The Most Memorable PlayStation Games For Japanese Devs

The Most Memorable PlayStation Games for Japanese Devs

Developers play games too. They also have their likes and dislikes. 107 Japanese devs were asked what their most memorable game was out of two decades' worth of the PlayStation library. Here's the top 6.

Japanese gaming mag Dengeki Playstation, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation platform, sent out the questionnaires to 107 Japanese game developers. The top six games boiled down to the following.

The Most Memorable PlayStation Games for Japanese Devs

UPDATE: It has been pointed out that there are 8 titles when the list is indicated as the "top 6." This is due to titles #6 to #8 all getting the same number of votes and thus all tying for the #6 spot.

Once again, people love Final Fantasy VII. Small wonder, considering the influence the game has had. Perhaps more interesting, on the other hand, is that games like Ridge Racer and Parappa the Rapper remain so deeply embedded in developers' minds as to be their most memorable PlayStation game after 20 years.

It will be interesting to see what the next generation of developers answer in another 20 years.

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    That's a lot of PSOne games out of the last 2 decades. It might be a case of rose tinted nostalgia, but the majority of them I look at and think 'you know, those really were fantastic games'. FFVII everyone knows about. Ridge Racer was just brilliant arcadey fun like you don't see anymore and showed the potential of 3D in home consoles. Vagrant Story is still one of my favourite, if not THE favourite game I've ever played.

    I guess it depends when you started gaming though, but for me during my teenage years, that generation was when I was truly being blown away by what games could do. Nowadays it's more of 'shinier graphics in place of innovation'. That generation also really kicked off how much story telling can be important in games. Maybe not Parappa The Rapper for that point...

    So little love for MGS. MGS had very western themes i guess?

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