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Friday's Remember This fell at the very first hurdle: well done to stanvangundy for picking Baraduke/Alien Sector. Given that Remember This appears to be too easy once again, the only sensible thing is a return for The Daily HaiTaku.

Can you identify the game this haiku refers to? (Bonus points for the fullest explanation.)

ABBA go-go fears! There's a place for Daleks, ears, and to cop some food.


    I am so glad to see a Haitaku.
    I have no clue, but glad to see it back all the same.

    I'm gonna guess SingStar.

    There was an Abba version. And people used to dress up in weird costumes in the videos they'd upload. And... umm... yeah... that's the best I've got :P

    Mario Kart, because, um I'm playing it right now, and it has Donut Plains and erm.
    I hate Singtaku.

    I'm going to guess ikari warriors because if I remember correctly it had a cheat code on the NES - "abba" that gave you free lives

    Rockstar Ate My Hamster


    If you need me, I will be listening to This is the End on loop downstairs..

    Oh dear people. There are six separate clues to the same game in there. Here's hoping someone will crack it.

      it's tough

      something to do with robots?

      Is it Mega Man?

      Or is it ... Alex the Kid : )

      You used to be an Amstrad guy, didn't you Angus?

      ABBA could be the old ABBA switch trick needed to get games working on the correct drive.

        Yep I was indeed an Amstrad guy. That's not what the ABBA clue means though.

    Daleks ears ... drakes seal... Neverwinter, erm with bjorn and donuts.
    How does haitaku even work anyway ?

    I'll go out on a shaky limb and say Rogue Trooper, based solely on three very tentative links to three parts of the clues. :/

    I'm going to guess Hugo 2: Whodunit - purely because it's the only game I ever remember seeing a Dalek in. Also I'll jump on any chance I get to mention a Hugo game.
    Pretty sure at least one of the characters had ears as well.

    Well, I am going to take a chance and say its Minecraft.

    ABBA - a kind of switch used in redstone crafting. (ABBA is also a mini game on some servers)
    Fears - who isn't scared of spiders/zombies/endermen at first? "Go go run for your life!"
    Daleks - there is a doctor who minecraft mod.
    Ears - There are lots of cool minecraft sounds in game! And music. And parodies.
    Cop - could be cops n robbers minecraft
    Food - well everyone needs food in minecraft, or you die.

    I'll be amazed if I am right, but otherwise I have no clue. lol

      Following on from your Doctor Who mod suggestion - maybe it could be Fallout New Vegas?

      -There's a really well done Who mod for New Vegas
      -You can collect legion ears
      -'Cop some food' could maybe refer to the Rock-it-launcher you can use to shoot food/junk at enemies
      -Go-go could refer to dancers in casinos?

      No idea how that would relate to the ABBA clue though...

    There's a lot of Doctor Who games with Daleks in them, but I'm thinking that naming all of them would be too easy. I'll let someone else wikipedia them and guess.

    I guess King of Fighters.

    Bye Remember This
    HaiTaKu How I've missed you
    Don't know the answer

    ABBA could refer to an Arcade game. A, B, B, A

    (Or Buttons on a Nintendo controller)

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