The Internet Reacts To Final Fantasy VII On PS4

The Internet Reacts To Final Fantasy VII On PS4

Over the weekend, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy VII was coming to the PlayStation 4. It’s not a remake; it’s the PC version. Did the internet have anything to say about that? You betcha.

Final Fantasy VII launched on the original PlayStation way back in 1997. For years, gamers have been asking for a remake. In fact, the game is the most wanted PlayStation 4 remake in Japan.

So, understandably, people were extremely excited when they see the words “Final Fantasy VII” flash on the screen at the recent PlayStation Experience event. As Kotaku first pointed out, the crowd reaction to the announcement was, well, best summed up in this GIF courtesy of Mike Fahey:

The Internet Reacts to Final Fantasy VII on PS4

You can relive the disappointment right here.

Folks aren’t exactly thrilled by the announcement! As of posting, the official trailer has over 13,000 dislikes on YouTube and 2000 likes.

The Internet Reacts to Final Fantasy VII on PS4

And like the top image created by Twitter user Kawet, people expressed their feelings online. Here’s the reaction from around the internet:

The Internet Reacts to Final Fantasy VII on PS4

[via Reddit]

The Internet Reacts to Final Fantasy VII on PS4

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The Internet Reacts to Final Fantasy VII on PS4

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The Internet Reacts to Final Fantasy VII on PS4

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The Internet Reacts to Final Fantasy VII on PS4

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  • When will everybody get it through their thick skulls!? While a FF7 remake will be good financially, Square obviously has no idea why FF7 was great to begin with. They’ll most likely turn Cloud into a static emo and sexualise Aeris. As well as renaming her to Aerith.

    • I think they do know why it was great and that’s why they are hesitating to remake it. They know it will be hard to capture the magic again and don’t want to ruin a classic.
      You are right though, the whole emo Cloud theme is over done. They seemed to focus on a state that Cloud really only suffered for a small section of the game and overcame long before the end.

      I don’t get why people keep saying that fans are asking for a remake though, I have met more fans who don’t want one and plenty of people who jumped in around Crisis Core who do.
      The reason I see most is that people don’t want to play through and old game which confuses me. If you are a fan you play the damn game, you don’t ignore the older one because it predated your preferences of graphics.

      It will always be Aeris, always!!

    • you do realize Aerith was actually her original name in the very first Japanese releases right?

    • You could buy the PS1 version on PSN and replay on PS3/PSP/Vita…

      Still the original graphics, but it does actually work, and the gameplay is intact.

  • I don’t really care for FF games, never got into them, but since FFVII is so hyped, I wanted to watch the trailer to see how it looked on PS4.

    Halfway through, I made the assumption that they were showing old footage and for the second half, were about to blow everyone away with what they’d done with the game.

    Uh no, it remained the same old footage the entire way through.

    Well, I can’t say I’m surprised, it seems making graphics as old fashioned as possible is the new trend. Shovel Knight, Hotline Miami, Terraria etc. I played all that in the 80’s. Next please.

  • As unfamiliar and indifferent as I am to FFVII, this is pretty much how I felt about the MM3D announcement.

  • FF7 will never be remade :/ HD version will never release because FF7 is already a classic now. They are going with the approach of Metal Gear Solid where the first will never get remade because it is best at what it is.

      • Well not to the level of what people are expecting. I think people are expecting the game to be remade to the quality of FF15, running luminous engine but it just… won’t happen really. Remaking FF7 require remaking of the entire game, the amount of content the game is close to having all 3 FF13 combined and maybe more.

        I love the game as it is and it would be weird to see Cloud with hands? 😛

        • At the time, the MGS remake was as good as it got. They transplanted the entire game into the MGS2 engine and redid the cutscenes and a lot of the dialog.
          Some of the changes outraged fans but it would certainly have fit the description for “next-gen remake” … at the time.

  • Bit disappointed it’s not a remake, but I’ll probably buy it tbh. Must have it 5 or 6 different times by now

  • Well…. If they charge you less than $15 for this non-remake then it’d be cheaper than Sony putting it up on Playstation Now for you to stream it running worse than even the original PS1 version did….. so in a way people should be delighted to be looked after so well!

    I don’t understand you ingrates!

    I guess your other options include getting the game on PS3 for under $10, or the PSP for under $10 or on PC for under $5….. basically unless they give it away you’re getting screwed.

  • No. No, no, no. I’ve bought that fucking game three times. You don’t GET any more money out of me for the same game til you at least put some lipstick on it.

    (Also, @letrico’s suggestion of FF7 remade in luminous engine would see me taking indefinite leave without pay and camping outside sqenix Japan, harrassing devs to see if I can make things go faster through my unquestioning 24/7 servitude.)

    I can’t see GIF or video here, but man, I can only imagine what it would be like to show a Final Fantasy 7 logo in a game award/convention/show in front of a crowd of people and have them lose their shit like it’s the fucking rapture, only to let them know it’s not a remake, just a port. I try to avoid booing in public for real, but I’d have been narrowing my eyes in some very stony, disapproving silence. Maybe mutter some unkind words in audible italics.

    • I actually watched the thing and people were doing =.= faces lol. Pity the guy announcing it, he was so excited in announcing it the title.

      We will bring FF7 to PS4! It will be a direct port of the PC version!

      • Of course not! However, if it turns up on PS+ or someone gifts me a code… NO!

        I’m guilty of purchasing many games many times, but I’m drawing the line on this one. This is just toeing the line between fan-service and outright abuse.

