The Best SimCity Is Now Free

The Best SimCity Is Now Free

Forget the busted remake. Forget the cash-hungry mobile games. The best SimCity Maxis ever made is still available, and as of now it's a free download on EA's Origin store.

I'm of course talking about SimCity 2000, the game that struck the perfect balance between accessibility and the finer tuning of city-management. More devoted fans might prefer SimCity 4, and in some ways I do myself, but there's just something about 2000's look, toolset, disasters (which remain the series' best) and obsession with arcologies that make it stand out.

That and the whole "reticulating splines" gag, which started here.

SimCity 2000 [Origin]


    Oh crap, there goes my productivity.

    oh man, look at those screenshots. hello memories! see you later tonight sim city 2000. im going to keep you up all night...non sexually.

    Thank you for this wonderful news. My god. THis was the first SimCity game I ever played and I've always felt it was the best. I thought it was because it was first experience that biassed my view. But apparently Luke agrees with my assessment. Just looking at those pics brings back a flood of nostalgia. So gonna get this.

    Aww, I was hoping it was free on GOG.

      First World Problems...

    Simcity 4 came close, but Simcity 2000 is still the best Simcity.

    The question I ask after being burned on the C&C pack (nothing worked except the 3's) is will this run?

      not natively. but i brought a version a year or so ago and it runs under dosbox last i checked (about a week ago when i played it under windows 7). but it's free so there's not much to worry about.

      Last edited 10/12/14 4:11 pm

    Thanks for the heads up Luke, i would of missed this one if i didnt see this article

    Still waiting for a digital version of Sim City 3000

      Yep, I was really hoping they were gonna say 3000! I may have to find the disc (sitting in a cupboard somewhere around here!)

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