The Binding Of Isaac Gets A Freaky Fake Movie Trailer

The brutally tough Binding of Isaac is a game that manages to be extremely disturbing, despite having a cartoony art style. Now, it's gotten a very creepy tribute in a fake cinematic teaser that will almost certainly give some folks nightmares.

Done by YouTuber bloodrunsclear, this trailer for a Binding of Isaac film that doesn't exist nails so much of what's gut-churning about the super-hard, hell-trapped roguelike. It's the sight of a relentlessly violent and twisted universe, done up in drawings that could've have been done a child. This would-be film adaptation takes it further with clay sculpts, CGI animation and puppetry that feels even more hopeless.


    Just so it's clear, he's taken footage from pre-existing clips.

    I'm surprised that Kotaku hasn't reported that the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth was released.

    Why had I never made the connection with that song before? It's practically perfect.

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