Ten Of Captain Falcon's Best Moments In Melee Tournaments

Not gonna lie: watching this compilation video of amazing Captain Falcon plays made my pulse quicken. It's just so hype!

This video by EvenMatchupGaming highlights just how satisfying it is to watch a good Captain Falcon player. It's not just that he has Falcon Punches, though those make for great moments too. Nearly everything about Captain Falcon's arsenal is fun to watch. His electric knee, his spike, the way his moves connect with other players — everything about Captain Falcon is great.

While all ten of the plays highlighted here are fantastic, I think my favourite is number ten. I can't believe the player was so lucky that they got that many electric knees off in a row. Cripes.

Best of Smash - Top 10 Super Smash Brothers Melee Falcon Plays [EvenMatchupGaming]


    Can't help but notice that all of these moments were against Falco, Fox or another Captain Falcon. Shows you how broken those three characters were at high level play in SSBM. If you didn't use one of those three you basically had no chance of winning competitively.

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      There's also quite a few Marth, Shiek, Jigglypuff and the occasional Ganondorf players at these tournaments too. Granted that's not the full Melee roster but is that really any different to most competitive fighting games out there?

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        You occasionally got ice climbers as well but that's mostly due to the fact they had an infinite-combo throw.

    No sacred combo? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlGM0BFv3JU

    C.Falcon is my all time favorite Smasher so its good to see him being played so well. Those Knees Though:P

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