The Latest Final Fantasy Looks To The Original

The Latest Final Fantasy Looks to the Original

The latest official Final Fantasy game, from current Final Fantasy top man Yoshinori Kitase, was announced in an interview between Kitase and series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi in Weekly Famitsu.

Titled Mevius Final Fantasy, the game is being developed in-house and is slated for release on iOS and Android in Spring, 2015. According to Kitase, the game will take the "classic road" (王道) of Final Fantasy with features like map exploration — although moving across the map will be automated — tactical battles, and a levelling system. The game focuses on the "warrior of light," paying homage to the original Final Fantasy that Sakaguchi made.

The Latest Final Fantasy Looks to the Original
The Latest Final Fantasy Looks to the Original

Check back tomorrow for more details on the two creators' conversation.

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    Not mentioned - "and it will release for the princely sum of almost $20"

      Honestly, I've yet to regret dropping money on a SE mobile game. They tend to have more than enough content and story in it to deserve the price tag

    "with features like map exploration — although moving across the map will be automated" I stopped reading at this point.

      You have to pay with microtransactions to be allowed the freedom of movement for 10 minutes.

        they could charge you a cost per square of movement...It'd basically mean no one would do any side quests...

          Which means you'd be under levelled by time you fight the first boss, lose, and have to pay a fee or 3 health points will regenerate every 30 minutes until you reach half of your max health

    I feel sorry for the hero. He's so poor that all he can afford is a small scrap of cloth strapped to his chest. Either that or he tried to wear a bib for a shirt.

      Effective use of magic requires good chest to air exposure.

      It's equality, since female heroes wear just as little.

    I read Sakaguchi and got all excited, nuts.

    Mind you, if Kitase's actually in charge of development, that bodes equally well.

    This seems closer to taking a dump on the original Final Fantasy than paying homage to it.

    They had me right up until the words "ISO and Android" came up. I'm not a fan of mobile gaming.

    Hell, I stubbornly refuse to get a smart phone: I still have one of those cool old flip ones xD

      I have a smart phone, touch controls aren't as good & the best games chew through your battery.

      They aren't terrible by any stretch but I dunno how people spend hours playing a phone.

    Port to Vita, I like to push buttons :-)

    What I wonder is why won't they make a new fully-fledged 16-bit RPG like FF6 and CT? Indies are making out like bandits with that genre! They have the expertise, the universe, the tried and true mechanisms... They are relatively cheap to produce and test and people who played those games would lap up that stuff like ambrosia.

    Waste of time waste of talent - I am sick of this shit.

    *drops mic*

    I know they're probably whole different divisions or something, but I can't help but feel that SE could get the real Final Fantasy out faster if they stopped regurgitating all this shovelware.

    Forced map travel. Nope.

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