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    Good morning all

      Do you mean to wish me a good morning or do you mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not? Or pergaps you mean to say that you feel on this particular morning. Or are you simply stating that this is a morning to be good on?

      I might be a touch excited for The Hobbit

    Hello ladies, look at your man. Now back to me. Now back to your man. Now back to me. Sadly he isn't m...where's my horse gone?

    a good TAY to you all

      I'll have your horse back in 30 minutes or less. ;)

        Gave your horse a thorough detailing and a scented pine tree so your horse smells like pine

          Hello cowboys. Look at your horse. Now back at mine. Now back at yours. Does your horse smell like pine? No. But it could if you give it to me for 30 minutes or less.

          The horse is now diamonds.

    Good morning all, hope you all had a great weekend. I had a fantastic one. Ash and I got engaged!!! \o/ We are both super excited.
    Thanks to everyone who has already said congratulations on facebook and twitter

      I'm going to assume Ash is your significant other and that you do not have an unhealthy obsession with Pokemon?

      Congrats :-D

        You are right on both counts, but the first doesn't mind the second :D

      Old news. Move it along.

      \o/ !!!

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      \ /
      \ /
      \ 0 /

      I have long arms and am really excited. That is so awesome. When you're ready, we'd love to hear the engagement story! (Did you get down on one knee? Did you propose as the sun was setting? Am I a hopeless romantic? Yes. Yes I am.)

      EDIT: Ok it looks fine in the text box but then goes weird when I click submit, but I'm on cold and flu tablets, so stuff it I'm leaving it.

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        Oh no, angry seagulls of some sort are attacking Stan!

      The Chopin(because he's a romantic composer, ah, I laugh at my own jokes) in me has to ask: How'd you pop the question?

      Saw the pic on Facebook! I love that you were wearing the Eevee shirt at the time :P

      Yes, a thousand times yes!

      Although next time it would be better if you propose to me in person xox

      Are you sure that's the right decision? It's always sad to see somebody settle for good enough instead of everything they deserve
      Although I'm sure Ash has her reasons for saying yes.
      Seriously congratulations, you two are very cute together and Mrs Tigs and I wish you all the happiness you can handle

    Morning fronds, how were your weekends?

    Just a couple of reminders, first off as most of you probably know already to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Playstation EA is offering Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (PS4), Mirror's Edge (PS3) and Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012) (Vita) FOR FREE!!!

    If you even have the slightest interest in any of these games you best get to downloading them, because after 7am tomorrow (pretty sure that's what it works out to) they won't be free no more.

    Second, Brisbane meat, so far @beeawwb, @strange (I think) and possibly @jimu are coming to the Buffalo Bar lunchtime meat on Thursday. Anyone else is welcome. If people don't have monies we can mosey around after. @freezespreston and @dc I think want to do a Saturday night meat, I'm not sure if we'll be able to make that, but we'll try.

    Third, Melbourne meat, I think we're gonna do a Fed Square dinner meat on Sunday. I'll keep you guys updated as to a time (most likely about 6:30pm).

    Hope I get to meet you all, but I understand if some can't make it. We'll be going up again in the future, so there's always next time. Looking forward to meeting you guys.

    One last thing @os42, I noticed EB have got the Inquisitor's Edition (minus the game) in their mad monday sale for $93, I thought I'd do the right thing and tell you, coz you paid me $150 for it. I haven't posted it yet (was going to do it today), but then I saw that, so if you want me to give you the money back and buy it from there to save yourself 60 odd bucks that's fine with me. Just let me know what you want to do.

      I can make Saturday night (doo, do, DO, do, DO, do.) as well if that goes ahead.

      Thanks for the heads up. I'll get it from EB, then.
      Is your username just used to lure people into a false sense of insecurity? You're a good guy. :D

        Hahaha. Just send me your bank deets on the twitters and I'll get the money back to you AQAP,

      Which Sunday are you in Melbourne?

        This Sunday, the 14th. We'll also be there tomorrow night, but by the time we get there there won't be enough time for a meat, and we fly out the next morning.

          Probably not going to be able to make it, we have a wedding thingy that day. Although that is a picnic lunch thing so might be done in time and can scoot in.
          Then again having the little one out all day might mean I have barred from leaving the house. So I'm probably a no but a slight chance to make it

            That's cool, as I said yesterday we'll be going to Melbourne again next year.

