The PlayStation Turns 20 Years Old Today

The PlayStation Is Twenty Years Old Today

Has it been that long? Yes, it has. Today, the PlayStation turns 20 years old in Japan.

The PlayStation went on sale in Japan on December 3, 1994. It wasn't released in North America and Europe until September 1995. That really seems like a million years ago. In video game time, it is.

On the Japanese PlayStation Twitter account, a handful of images have been uploaded that show how graphics have changed by comparing PlayStation titles with current, um, game art.

The PlayStation Is Twenty Years Old Today
The PlayStation Is Twenty Years Old Today
The PlayStation Is Twenty Years Old Today
The PlayStation Is Twenty Years Old Today

While not all these current games are necessarily exclusives, it's interesting to see how far we've come in two decades. Can't wait for the 40th anniversary comparisons.

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    They should have announced HD remakes of some psone classics today. Missed opportunity to get me to go out and buy a ps4.

    Oh how I loved that little grey box. Tomb Raider especially blew me away at the time. Unprecedented movement abilities, remarkable level design and those wide open spaces. It was truly an amazing time to be a gamer.

    Oh those were the days.

    My first Playstation was from the USA from my uncle, so All i had for two years was Raiden I & II, air combat, cyberspeed, and Wipeout.

    Raiden I & II were awesome shooters, and I lost count of the hours I put in. Ace combat was the first arcade flight sim I ever had so the atrocious pop up didnt put me off.

    Cyberspeed..... was cringeworthy. Wipeout was something else. The soundtrack was insanely good, and the first track had a dip that gave you a sense of vertigo.

    Then the renaissance years! gran turismo, Street fighter alpha, Mortal Kombat 4, Syphon Filter, G police, Metal Gear, not to mention Wild Arms and the FF series.

    Ace Combat 2. Nuff said...

    Still one of the great air combat games to this day!

      My GOD that game was amazing fun. How satisfying was it going through ALL the missions, doing so many different types of engagements and then that final level in the big missile silo. Phwoar.

      3 got wierd, but still enjoyable. 2 was the sweet spot for sure. 5 was the last good one

        Totally agree that 3 got weird. It got kinda weird/nowhere near as good from 3 onwards...

    And my age just walked up and smacked me right in the face!

    Thanks for that Thursday pick me up Kotaku :(

      Awwww *hugs* Don't worry alien. In another 40 or so years it'll all be over :P

    Might have to plug in the old grey box and Tomb Raid for nostalgia!

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