The End Of The World, GTA V Style

It’s the year 2014. Grand Theft Auto V is now on next-gen consoles. So what’s that mean for last-gen? Why, the rapture, of course, if this fan video is to be believed.

The folks at 8-Bit Bastard, in conjunction with Sonny Evans, put together this video about the last desperate souls roaming the abandoned wasteland of last-gen GTA Online. They hope to “ascend” to a new plane like everyone else, but the next (gen) life comes at a price: perfect purity… and a few hundred dollars for a PlayStation 4.

It’s an entertaining watch, a post-apocalyptic melodrama that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I don’t imagine last-gen GTA Online is actually like this these days, but given how much people are hooting, hollering, whooping and warbling about next-gen, I certainly understand the feeling.


  • I swear that they have deliberately killed off the old-gen GTA online.
    I’m currently looking after a mate’s spare Xbox 360 while he’s away so I had been playing online when friends come over with the two TV’s and consoles next to each other. It was a heap of fun when racing, robbing stores, stealing planes together and being able to see what the other person is up to.
    Then the new-gen version came out. A week later I set up the TV’s when a friend was over and the old version was completely unplayable online. There was no traffic. When a car would finally appear every five minutes, it would disappear upon entering it. Police cars would disappear as soon as you killed the occupants. It was impossible to get a car. There were no pedestrians either. It was just a big empty city that you could walk around in and nothing more.
    Two weeks before the new-gen version came out, it was all working fine.


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