Teens Play Mega Man, Suck At Mega Man

Teens Play Mega Man, Suck At Mega Man

“Everything hurts me”. Pretty much.

The “Teens React” series always seems to be at its best when it’s dealing with a generational divide in video games, as kids brought up on gentler, perhaps more collaborative games are sat down with a brutal-as-fuck platformer from the 80s. Like, in this instance, Mega Man.

Mock the deaths if you must, but there’s some nice reflection (and takes on changes in game design) at the end. For a game that just kicked their butts, they’re surprisingly up-beat about the whole thing!


    • Yes, but back in the day we learned how to play the game, while kids today are still waiting for the “Press X to play” prompt. They were even shocked to learn that they could select levels.

      • I find most games these days I play to play through the game and the story then I’m done with it, back in the day I played games like mega man for the gameplay it offered and to actually improve at the game.

      • I don’t think it’s lack of prompts is why they suck at it, it’s just a hard game the requires persistence.
        I’m not going to lie though, i’m 20 and played it for the first time and put it in the hate list with sonic.
        Too hard for me.

        • Last time I played it was several years ago. I never really had trouble with it aside from the Yellow Demon and Elec mans stage.

        • I don’t think it’s lack of prompts is why they suck at it, it’s just a hard game the requires persistence.

          While certainly not denying the latter, we had a clear example of someone not even knowing you could attack because she didn’t even press the second button on a two-button controller and was shocked that no one told her she could shoot.

          • So, you down vote me for not saying if they did or did not have any gaming experience. Seems legit.

          • 1. The term ‘gamer’ is stupid because pretty much everyone ‘games’ whether it be console, computer, mobile, handheld or facebook.

            2. We weren’t talking about ‘gamers’ but ‘kids’

            3. The point still stands.

          • Not all kids play electronic games, and not all kids think to try all the buttons, especially if they don’t play games or hardly use a controller.

          • 4. They’ve also all played games in other “Kids play ____” videos, and that girl in particular has said before that her first console was an XBox.

  • Obligatory Egoraptor link.

    I know this is going to turn into another “Kids are taught to be dumb today” variation of complaints while some people will chastise them for being mean to kids.

    But come on! They’re so used to yearly released titles that don’t change that some of them try to play it like Mario. Some went through half the level before they realised they could even shoot.

    Hell, if you look closely one of the kids is trying to press the invisible triggers on the controller.

    • Heh, that reminds me of the first time I played a Sonic game. I couldn’t not try and play it like Mario.

      Needless to say, it didn’t work out very well.

    • I agree with you almost in your entirety, the one exception extends to “They’re so used to yearly released titles that don’t change” because megaman was basically the closest we got to having that back in the day.

      • You are right, but I was mostly talking about games in regards to other games. So many games are following the CoD formula that very few ever need to stand out. Pretty much every game is following the same control scheme, regardless of genre, with only occasionally changing the function of one button.

        • oh yeh don’t get me wrong, most of the gaming scene at the moment is stagnant as hell, same shit in a different wrapper sums up most AAA titles. Games are accessible sure but without the need to learn new things there is overwhelming urge to go play whatever game you played that first did the thing that the game you are currently playing did. Also super long confusing sentence kgo!

  • Woo! Mega Man was my first game!


    “Do I get to choose which one I am?”

    “No, you’re actually picking the stage of the game”


    • Wasn’t really assistance. If anything they probably wanted them all to play the same level so that they can record comparions. It’s harder to judge if everybody is selecting their own level and dealing with their own challenges.

      • I would’ve prefered to see them make their own choices, not play a stage because they were told to do it. I don’t care about comparing the teens during every single enemy or obstacle they encounter. They’re collectively attempting a Mega Man game, that’s a good enough Teens React for me. I would’ve liked to see them play it by themselves.
        I mean, when I first started playing Mega Man when I was a kid, I didn’t have a guy saying, “We’re gonna start off with a level people say you should begin with, which is Bomb Man”

        I picked Ice Man, cried, picked Cut Man, celebrated, that’s what I wanna see.

        • Bombman is considered the “easiest” stage and boss from MM1 and they all only have their lives w/o continue.

          Can you imagine how short this clip would have been if they picked Cutman or Gutsman? A huge majority of them would have either been frustrated and killed by the first Blader or fall of the pit on the line section from Gutsman.

          Letting them use Bombman lets everyone have a fighting chance at the game.

  • Heh, Megaman… next time strap them to a nuclear warhead, with a pair of tweezers with 30 seconds to defuse it. A much easier challenge.

  • I hate this attitude of you have to be perfect at something or else you suck at it. There’s a spectrum of suckiness, like with everything else (and I guarantee that around half the people that say others suck at xyz are on the suck-ing end of it).

  • Hahaha Megaman! My one claim to game fame, clocking Megaman I, II and III. MANY hours were spent in this pursuit and I do not regret any of it.

  • I envy those kids for only just recently having their very first 8bit Megaman experience. Sure Megaman is a hard game but most games from that time were difficult.

    • He’s technically the easiest stage/robot master out of the original 6. Cutman is sometimes considered a good start as well but the Bladers at the first section would just make mince meat of the kids since a lot of them don’t have any experience on 8bit platformers

  • Reminds me of when i played through Megaman 9 on 360, it was pretty challenging so i think all of these newer games are making me soft haha

    I do agree it takes a lot of patience to beat a Megaman game (or many games from that time) and i still haven’t finished Megaman Zero 2 for DS, because the controls are rough for the amount of button pressing you need, emulation is necessary at least for me lol =P

  • I actually think, all things considered, these kids all kept their cool very well. It’s funny, I don’t really see Mega Man games as challenging games anymore because I’ve played the crap out of them all and know the levels off by heart. So it’s funny seeing people have so much trouble with Bomb Man’s level, what I would consider the easiest stage of the first game. Hehe. Kids these days… 😉

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