The New Dragon Ball Z Game Doesn’t Look So Hot

Dragon Ball Xenoverse comes out in a couple of months, and based on the latest trailer from Jump Festa, well…it doesn’t look so great. And you know what? Being the trash fan that I am, I still want to play it.

Such are the woes of fandom. But seriously though. Maybe this trailer is just putting the game in the wrong light? It kind of goes on for way longer than it should. Then again, you could say that about the show.

I’m hopeful that maybe the game will turn out to be good. The story is certainly wild enough that it could be interesting — you’re dealing with time travel, and changing the way big events in the anime/manga went down. At the same time, having that stand-in character magically be there during all these pivotal moments is also silly. I don’t know what to think.


  • Why so much negativity? The Jump Festa Trailer looked great, or do you want more Ultimate Tenkaichi and Battle of Z? You haven’t given any reason to why it looks bad, you seem like you’re just shaming it for no reason and seriously? The trailer is too long….. That’s a reason why the game doesn’t look good?

  • Given the story alone I’m willing to give it a chance. I’ve played through the “original stories” so many times that it’s boring. This is the first time in years that they are doing something different with the story mode.

    As for gameplay, I’m praying for a return to the Raging Blast 2 system. That was probably the closest and most balanced of all the gameplay styles I’ve seen.

    • Technically it’s just stealing the story from the Dragon Ball Online MMO, but that’s just splitting hairs. 😛

      I’m definitely on board for not playing through each saga, doing the exact same thing again, that’s for sure.

  • I think the biggest issue I have with the trailer is it the production quality, titles and info flashes look like powerpoint slide transitions and the voiceover is just plain bad. Other than that it looks ok, story sounds interesting and mase has a point about playing through the story so many times that this could be refreshing, though I would still like the option to play through the story as intended.

    • because that is what they do in the dragonball series, every damn time. Never ever wish for the antagonist to be transported to the core of a nearby sun, always wish for something stupid. I think GT as much as we agree that it isn’t canon is a reflection of this.

      • The thing is though, the dragon has nowhere near the power of any of the villains so that wouldn’t work. Shenron was killed back in the original Dragonball by King Piccolo, that’s how weak the dragon is.

  • Wait, what looks bad about the game? From the trailers and gameplay I’ve watched, this looks like it could be the greatest DBZ game yet. A custom protagonist that you can play through the DBZ universe, a revamped fighting style thats identical to the anime, graphics and animations that seem to fit quite perfectly? I can’t really see a downside other than the cheesy villains that are giving others red eyes.

  • I was so disappointed by Battle of Z. I’d had Budokai 3 on PS2 and that was, to my mind, a perfect representation of what a DBZ game should be. Battle of Z just felt like some random engine that they’d thrown some DBZ skins over 🙁

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