The First Major DLC Expansion For Shadow Of Mordor Comes Out Today

Briefly: The first major DLC expansion for Shadow of Mordorcomes out today, Warner Bros just announced. It's called Lord of the Hunt, and brings some gnarly new monsters into the mix. The DLC costs $US9.99, and comes free with the $US24.99 season pass. Watch the new trailer above; I'll have more detailed impressions by tomorrow.


    It somewhat annoys me that I have to download a 3.2gb update, for DLC I don't own. Reminds me of the 8GB update TF2 had when they introduced the mac version (I'm on pc).

      Ah is that what that was! Makes sense...and yes, you're right about that. It is a little intrusive.

    Hmm, I don't know if I could be bothered to reinstall it.

    Comes FREE with the $24.99 season pass? I would say it is included not free.

    DLC and the continuing devaluation of games is having the opposite effect on me than publishers probably want.

    SOM looks incredible, exactly the sort of game I would play and love, but I know that I really won't have to wait long to pick up the complete pack on a sale for less than $20, so I'm happy to just wait instead of buying a piecemeal experience for considerably more.

      Arrr yes but you have something that a lot of gamers don't, patience.

      And yes, the game is incredible

    Somewhat false advertising. This "DLC" is a standalone game with it's OWN Talion skin, missions and bosses. You can't transfer anything in or out to the main game....disappointed.

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