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We had lots of brilliant suggestions for yesterday's HaiTaku — clearly plenty of games fit the template of frustration — but none was the right answer. Rather than frustrate you further, I'll offer up a solution, and one final HaiTaku before Christmas.

This was the haiku:

Dash awkwardly or run, you'll soon stop outputting relative calmness.

The answer is in fact well-known Serrels baiter Crossy Road. Not only is this a description of what playing the game is like, the name is also embedded in the initial letters for each word if you read the haiku backwards:

Calmness Relative Outputting Stop Soon You'll Run Or Awkwardly Dash

(Regular Kotaku readers will recall I like this trick.)

So one last HaiTaku for 2014. This is an older game, but it shouldn't mix you up too badly:

A bloodshed fee gropes shots. Those gophers blessed a food. Badger-heeled spoofs, shoots.


    Abfgs Tgbaf Bhss

    Nope not today :(

      Actually it would be sshb fabgt sgfba, since it's backwards.

      I guess Coach K College Basketball, mainly cause of the Gophers, Badgers and other basketball references.

    "This is an older game, but it shouldn’t mix you up too badly"
    Dude at this rate you could probably do Super Mario 64 and have nobody guess it correctly

      Can't argue with that :) The key word (as you've correctly identified) is in fact "mix".

    Mole Mania; the Shigeru Miyamoto game that time forgot!

    Actually, it probably isn't, but I really wanted to guess that game.

    Phobos, Goddesses of Leather

    Edit: Should be Leather Goddesses of Phobos.

    Last edited 24/12/14 3:30 pm

    Fee = price.
    Badgers are members of the mustelidae family of animals, as are skunks.
    Skunk is one letter away from skank.

    So... Lindsay Lohan's The Price Of Fame mobile game?

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