      Wasn't 100% confirmed for Sat, just confirming that it's an excellent day for a meat. Am keen to hang so keep me apprised of the meats and the psyching up process can begin a-new.

      Im with DC, keep me updated and I'll turn up to something.

      Thursday is sounding like a good fit for me, but don't let my attendance sway you.

      I'm kind of shit.

      I can probably get to Fed Square on Sunday, will have to check how things are shaking out later in the week though.

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    Last week I purchased a digital radio and I've been indulging in the Mix 90s station since - it really takes me back. The music is more or less the same pop crap featured on today's current FM stations however this cool little box is the closest I'll get to my very own time machine. Bliss.

      This sounds weird, but the Chemist Warehouse 90s station is actually pretty good (if you can tolerate the chemist warehouse ads).

      Otherwise, Double J is also a great digital station. Triple J for oldies.

        I need to buy that thing from Chemist Warehouse. Thanks for the reminder

    Can't talk. Have to refresh my browser every 30 minutes for the online EB sale - because, you know, it's not everyday that EB has a sale.

      Advanced Warfare PS3! It had better be good - my first COD purchase since MW3.

      More like EB Lames, seriously these deals suck

        I got Shadows of Mordor on Xbone for $52, that's the cheapest I've seen it!

          You got a game from EB at a good price?!

          Mark this day because you will never see that happen again.

      because, you know, it's not everyday that EB has a sale

      Not sure if serious or joke.. I swear when I worked for them, we were never not having a "sale" lol

        Def a joke. :D I'd love to see the day where EB say - "Look folks, this week we're charging the recommended retail price on everything". :P

    Good morrow, gentle folk!

    How are we all?

      A man walks into a doctor's office. He has custard in one ear and jelly in the other.

      Doc: How can I help you today?
      Man: You'll have to speak up. I'm a trifle deaf.

        Ok people, move along, nothing to see here. The Pun-Police have arrived. Lou, take this man in to custardy. You're going to the punitentiary, son.

          Police, police...

          Police were called to a daycare centre where a three year old was resisting a rest.

          Police were called to a pet store. Twenty dogs are missing. Police say they have no leads.

            Toilets were stolen from the local cop-shop. Police have nothing to go on.

              Q: What do you call an igloo without a toilet?
              A: An ig

      I started watching the fellowship of the ring at 10:30 last night...i feel like how they look like..dirty and exhausted

        We watched The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug. The missus doesn't like watching long movies, but as it comes on two discs we watched the first disc last night and we're gonna go onto the second disc and finish it off tonight (did the same with An Unexpected Journey).

        I don't like watching movies like that, but it's the only way she'll watch them (anything longer than 2 hours she'll instantly say no to.

          Yeah cathryn wasnt paying attention by the end it was past 2am and she felt the movie was dragging

    Hey team. Hope you well and had good weekends.

    Just realised I missed out on making my name Jack-o'-lantern for Halloween. FML.

      Hey buddy! o/

        Eyyyy. So hopping on to do raid tonight? I may be keen if home early enough otherwise I may just jam some Fifa. How was the popcorn?

    Weekend report: Good! MVFC won! AFC Wimbledon won! Cuban themed party! Bike ride. Thunderstorm. Destiny. Bolognaise. Custard Tart.

    Monday report: Bad! The fiancee has gastro!

      Probably for the best. If she's trapped in the bathroom, there's less chance she'll find out about you and the custard tart.

        She brought the tart home for us to share! We took half each!

      Probably a dodgy custard tart. Can't trust 'em.

    Good morning creatures of the night.
    I spent all weekend restoring the original version of Star Wars from 35mm film, I'm going crosseyed and see film scratches and artoo in my sleep.
    Makes me want SW battlefront to hurry up and come out. When is it due BTW?
    Massive storms here last night, thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightning....

    Hello kittens.

      Since seeing a friend of mine the other weekend, each time I see your name I can now only hear him saying "Captain Janeway". I don't even know how he got to calling my friend Jane that. But then this is the same guy who started calling me "Cuss".


        Cuss is a very excellent word.

          How are you, anyway? Feels like you've been a bit quieter than usual lately.

