The Daily HaiTaku

The Daily HaiTaku

We had lots of brilliant suggestions for yesterday’s HaiTaku — clearly plenty of games fit the template of frustration — but none was the right answer. Rather than frustrate you further, I’ll offer up a solution, and one final HaiTaku before Christmas.

This was the haiku:

Dash awkwardly or
run, you’ll soon stop outputting
relative calmness.

The answer is in fact well-known Serrels baiter Crossy Road. Not only is this a description of what playing the game is like, the name is also embedded in the initial letters for each word if you read the haiku backwards:

Calmness Relative
Outputting Stop Soon You’ll Run
Or Awkwardly Dash

(Regular Kotaku readers will recall I like this trick.)

So one last HaiTaku for 2014. This is an older game, but it shouldn’t mix you up too badly:

A bloodshed fee gropes
shots. Those gophers blessed a food.
Badger-heeled spoofs, shoots.


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