The Not-Particularly-Secret Origin Of Homestar Runner

From children's book to web series to Telltale adventure game to a four-year stint as an incredibly quiet thing, Homestar Runner was one of the first really important things on the internet. Where did it come from? Atlanta, of course.

Specifically Dunwoody, Georgia, where series creators Mike and Mark Chapman (the Brothers Chaps) attended school with my little sister. This is important, as it was a major factor in my getting an interview with the pair back in 2008. Only about half of the questions were "So how's your sister?"

Six years later, is slowly returning after a four-year hiatus more-or-less explained in the video above. In case you have no idea who Homestar Runner, Strong Bad or The Cheat are, now is a very good time to hit up the website and watch everything. Every single thing. I envy you the experience.


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