The Best Cosplay Of 2014

The Best Cosplay Of 2014

As cosplay continues to explode in popularity, I feel like rounding up the “best” cosplay in the world for the year is a task that’s almost impossible. But whatever, that’s not going to stop me from trying.

2014 was a big year for cosplay, at least in terms of this site. We opened up our own cosplay sub-site. Me and Brian wrote a book about cosplay. And we featured more shots (and videos) on Kotaku than ever before, as cons across the world saw ever-increasing numbers of cosplayers in attendance, fuelled by a community that’s about as friendly and welcoming as any you’ll find on the internet (or, for that matter, in the real world).

Below, then, are my attempts at wrangling together a “best in 2014” collection. If you’ve found something truly amazing that we’ve missed or overlooked, drop it in the comments below and I’ll take a look, see if it warrants inclusion!

GHOST TRICK – Cosplay by CelticSakura. Photo by Mike Kowalek.

METAL GEAR – Cosplay by Pro Voltage. Photo by Mike Kowalek.

PRINCE/CHAPELLE SHOW – Cosplay by Scumbag Dark Link

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN – Cosplay by Alyson Tabbitha, photo by Stephie Joy Photography.

METROID – Cosplay by Chelsea & Matt Serle

BIOSHOCK INFINITE – Cosplay by Angela Bermudez, photo by Andres Herrera

THE WITCHER – Cosplay by LastSoul and GreatQueenLina. Photo by La-Clover.

FIRE EMBLEM: AWAKENING – Cosplay by Calssara, photo by Midgard1612.

ASSASSINS CREED IV – Cosplay by Leon Chiro. Photo by Marcella Fava

FAMILY GUY – Cosplay by Real Life Peter Griffin

LORD OF THE RINGS – Cosplay by Red-Dragon-Lord, photo by Chris Hull.

CAPTAIN HARLOCK – Cosplay by Nikita. Photo by Nippon Nation.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY – Cosplay by Shoko and Jérôme Cosplay, photo by Shashin Kaihi.

FINAL FANTASY XIII – Cosplay by Rainer, photo by vaxzone.

DARK SOULS – Cosplay by harvestbuddy, RevebQ and Edgar Mayoral

MASS EFFECT – Cosplay by Sarrah Wilkinson, photo by Sam Mort.

DRAGON AGE – Cosplay by Laura Sánchez. Photo by Jesús Clares.

SUPER FLAMANDS – By photographer Sacha Goldberger & Friends.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES – Cosplay by guimancreative.

METAL GEAR SOLID – Cosplay by Rick Boer, Photo by Cynthia Veekens

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