            I'm okay, thank you. I know, I've been terrible on here of late! It's not you guys, it's me, I swear. Just trying to sort my head around some things, and then feeling overwhelmed when I get online. But, like Santa, I've been watching.

      Hey Jane! Hope this day finds you well?

        Hello DC. So far, so good. It's quiet so I'm writing, which is nice - it looks like work, which is a plus. How are you, friend?

          I am also good, Jane. Not doing any thing remotely productive, but still good.

          Here's a bird singing courtesy of @sughly!

          Last edited 08/12/14 10:22 am

      Hey lady jane, how goes it with Far Cry? I've been stuck on a stealthy mission for a while.

      Hope you can make the thursday lunch meat.

        Ooh, is it Noore's mission by chance, sneaking into De Pleur's party? If so, I am also stuck on this. I've finished just about all the faffing about I can do, and really need to hit some missions to progress; I've not done Shangri-La yet, either.

          That's the one. Keep getting caught, so frustrating.

            I keep using meat to lure in animals, and it works until the effing wolf or whatever spawns right next to me. Ugh!

    Yay for Pseudoephadrine!

    Due to study and toddlers and wife being busy then sick, I haven't had much time to game. Except for Pokemon. I'm not racing through the story, currently bumming around the sewers in Cast. City in Black2. Trying to make sure I catch everything - GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!

    Also my cute little Tepig grew up to look like a wrestler from the Soviet Union in 1980 where it was ok to ingest a horse that had been pumped full of steroids.

    *sigh* into the ugly box you go, along with my evolved Mareep. Seriously, why does a sheep lose most of it's fleece during evolution? Makes no sense. Into the ugly box.

      Psuedoephadrine always makes me feel like I'm in some kind of weird dream state where everything I try and do happens slower than normal, like playing a game with 500ms lag. :(

        Agreed! Glad I'm not the only one that has that feeling. :S

        In saying that, I'm just glad I'm not swallowing tennis balls and having cerebral fluid draining out my nose constantly.

    Good morning!

    That was a busy weekend. A 4yo's birthday party in gosford (so lots of driving), then had fun playing Smash at @powalen's meat. On Sunday, I got caught in the big storm.

    The really good bit - I made this: and I'm feeling just bit proud.


      I feel like Clark Kent. He never gets to see Superman in the flesh.

      That looks super tasty, did you need me to DM you my address ;)


    Why is it a Monday....? Sod off.

    *crawls away from the light*

    Hola Tay

    Hope you are well. Played Mega carcassonne yesterday - carcassonne with most of the expansions. Super fun and complex, but took like four hours!

    A Monday morning question: which game needs an expansion?

      I've got carcassonne... but no one to play it with :(

      Who did you play mega carcassonne with?

      Also, don't forget you promised more dong stories this week!


      2nd board, with a further four players, playing the corporate fraud unit. Each player has to stalk and ultimately break up the monopoly of the players on the first board.

      The players on the first board then secretly carve up the board amongst themselves to ensure they don't get done for fraud/monopoly. Then they have to try and knock each other off into bankruptcy, all the while the fraud people are breathing down their necks.

      Eventually, the Monopoly guys start bribing the fraud guys under the table, or affecting legislation to limit their powers.

      I call it: Monopoly: Real Life edition.

        Game of Life real life edition:

        Secret expansion includes an additional board which unlocks only if certain random uncontrollable privileges are received or if the player displays a sociopathic tendency to betray and lie to others. Accessing that board is the only way to win.


      Expansion adds PowerCards™ that allow you to PowerUp™ your Scrabble™ tiles for MAXIMUM™ fun™. It's a Triple Word™ of good times!

      7 Wonders.

      I don't care that there are already four expansions with three more in the works. More 7 Wonders is more good.

        Are you going to pick up Babel? I like the idea that it's 2 separate modules that can either/both be played, but something about the mechanics makes me think it might be needlessly complex.

        Still. 7 Wonders! \o/

          Babel is basically two expansions in one box.

          Considering the fact that the only reason I haven't bought all of the promotional leaders is because I'm waiting for more to be release, yes. Yes I will buy Babel. I will buy it with gusto.

            Fun fact: When I bought 7 Wonders the shop had taped (in protective plastic) the Wil leader to the box. 3 boxes in the shop, only 1 Wil. Free Wheaton! \o/

              He is so stupidly overpowered.

