The Evolution Of Nintendo's Control Pads, Illustrated

The Evolution Of Nintendo's Control Pads, Illustrated

While changes to the Xbox and PlayStation pads have been relatively minor over the years (though that doesn't mean changes haven't been interesting), Nintendo's controllers have been to hell and back over the last 30 years.

This hypnotic gif illustrates that perfectly.

The Evolution of the Nintendo Controller [Gadget Love]


    Gamecube controller is still the best controller in The History of Ever.

      I heart my spiced pumpkin gamecube controller. Best. Colour. Ever.

    I picked up two white GC controllers today, as new condition japanese versions (with XL cable) for $60 from an eBay seller. Brilliant! Easy best controller ever.

    I can still remember the first time I used each of them. Great memories.

    I love how a sideways wiimote is basically an NES controller with motion controls.
    Also I think the dualshock controller owes some debt to the SNES Controller while Xbox owes a bit to the Gamecube.

      If anything, the Xbox controller was a mash up of a Dual Shock and a Dreamcast Controller, which featured the same style triggers and left analog placement as the Dreamcast (and Saturn 3D) controller, and the twin sticks of the Dual Shock. It wasn't until the 360 pad that the Xbox had the Black and White buttons become L1 & L2 :)

    best controller is the 8 button mega drive controller, bring that back pls

      Yeah, 6 face buttons wasn't overkill, it was perfect. It should have become the de-facto layout :)

        Especially for street fighter, that thing was a godsend.

        Perfect for Street fighter.

        Then they made the mortal sin of defaulting Heavy to shoulders. Who does that?

        Light/Heavy on face. Mediums on shoulders.

    Glaring omission of the Virtual Boy controller. It's pretty much the missing link between the SNES and the 64.

    So um where's the pro controller? Gamecube controller hard to beat but masterd the n64 controller personally

      Playing perfect dark by dual weilding n64 controllers. Feeling like a badass.

      Gaming alone.

    N64 pioneered current conrtollers.....Gamecube perfected it.

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