That’s One Way To Play Jenga

That’s One Way To Play Jenga

Impressive Jenga skills right there. And if you check the video below, even though the wobble is minimal, it doesn’t look like the pieces were glued together.

Still, it’s only one level, but the tower technically fell and according to the rules, that means game over. ಠ_ಠ

incredible jenga move [YouTube, DKBobby]


  • OK I checked those rules and it is not clear. What is your definition of “fall”? The tower is whole, she used one hand, and she can now place the block on top. No blocks have broken from the tower, and it is a complete tower.

    • The tower fell; it didn’t “collapse”, “break” or “separate”, but it certainly moved to a lower physical position under the effect of gravity – it fell. Even with those semantics though, I think the spirit of Jenga should allow that move. House rule, “if any block, other than the block being removed by the player, separates from the tower then the game is lost by the player.”

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