synthetics merged in an unprecedented union of evolution, intra-galactic travel is swiftly restored and the combine ushers in a new age of cooperative enlightenment.

          3) Galactic devourers annihilated, along with all synthetics, leaving an inter-dependant galactic civilization fractured and isolated without any hope of restoration, doomed to millennia of relative stone-age dark ages and strife, with many outposts simply unsustainable without inter-systems logistics and no central government.

          And people have the nerve to consider these things IDENTICAL? You'd have to be an idiot to consider those endings identical. Their impacts on galactic civilization couldn't be more different.

          And these were semi-intelligent people making these complaints, so the idiot part can't be right... so maybe it's the core question which is wrong. ie: It's not that the game's ending wasn't different... it's that Shepard's ending wasn't different. Because Shep didn't get to run off into the sunset and have fucking Turian or Quarian babies and live happily ever fucking after.

          People objected to something that the developers indicated was always going to happen. "Shepard's story is definitively over," they said.

          So many complainers whined that no, this isn't what they were objecting to... they were objecting to [imagined] broken promises.
          Of all the 'promises' fans imagined were broken, they conveniently forgot to fit that main promise that Bioware very publicly announced, warned about, and kept.
          Because they didn't want to reconcile what that actually meant. What the hell do you THINK that means, when you say someone's story is definitively unquestionably no-take-backsies OVER? It means the Krogan don't bake you a fucking cake.

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            Lol good job on keeping out the swears but don't you think that the main problem was that after 3 episodes all you had left was three choices from a quite distinct ending? No quarian built super suit which would match the collectors? No Turian firepower which couldn't destroy them? just you and some VR kid who keeps summoning the reapers at the apex of each evolutionary cycle???

            What's more your hero was never built up to be a tragic hero. He'd died once already in a non player engaged incident. If your going to rob players of that kind of agency why bother building up the rest? I've said it before and will say it again MGS showed a much better way to kill off a character.

      The main things that the extended cut changed:

      - Normandy swoops down to rescue your teammates, explaining why there's no sign of them when Shepherd advances into the beam alone (though doesn't really explain how Anderson got there).
      - You have the choice of walking away/doing nothing when talking to the Star Child which results in the reapers winning and the cycle continuing (non-standard gameover).
      - Better representation of the damage to (not destruction of) the mass relays, as reaassurance we aren't all completely screwed (i.e.: we can recover)
      - Added cutscene where they place Shepherd's name on the war memorial (or if you chose the destroy ending and your galactic readiness score was high enough your love interest hesitates/refuses to do it - you also get the cutscene hinting Shep could possibly still be alive somewhere).

      There's a few other tweaks but yeah, I think people would have nitpicked the ending a lot less if they did the extended cut originally, but for some people who hated the original ending it felt like too little too late. I personally always liked it, so the EC was just a bonus.

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        Might be worth spoiler tagging this stuff. Just in case.

          Shit, it didn't occur to me and I can't edit posts at work due to outdated IE. Let me see if I can get to it on my phone.

            All good, I know you're not a spoiler-monster!

    Hello taybies! Had a fair enough weekend for being sick (still; I seriously blame public transport, and getting caught out AGAIN in the storm on Thursday). Saw Nightcrawler (very good), played Far Cry 4 (very very good), watched the new Star Wars trailer (surprisingly good), and got primo tickets for Walking With Dinosaurs next year (great!).

    AND. Remember how I said we were thinking about buying another PS4 and TV? Well, we went through all our old games and made a big pile of games we either now have digitally, never play anymore, have multiples of, hate, etc - all up, we have about $600 worth for trade in! So we'll put that towards the TV we liked, and then go halves in the PS4 - about $250 each. Yay! AND we're going to Ikea next weekend to look at new furniture, which will be Christmas gifts from our parents.

    Everything's coming up Janehouse.

      DINOSAURS!!!!!! \o/

        Yeah! I saw it when it came to Brisbane last time, like 10 years ago or so. Maybe even longer ago. Very excited. This time I *will* buy myself a silly dinosaur tail or slippers.

          I saw one really early when they first started doing them. eekkk hate to think how long ago that was. Probably 15 - 20 years ago. Haven't been back since but think it would be cool. Can't wait until my Tiglet is old enough to take

      Heh, I watched Walking With The Dinosaurs during its original run over seven years ago. It was pretty good, but some of the effects were clearly designed for people in the midde row.

    Good morning everyone. Feeling kinda burnt out after a mega-weekend at Supanova. Ran four separate RPGs during that time which I think turned out well. I used the random adventure generator that you guys helped chip into which worked pretty well. Here were the adventures that happened:

    1. The party had to go and rescue the mayor of a town on the edge of a great desert. Turned out the mayor was kidnapped by cultists and was about to be sacrificed to summon a demon.
    2. A serial killer was on the loose in a Dwarven thane and the party had to track the killer down. Eventually they found the murderer but discovered that he was being heavily influenced by a Cthulhu-esque creature which they promptly murdered.
    3. A tiny little hamlet in a dark and spooky forest required aid against a band of goblins who were harassing them. The party carved through their camp and the goblins resorted to summoning an ancient spirit which screwed over the adventurers and the goblins equally.
    4. The adventurers were hired to escort a merchant caravan across a wasteland that had been destroyed by a volcanic eruption. They gave water to a thirsty troll, fought off ashbats, and had a chase sequence on their caravan as salamanders tried to run them down.

    In other news, Alphabet Nuzlocking OR is harder than I thought. I've only got a Poochyena, Zigzagoon, and a Shroomish however I've managed to lock myself out of so many other Pokemon so far. I've only just beaten the first gym though so hopefully I can get a fuller party soon.

      Now do it all again tonight! DANCE FOR OUR AMUSEMENT MONKEY!

      Unless you're not up for it that is.

        Nah I should be right for tonight. Hopefully most people can make it.

          I will definitely be late tonight. Not sure how much by though.

          Stupid Christmas

          Bah! Humbug

          Last edited 01/12/14 11:04 am

      Here's hoping my ideas helped in a little way, even if it was for avoiding stereotypes! :P Thinking back it was kinda like and episode of Scooby Doo lol.

    So I've figured out why I haven't been enjoying the characters in DA:I as much... I have the fucking audio bug.

    I remember Blackwall and Cassandra having some banter very early on in my playthrough but now my whole party is as silent as they get. I turned off ambient noise for an hour or two yesterday while playing and I kid you not there was literally no banter or music in any of the regions I went to.

    Leave it to BioWare and EA to release a screwed up game. Really ticked off about that; might be the last BioWare game I let myself indulge in to be honest. Now that the founders have left EA's philosophy of releasing half finished games seems to have well and truly sunk into the company.

    Last edited 01/12/14 10:31 am

      That's unfortunate but my experience with DA:I couldn't be more different. I thought it was the most polished and ambitious BioWare game since ME2.