        I own this fucking thing three times over, at this point they should just be letting me use my other keys to activate it on PS4.
        I mean, at this point it’s just moving shit around. I already have HDMI and controller from my PC to TV, I don’t NEED this or particularly want it.

  • SE has completed their training on crushing dreams. and so soon after Konami finally made a lot of people happy by FINALLY releasing Suikoden 2 on the PSN.

    on second thought it might have been a good thing they didn’t have a remade version of FF7, the amount of excitement from JRPG fans would have been…. well messy.

    • Shit, don’t even joke… SE’s investors are the ones who were complaining about not being able to get revenue from incomplete projects.

  • Remaking FF7 will either be really good or really bad and end up hurting the image of a great game, Honestly I’m happy that it is getting ported over to the PS4 cause I’ll get to relive the FF7 that I loved to play.

    I mean what if they did remake FF7 and it was trash.

  • Having never played a FF game before, why is 7 so good? There’s like 15 of the games now, aren’t they pretty much all turn-based combat stuffs? What’s the drawcard?

    • Well, tbh, it was revolutionary for its time.

      A 3D, JRPG with three disks worth of content, superb (though many will deny this) story telling with mature themes not found in a lot of western available games at the time and some very solid turn based (though real time) battle mechanics. (Every FF game has a different take on their battle system as well if you weren’t aware) Plus it had an absolutely phenomenal and emotionally driven soundtrack that conveyed every scene better than spoken voice overs ever could.

      The game is steadily aging and many people who play it for the first time today struggle to understand what makes it great for this reason.
      As a fan though, I’d have to reccomend that you at least give it a go and stick it out until you finish Midgar (when you finally set onto the world map and go….oh shiiiiI~~~~)

      • Cheers for the detailed run-down. I do have 13 version 2 (or whichever is has v2) on PS3. Is it okay to start on this one, or do I need to start with earlier copies? I didn’t know that every game has distinctly different combat scheme.

        • Every numbered Final Fantasy is a completely different story, setting and everything. FF7 has nothing to do with FF8 and so on.

          That Said, FF13 is one of the few FF games to have direct sequels, Being FF13-2 and FF13 -Lightning Returns.
          So, playing FF13-2 (while better than 13 in every way) might have you miss out on some pivotal plot.

          Everyone has different opinions about different FF games, but it’s generally agreed upon that FF13 is the weakest entry in the entire bunch. Boot it up, have a go and see if you like it, but I’d just urge you not to base your desiscions of the whole series on whether you like FF13 or not haha.

        • I think most people consider the best ones to be 7,8,9 and if you have trouble with the older graphics then I would start with the remaster of FFX.

          Pretty much any of them that were made when they were still Squaresoft are top notch. Everything after they became Square Enix was nowhere near as good.

      • This. Is not much the quality of the game itself. FFVII was released in the PS1 a videogame console that was seen as edgier and overall better, and Sony has always have an immense marketing budget. It also helped that the graphics were back then as advanced as home consoles had seen. This meant that not only kids, but also teenagers and even young adults who had not played the relatively much more obscure previous games played an FF for first time with VII.

        They were surprised by the narrative, by the adult themes, by the death of one of the main characters and so on. Things that people who had played the previous games (and other similar games like Chrono Trigger and Lufia) already knew to expect. And VII was definitely at the start of the descending curve from the era’s peak of brilliance in FFVI. Anyone impressed by a character’s death in VII? FFVI destroyed /the world/ at its mid point. And you had the choice of breaking a promise to one of your characters and see him die because of it. You had the chance of performing an opera behind and in front of scenes and watch how it delicately symbolised the budding love between two of the characters.

        Is FFVII good? Definitely. Is it overrated? Absolutely.

    • I want to be in the audience of a gaming show or convention where a hugely-hyped logo comes up and the audience loses their shit and then audio starts playing and it’s… the intro to Never Gonna Give You Up. Like maybe a developer talk about how HL3 is categorically NOT in development.

  • I might consider getting FFVII for the PS4 (skipped it on the PS3), but only if I can use the control stick to move! The pads are so awkward and I used to LOVE them back in 1997!

    So much that I would make my friends use the analogue controller while I used the non-analogue controller for the PS1. I was weird…

  • Just don’t expect me to pay the same price of a new game. I think this is the biggest thing to me. Game developers choose to not be creative and what not, yet still want the price tag of a new game. NO.

  • WHY NOT BOTH? Just release a disk version with enhanced FF7 and Original FF7 on it. Blu Rays can hold 50 odd gig of data.

    The original on PSN is about 2 Gig for some reason (as the 3 disks contained all the same data (text, images, music) apart from the FMV’s, so really the game could easily be about 1 gig if they tried.

    So surely they could fit a remake with the remaining space

    Square have remade FF3, FF4 and FFX and FFX-2 so why not the PS1 classics?

    Because people will continually buy it. The PS4 version will come out and the people who have it already on PSN, Steam, Original disks will re-buy it and Square knows this.

    If they do a remake all I hope is that they make the useless items in the game usable or remove them completely.

    I mean even if the remake is a turd like the Lufia 2 remake was. At least players have the option to see the game in its original glory as well as the new remastered version its a WIN WIN.

  • I don’t care that they’re not remaking FF7. Do I want them to? Yes, sure. It would be fun. What really grinds my gears is that they wasted stage time on THIS. This re-release we’ve had so many times before, every fan owns a few copies now I’m sure. But they had to make a big announcement and use vague wording to drum up hype for something we didn’t want.

    Square-Enix, I lost a lot of respect for them for this. I know that means bugger all to them but I can’t tolerate this shit.

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