The Internet Reacts To Minecraft: Story Mode

The Internet Reacts To Minecraft: Story Mode

Nobody expected Telltale to announce a "narrative driven" take on Minecraft this morning. Thing is, while seemingly everyone loves playing Minecraft, nobody is playing the game because of the story. That's exactly what's causing the partnership between Telltale and Minecraft to look like it's coming from left field.

While Telltale's track record with games like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones inspires some confidence that they can pull it off, the Minecraft announcement was still met with much confusion, cynicism, and snark. Oh, and jokes. People made lots and lots of jokes this morning following the Telltale announcement. Don't get me wrong: some people are definitely looking forward to the Teltalle Minecraft game. But mostly, people seem to collectively be going "WTF?"

Here's some of what the internet had to say about Minecraft's upcoming story mode:

From r/Minecraft:

The Internet Reacts To Minecraft: Story Mode
The Internet Reacts To Minecraft: Story Mode

From our comments:

The Internet Reacts To Minecraft: Story Mode
The Internet Reacts To Minecraft: Story Mode

What about you, how did you react to the Telltale Minecraft announcement? Let us know in the comments.


    If it was any other company I'd be really skeptical, but Telltale will do it right.

    Well at least they chose Telltale and not Terminal Reality

    They definitely need to make an episodic goat simulator game next xD

    It's not so weird - my nephew plays a lot of Minecraft, but he also spends a lot of time watching Minecraft videos.

    Today's "How the heck" Minecraft accomplishment: somebody has written a working word processor in Minecraft, with 50 characters of text, upper/lower case and symbols, and a bunch of save buffers.

    I have trouble believing that was done by manually placing single blocks, but it's amazing regardless.

    I still don't get it. How can you expand on a universe that has zero lore?

      They did it with Walking Dead. ;)

        I supoose the walking dead had lore though, the graphic novel expanded on it. Plus a zompocalypse is easy to fill in the blans, unlike the made up world of minecraft.

    Just people reacting how they think they should. They seem to just have a huge bag of responses entitled "overblown reactions to falsify my comprehension of topic." I don't really understand why being on the Internet means you are capable of only a single perspective.

    People can make a mine craft story because the people making it understand storytelling, you don't. It's that simple.

    Last edited 20/12/14 12:18 pm

      "I don't understand why being on the internet means you are capable of only a single perspective"

      *offers a single perspective as the solution*

      Oh internet. .

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