                The internet gave him his power, the internet can take it away.

                  Errata doesn't work that way. Goodnight!

      Carcassonne is a crap game without playing with at least 3 expansions.

      You need King and Scout, Inns & Cathedrals and Traders & Builders at the very least to get the true experience. Even better is when you're playing with the original German scoring rules which aren't as stacked towards farmers and building tiny cities. The cathedrals really help as well. Properly played, Carcassonne should involve one person starting an enormous city, everyone else fighting to sneak their meeples in by making unconnected cities then joining to the big one, and then right toward the end of the game the one guy who didn't do that will plonk the cathedral down at the most inappropriate spot and then set about deliberately making the enormous castle as open as possible to stop everyone else getting their guys back.

      I personally always play with the river & river II as well. The way we open it out is that we randomly draw river tiles from the starting position, and everyone builds onto the river. No fixed size on it though like they say to do in the rules, we have the end tile in the river bag as well. So potentially the river might be 2 tiles long. Or you'll get one mega long river. Or you get the fork in there and it goes two directions. Rad way to start the game.

      I also always play with the two aforementioned expansions plus Abbey & Mayor and the tiles of The Tower, but ignoring the tower, just using the extra tiles from it (the tower isn't a great expansion but the tiles are cool).

    Had friends over. Played Worms: Battlegrounds, Powerstar Golf, and a little Diablo III.

    Powerstar Golf continues to drive me up the wall with it's broken physics bullshit. Like, if there's no wind and I hit the ball at it's maximum power, why does it fall 50 feet short of the target in the fucking water hazard? Even using power boosts it just falls short. Drives me up the goddamn wall.

    Diablo counch co op continues to be pretty fun though.


      I miss Worms. Could play Armageddon forever. And then some.

        Battlegrounds is pretty fun, we did about 5 or 6 rounds. I found Armageddon in a weapon crate. I didn't know what it did. I have now learned not to use it unless at least one of my worms has ample cover.

      Was thinking about downloading Worms. Can you play XBL friends in private matches? I only started really taking notice of the crappy physics in Powerstar Golf after you mentioned it here and now I've lost all interest.

        I'm not sure, we tried playing it across two TVs but the multiplayer options only seemed to allow for matchmaking rather than creating a private lobby so we just decided to play on one screen since there were only four of us.

        Sorry I ruined Powerstar for you. I still enjoy playing it but sometimes when a shot goes awry for no reason I go completely off, especially when it completely ruins your round and you have to finish playing through your lost cause of a game to get any rewards or avoid wasting your perks/boosts.

          Ah no that's fine haha, I'm sure it was only a matter of time. OK cheers, will look in to Worms.

      Is there a way to turn the coins off on Worms: Battlegrounds local multi? pretty much killed my interest in the game completely all we could do was skip rounds.

        Really? Were youp laying on a high difficulty or something? We played on Family and Beginner and had plenty of weapons at our disposal, but we are also playing with four players so we had more than enough of an arsenal to obliterate the map.

          We tried Family, Classic, Beginner and a few others and every game we started with 0 weapons and 0 coins.

    Oh god, is that the time?
    24 hours til cricket starts.
    Also, morning TAY.


    Ok. I was on my tour with a couple of cricket blokes from Nee Zealand. Nice guys, both recent law grads. One was diabetic, so he had a little esky thing with his insulin, which had to be kept cool

    So our first night in siem reap, first night in Cambodia, they go looking for some ice for the bag. They leave the hotel and go to like a corner store thing and ask for some ice. The guy they talk to looks around nervously, and says "you want some ice? I can get you some ice " so they say yeah and ask him for it. He's still looking shifty and weird so they say "can we have it? " and the guy says "not here, come out the back. " they start to follow him and then realise

    The guy is trying to sell them meth

    They nope out of there before they stumble into either buying class A drugs or the world's worst police sting

      OMG thats gold.. and lucky for them. I'm so gullible I probably would have come back with an esky full of drugs saying 'most things r cheap here, but they really rip you off on the ice'.

    Anyone able to take advantage of Mad Monday?

    Nothing for me :-(

      EB sale prices = normal price of every other store

      EDIT: The flash sales seem kinda like a good deal. If they actually put something I want to buy on sale that is.

