The Scariest Thing About Alien: Isolation? How It Can Ruin A Marriage.

The Scariest Thing About Alien: Isolation? How It Can Ruin a Marriage.

There are good times to play scary video games and there are bad times to play scary video games. Doing the latter can mean you're sleeping on the couch. If you're lucky.

The latest video from the folks at Good Game focuses on the horrific effects that Alien: Isolation has on one married couple. I'd argue that the dread that comes from waiting for a spouse's revenge is far worse than any sequence in a horror game. You can walk away from a console. The person you live with? Not so much.


    That dude was seriously pushing his luck. In real life his console would have probably found itself in pieces outside in the middle of the road after the second or third screaming incident. That's why I take especial care not to piss off my wife when I'm playing video games, even if her anger is not caused by the fact I'm playing video games, because there is a risk she will link her revenge to them in some way.

    I have a hard time prying mine away so I can get a turn =/

      Dude, its just a mask, go play Xbox or something instead.

    The alien tracker thing (you can tell I've watched the movies) was cool.

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