Terminator Genisys Now Has A Fancy New Trailer

I'll Be Back: The First Trailer for Terminator Genisys Is Here

But no matter how good or bad it is, I just can't get with that spelling of 'Genesis'. I'm sorry I just can't. Ever.

As a trailer? I have mixed reactions. Sure, this is a Terminator movie, and this trailer reveals a movie that'll probably be better than it has any right to be, but the whole messing with the timeline stuff? Regardless of the explanation they have for it, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to buy it.

As a plus? Emilia Clarke is in it, minus her Game of Thrones blonde wig. I love her work, and I think she's a great choice.

As another plus? The action sequences look suitably actiony. I don't think this is going to be terrible.


    My first thought reading the title was "my god I dislike the liberties taken with the spelling of genesis". Opened the article, and glad to see those were your first thoughts as well.

    Wow that actually looks like a neat way to reboot the franchise

      It's not really a reboot, more of an "alternate timeline" like the newer Star Trek movies

    This could be the worst movie of 2015

      Jurassic Park 4 wanted me to tell you that this will not be the case.


        I am going to be so sad if that movie is terrible... so there is a 98% chance of me being very sad.

        oh please. TermynatoR: Gen-Y-SiS will take the prize of 2015's golden turd. either that or Ant Man.

        I watched the trailer the other day - promising at the start, until you realise the story is mainly based on a genetically engineered 'new' dinosaur that's super smart and aggressive. Sigh... I'll just watch the original on Blu Ray again, never get sick of it.

    That looks rather good. And I did not even recognize Emilia Clarke at all.

    They seem to've just done the whole timeline plot thing just so they can rehash a lot of the first 2 films and pay fan service. Sick of all these reboots and films revisiting old universes and then relying on referencing the older stuff rather than doing their own thing and adding something new to the universe.

    Yeah I don't mind if there's a T-1000 in there, but does it have to do the same things Robert Patrick did? Yeah I don't mind if Arnie's in there, but does he have to basically re-enact scenes from T1? It looks flashy and everything, but so did Total Recall...

    I think it looks like a bloody good time! not expecting anything award winning, just stupid fun :)

    I think it looks good. Emelia Clarke resembles Linda Hamilton more than I realised.

    The guy playing Kyle Reece looks nothing like the original though.

      Agree. Weirdly, there's something about her eyes at 0:39 that does it.

      He is the worst part about any movie he's in...

      Funnily enough, they dressed him in the trench coat like in the first movie; but he doesn't look anything like Michael Biehn, and is way buff.

        They should have just hired Anton Yelchin again, he did a good enough job in Salvation and is probably at roughly the age Biehn was when he played the original.

    Was ok until Arnie said 'Ill be back' ....

      I was okay with it until the bus flips forward an insane amount.

    They still look like they're trying to hit the Terminator 2 nerve after all of these years. "Come with me if you want to live" really?

    "We can stop judgement day from happening" which was the entire point of the second film (that ended with the simple and elegant 'road with no horizon' shot) a point that the makers of film 3 laid on the ground and pissed on with the whole 'it's destiny for J-Day to happen no matter what you try to do to stop it, which is now apparently possible in film 5 or 6 (whatever this is).

    I think the point the film makers are missing is the horrifying simplicity of Terminator films. It's about a unstoppable hunter, slowly (the slowly part is really important) coming after you that seemingly can't be stopped and your only option is to run, to escape, to try and stay alive. Seriously, in this trailer, the liquid metal dude is about as scary as a cartoony CG Bay-esque transformer. It's also not as scary or innovative because, like Arnie being the hero, IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE. I wonder what other ground they'll retread. How many jokes and quips will be re-quoted, how many action sequences will be alluded to? Ugh.

    The other thing that bothers me is how the twist of film 1's villain being film 2's unlikely hero is now par for the course. It was such a clever and shocking twist and the fact that Arnie is now the hero of all the films feels SO desperate. To repeat is EVERY time is so predictable and try hard.

    More than anything, I hope I'm wrong, I hope this film pulls the same rebooting magic that Abrams did with Star Trek.

      I remember when Rise of the Machines came out and everyone hated it. Then Salvation came out and made that one look like a goddamn masterpiece. If this continues the trend, oh boy.

      That said, this looks like a Terminator 2 homage more than anything. Sarah Connor couldn't say anything other than "come with me if you want to live?" It was cool the first time but now it's like every character in this timeline is repeating the same goddamn line just to tickle the fanbase.

    Pretty surprised overall at how cool it looks from the trailer... could be some cool time travel elements, or they'll just f*ck it all up.

    When is this supposed to be taking place? I assume from Kyle Reese being sent back, and young Arnie getting blasted that it's during The Terminator, i.e. 1980s but it has all sorts of modern tech like flatscreen LCDs. I'm not a pedant but X-Men Origins had the same problems. That movie ostensibly took place during the 70s/80s because they were recruited during Vietnam, yet there's anachronistic weapons and technology all over the place.

    Trailer Judgement Day.

    Your thoughts? I think it looks pretty bad.

    Last edited 05/12/14 2:51 pm

    To all of you crapping all over this film before you've actually seen it, I have one title to remind you that this is going to be good: Terminator - The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Not THAT was a piece of shit.

    If your watched the TV series, this trailer will make allot more sense to people. But if you haven't its going to be a WTF moment.

    Only thing I find a bit weird is that the Arnold terminator is old, I hope there is some explanation for that such as the T800s exo-skin ages also (makes sense). Shame they couldn't use the cast from the TV series also.. Should be interesting non the less.

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