      Last edited 08/12/14 10:29 am

        I can't sit at work checking the eb site ever 30mins :-(

          No new deals until 12:30. This is the worst special ever.

      $52 Shadows of Mordor! \o/ ---- o/ ---- \o ---- \o/

        Was it $52? At the time of Mark's article (9:30) the 1/2 price Mordor special had been finished for over an hour...

        If $52 was as low as it got, though... that's well, it's okay, I suppose.

        Last edited 08/12/14 10:38 am

          I bought it at around 9am, I think that was the first sale? I jumped at it because every place I've seen it (eb, gamestop) it's been $99 and I've not been able to find it at JB, Dick Smith or Target lol.

    On Saturday I went to a shindig thing Gutsoup was having at his place. Am so socially awkward. Genuinely stood at the end of his street for thirty minutes psyching myself up to go in. D: Eventually went in! Met his dogs! Saw his snake! Was a real snake, not innuendo. :P (WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE SNAKES?) Jimu was there too who's the leanest TAYbie I've ever seen! The dude's lost weight! :D

      I'm not that thin.

      We played Mario Kart, we Smashed.
      There was talk if the vidya kind.
      gutsoup's sister plays Dragon Quest IX, we can swap maps!

      Beyond Two Souls
      Lucky you didn't show us your special power OR we'd have locked you in a cupboard after making out with you & bagging your awesome gift!

    Saw this in the weekend, think I'll get the app

      Saw it too, blew my mind. GarageBand is actually really neat and easy to use. Can put together some decent sounding tunes with little to no musical background OR some more complex songs if you are quite in to music/music production.

        I've always wanted to learn the Drums but never had the money or the space, at least with a Guitar I could turn it down if I had to.

    Was going to go to Melbourne Supanova next year to meet @shane, but I just had a look at the list of "guests" they're having, and I reckon they're all pretty meh. Have pretty much zero interest in meeting or getting autographs from any of them.

    Last edited 08/12/14 11:04 am

      I'm thinking of pulling out of Melbourne, anyway. Last time I exhibited there, I lost hundreds of dollars - just couldn't sell a comic to Melbourne people. So don't base your choices around me, man.

      If I can get the money back I've already paid for the table, I probably won't be at Melbourne next year.

      Last edited 08/12/14 10:56 am

        You'll have Undad, though. Zombies sell! :D

          Nah, Supanova is in April next year... Undad probably won't be ready (estimated delivery date is May).

        You weren't hipster enough. Sit on a milk carton, wear glasses with no lenses, drink from a jar even though it would be easier to just drink from a glass, etc...

        How much was the table?

          It was about $250. If it was just that, it'd be okay.

          It's the other costs that'll sink the endeavour. Planes, accommodation, transport, couriers, etc. You need to sell a LOT of books to make that up :P

            I would help if I already had beanbags to go. We could go halves otherwise

    Wanted to buy Civ 5 for Mrs, as she stated she wante dot practice 'on her own', after I beat her in our hotseat game on my laptop.

    Go to steam... $70??
    Try greenman gaming... $30... ok getting closer.

    Friend suggests some online place I never heard of:


      I jumped on that offer and received an email that my order is "on hold" for security reasons, but they didn't hesitate to take my money. :/

        Update: my bad, I forgot I'm on a VPN at work so their site flipped out when I said I lived in Sydney and used an Australian Visa card but my IP said I was in New Jersey.

        I assume the code will work, I've emailed it to my wife and await her response.

          Still, though, if they were going to hold my order why did they still take my money? Grr.

            Sorry if I gave you a bad tip man; I got my code quick and it worked great. Hope it works for you! Please keep us posted!

            I actually bought two copies, because it was cheaper than buying the expansions for my existing copy :p I also got L4D2 for 3 euro - pretty amazing prices really.

              I'm sure now that the transaction has gone through then the code will work fine, I guess I was just confused by the VPN roadblack and the fact they took the money anyway.

                For me they emailed me a link the same as when someone sends you a gift via steam, rather than a code.

                  Yeah, they've sent me a link which I assume my wife can redeem via the web whenever she sees the email. I noticed it has a .ru suffix which implies the source is Russian. I assume it's all above board but I've heard sometimes that steam blocks them because they're generated via some kind of bulk purchase and steam can flip out when a shitload of Russian keys get redeemed all at once from all over the world, or something?

