The New King's Quest Makes An Impressive Debut

The New King's Quest Makes An Impressive Debut

The classic adventure game King's Quest is coming back courtesy of indie studio The Odd Gentleman. And... it looks lovely. Take a look at this debut trailer.

The trailer premiered at The Game Awards right after King's Quest creators Roberta and Ken Williams were given an "Icon" award. Though the Williamses are not involved in the new game, Roberta said she was impressed with what she's seen of the new game. It will be out next fall for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Bonus! Here are the Williamses getting their Icon award. A nice moment.


    Yeeeeeah... that trailer pretty much blew me away. I remember playing KQ1 on a monochrome monitor back around 1988 or so. It blew me away. I loved it. I still do. I can't wait to play this.

      :) Mate of mine is working on this! He's been keeping it under wraps for a while, but one the game awards came around, he was finally allowed to say what he was working on! :) So looking forward to seeing what comes of all this!

    Looks awesome. Man I'd love it if they did a QFG remake of this calibre.

      Not a remake.

      Made by some of the original team that worked on QfG

        Thanks for the link. I backed this one on Kickstarter.

        Not too sure if it's going to be what I'm after though. Plus they have just said it's going to be another year in development!

          Was going to say the same thing. Was always much more of a fan of QFG than King's Quest. Al legit sequel or remake would be great. I am skeptical about Hero-U.

      Shadows of Darkness was the only I never got to finish due to my glitchy computer. Would be nice to see an upgrade to this.

        The Originals on sale
        Fan "Remake" of QFG 2

    Maybe it's just me, but I'll definitely miss this being a point & click game over a movement based game. But it does look fantastic. :)

    It probably wasn't your computer. There was a game ending bug on the Windows version when you fought the Wraith in the swamp ... I know I got stuck there until the QFG collection came out with a patch! Oh the pre-internet days ...

    This looks nothing like an adventure game to me... Looks more like a new Dragon's Lair than a new King's Quest. Very pretty, but not very puzzley.

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