The Lucas Version Of The Force Awakens Trailer Is A Bit More Dense

The Lucas Version Of The Force Awakens Trailer Is A Bit More Dense

Those enamoured with the directorial style of the legendary George Lucas surely noticed the big problem with the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens — not enough stuff. Fixed.

It's not that hard, J.J. Abrams, as YouTuber Michael Shanks readily demonstrates (via Tech Crunch). Just add some crazy creatures, mention trade negotiations and — oh god, it's embarrassing how few Tie Fighters are in this.

Shanks fixed all of those problems in what, two days? Hire this man ironically, then fire him.


    That was fantastic.

    Talented people are talented. And funny.

    Stupid upbringing and genetics and inability to do interesting things.

    thats what the first frame was missing. alien creature butt.

    that lightsaber was lolololol

    Eh, I don't know. I certainly appreciate what they are trying to say about the old Lucasfilm directorial style. Sure. Maybe it's too early on a Monday for me to appreciate this 'comedic' jab. I just don't think it's that great.

    To be fair, I don't remember them even revealing Darth Maul's second blade extending in any of the trailers. It was saved for that fantastic moment in the actual film.

    What I find more comedic, is everyone tearing into the trailer and 'discussing' it in such detail. Which is interesting because the trailer tells you almost nothing. All it's practically saying is 'oh, hey, we're making a star wars movie. She the ships and stuff?' All I think when watching it is 'Yep, it's Star Wars. Cool'.

    EDIT: As per @ashigaru 's post below, I am a fucking moron. Leaving the above here as evidence of such ;-)

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      "To be fair, I don't remember them even revealing Darth Maul's second blade extending in any of the trailers. It was saved for that fantastic moment in the actual film."

        Yeah, OK, fair enough. I couldn't remember for sure, but you are correct.

          I just specifically remembered it because I watched that trailer like 100 times, over and over. It was like Geek Crack for me at the time.

      That double ended light saber being shown in a trailer was my most hated thing about that film. It would have been so much cooler to find out during the film!

      C'mon grumpy man, it was pretty funny, and incredibly well done, especially considering the time-frame.

        *grumble grumble* everyone is wrong but me...... I'll show them! Then they'll see! *grumble grumble*

      that moment in the film when he did unveil the double blade......lovely..... even though the movie was a bit of a turd.

      You've missed the point here. This wasn't taking the piss out of Lucas' directing style. This was all about taking the piss out of the special editions that came out in the mid 90s. The added Dewback riders, the massive boost in the numbers of fighters in a New Hope, just generally adding unnecessary shit to EVERYTHING. Adding Jabba in for a meeting with Han for no good bloody reason :P

        OOOOOOoooooohhhhh..... I totally missed that.... [seriously!]
        It really is a Monday morning. I am fucking dense, lol.

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          HAHAHAHAHA I thought you might have man, I watched it also this morning and actually burst out laughing in bed when the Tie Fighters came in. Totally fucking gold XD

          Someone in a comments section who is big enough to admit they're wrong. Only on Kotaku, people. Let's see that happen on IGN...or any other comments section for that matter. ;)

        Ah. I didn't know there were more changes like the upped number of fighters and stuff. Been too long since I saw any of the movies, let alone the originals (if what I saw first was even the originals).

        Now the video makes more sense :P

          Yeah lots of changes. First movie I remember seeing as a 4 year old was a New Hope so it's embedded in my brain from a young age. Despite this upbringing I'm not a weird Star Wars obsessive. In fact my Dad has never understood my love for it hahaha.

          That's why I'm restoring it from the 35mm originals. Too many friggin changes.

            Man. You're just an endlessly interesting guy, aren't you :P

        Well, they added scenes that were originally left out because at the time, they didn't know just how to actually portray Jabba the Hutt on screen. That scene and others that didn't make it until the re-release (and the blu-ray release) was always in the screenplay. Those dewback riders and the extra ships WERE the original vision. The theatrical release in 1977 was a cut-down version of that vision.

          See I disagree. Just because something gets cut, doesn't mean you HAVE to add it back in later. The Jabba scene seemed too forced. The irony was adding him in AND stepping on his tail later.... It seemed even worse imo. He was never imposing enough in that extra scene compared to everyone begging for their goddamn lives in RotJ. Don't get me wrong, some of the changes are ok, but some are very grating.

          Don't be 'that guy' and take away from what is otherwise a great parody. It's just like South Park taking the piss out of the "re-re-re-release edition" of their first episode :P Just have a chuckle, and move on.

          EDIT: Also Han ALWAYS shot first. You can't deny that.

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            Not gonna argue with ya on that one =P

      I'm going to mod @edenist up for having the courage and integrity to edit his post to admit fault; you don't see that enough online & it should be encouraged!

        Seconding this :D Poor @edenist just had a shitty start to the week. That's ok in my book XD

          Haha thanks, I certainly did. Cheers for the push start! ;-)

        I like being proved wrong when I actually am. As it means from that point onwards, I no longer have to be so! :-)

      Gotta say I thoroughly agree with you. I mean I had a slight chuckle but mostly I was just like "this is really stupid."

        I totally get the point of this video. It's really just highlighting all of the questionable decisions that Lucas has made in relation to the Star Wars films, in particular the 'enhanced' versions of the original trilogy. From the totally unnecessary alien butt at the start, "Han Shooting First" reference, and sleazy aliens just for the hell of it, you do get the sense that all of those things - applied to the trailer - would clearly have been seen as bloat.

      I don't get what you're getting at.

        See my edit, neither did I ;-)

      The double ended lightsaber toy was in the stores way before the movie was out.

    So hilarious, especially the final scene with the TIE Fighters.

    I encourage everyone to check out timtimfed's other videos, they're really good.

    That final scene with all the tie fighters was AWESOME. It made me all pumped up.

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