Team Fortress 2 Short Film Finished, Is Utterly Fantastic

Team Fortress 2 Short Film Finished, Is Utterly Fantastic

Having been in production for years, James McVinnie's End of the Line short film has now been finished. And it's as good as the trailers had you believe.

McVinnie, who has worked at BioWare and on stuff like Black Mesa, is admittedly a little more "professional" than your average Source Filmmaker user. But whatever. What he's made here is the equal of anything Valve has ever made.

Thanks Sean!


    Pitty valve rejected all his good stuff for the update, and now half the community blames Mc V :|

    Love the HL3 easter egg at 15 seconds ("lambda 3")!

    Oh shit, I remember seeing this ages ago and thinking 'that looks awesome'. Forgotten all about it until now :D

    Definitely Saxxy-worthy. It's a shame that the update accompanying it hasn't been the mega-thing that the community hyped up for itself, but that's no fault of the video creators.

    I've played with SFM for a couple of hours, so anyone who can make Pixar-quality videos deserve a hell of a lot of respect.

    Having a gif of the end of the video right before the video itself ruined the moment...

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