The Disturbing Cannibals Of Fallout

The Disturbing Cannibals of Fallout

In a messed-up world like Fallout, it's not surprising that some people would turn to cannibalism. Still, cannibals make for some of the more disturbing characters in the game.

Here's a look back by ShoddyCast at the many (!) factions and people in Fallout 3 and New Vegas that eat other humans. I remember being unsettled by the arseholes from Andale, but arguably they had an excuse — it's hard to survive in the wasteland. The White Glove Society, on the other hand, were the worst. They had money and could eat anything they wanted! I didn't feel bad wrecking them all.

FALLOUT Lore: Volume 6 - Cannibalism [ShoddyCast]


    hehe, reminds me of how my mate and I were just starving in DayZ and we hacked up two people we found for food and cooked em. Ahhh cannibalism is another dimension in games.

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