                Yeah it is a russian thing I think. The gift says 'Civilisation 5 (ru/cis)' so i was pretty nervous, but once it is installed it is just the regular civ 5 that you get thru au steam store or whatever/ same as everyone elses. There is no further mention of russian anything, unless you pick Catherine that is.

    @piat & @jocon how'd you guys go last night?! Man I'm so jealous =P

      Kargath and butcher down without much fuss, didn't attempt tectus as by all accounts he is damn hard, 2 attempts on brac but it was getting late and everyone was losing concentration so we called it there. Fights aren't nearly as hard as they are on paper.

      @distantdrop came as well :P

      Last edited 08/12/14 11:39 am

        Sweet! Sounds like we'll get past Kargath and Butcher without much trouble then =] Should we be aiming for the third boss on our first try? I reckon we should skip bracken and tect

          I'd say we can solidly aim for at least 3rd boss and we should give brac a try. It shouldn't be too bad once everyone understands what's going on

      Was pretty cool.
      Kargath down in two tries, Butcher in 3 I think.
      Brac is very complicated, lots of things to keep track of.

      Personally, I got the helm off Butcher \o/ tho the secondary stats are terrible. And managed to pull solid last apart from the heals on dps :I
      So I officially suck at wow.

        What spec are you maining at the moment? Marksman is the best spec for Hunter as the other 2 perform very badly at the moment.

        Not saying you have to go MM, hunters don't need to top charts because they have a lot of versatility, but if you do want to compete MM is where it's at currently.

          Yeah I'm mm.
          Kinda bummed about it really. My dps was a bit under my usual dungeon scores (14-15k vs 17-18k) but that could be attributed to a couple deaths and spending most of Brac killing adds and moss.
          But the others destroyed me at 20k+ easily and I'm just not sure what I'm doing wrong.
          Ah well, I'll get there eventually.

            Yeah you cant count brac, as your DPS would be way down. Don't stress about it too much, the other hunter has been playing a hunter since vanilla, and every xpac and most of the other guys in the raid were pretty experienced so you'd expect them to be pulling bigger numbers while being able to adjust to mechanics. You're just getting into the end game really, so I would say focus on the fight mechanics and staying alive before even taking notice of the DPS numbers.

            If you're really fussed about your dps there's a couple of things you can do assuming you want to stick to your spec. Firstly and most importantly don't put a lot of stock into recount; its only to be used as a feedback instrument not a bar to compete against.

            Secondly if you do decide to compare keep a couple of factors in mind. One whats your role in the current fight; i.e are you on adds, are you kiting, how often does your dps rotation need to be interrupted. Second only compare against other ranged dps if you absolutely must compare. Third where does your ilvl fall against theirs. Fourth are your stats, glyphs and talents best spec'd to your play style; different peeps can have different styles even when they play the same class/spec don't always go by noxxic. Is your stat spread the best for your talent spec, use "askmrrobot" to help you optimize your current gear and to inform you of what gear to get; one downside to "ilvl" is it oversimplifies the stats, for e.g. a lower ilvl trinket might help you pull better dps depending on its procs or depending on the boss fight in question. Finally and most importantly find the best player of your class in the server and ask him/her questions on their build; even if you find another hunter within a raid group pulling more than you engage them and find out how they're pulling more.

            Don't get too caught up in dps meters, they're only there as guidelines and according to noxxic realistic dps for a 630 mm hunter is around 21k so you're doing pretty well; probably just a little room for improvement from there. Oh and dont forget to practice against training dummies =]

            Edit: If anything I would use the training dummies as a base for dps comparison; you'll never have the freedom to dps like you do on them so they should show you your maximum possible dps and something for you to aim for in raids/dungeons.

            Last edited 08/12/14 1:51 pm

              Yeah I can pull 21k against dummies but the more I have to move the more that suffers.
              And I've optimised my talents for how I play, tho I noticed the other hunter had a few different choices.
              My gear could do with some optimising but I have limited options - the apexis gear has useless secondary stats, all versatility and haste and mastery.

                Well then there you go, given yday was your first exposure to those boss fights its perfectly normal for you to be taking a dps hit; once you get used to their mechanics and positioning required your dps will pick up closer to that 21k mark.

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