The Daily HaiTaku

The Daily HaiTaku

I am disappoint with myself, Kotaku. No-one got anywhere near solving yesterday’s deeply cryptic HaiTaku, despite some impressively creative guesses. Clearly I am too obscure/ancient/cruel. So I’ll explain what you missed and then we’ll try something easier, OK?

This was the haiku:

ABBA go-gos fears?
There’s a place for Daleks, ears,
and to cop some food.

The answer was vintage platformer Head Over Heels. These were the clues. From the first line: ABBA once released a single called “Head Over Heels”:

So did the Go-Go’s (a different song with the same title):

And so did Tears For Fears (another different song with the same title):

Second line: Head Over Heels‘ line-up of enemies included one who roamed around on a Dalek-like base and whose head who looked a lot like royal big-ears Prince Charles. Charlek, if you will.

Third line: the weapon which Head could use fired doughnuts, so the enemies had no choice but to “cop some food”.

Ah well. On to today’s challenge. Can you identify the game this haiku refers to? (Hint: It’s a lot newer than the one featured yesterday.)

Dash awkwardly or
run, you’ll soon stop outputting
relative calmness.


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