The Shape Up Xbox One Challenge: Week Three

We're currently in the third week of our Shape Up Xbox One Challenge and things are starting to heat up. Last night, Chris and Mark took some time out from the Quest Mode to battle each other in the game's grueling push-up challenge. Here is the video.

Shape Up is a new Xbox One fitness game that attempts to provide a full gym-style workout within a fun gaming experience. It uses the Kinect motion sensor to accurately track your movements as you jump, squat and flail your way through various exercise challenges. The game covers cardio and strength training and can also be used to concentrate on specific muscles.

After spending a few weeks with the Quest mode, we decided it was time to test out mettle in a head=to-head battle. In one corner is the fanatical climbing Scotsman Mark Serrels; a man who can lift his body weight with his fingers. In the other corner is the noted soft drink guzzler and fast food ravager Chris Jager; a man who just ate half a pizza for dinner. Let's see who wins.


    ALLLLLLL the way down Mark. Front has to go down too! :)

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      Mark's been playing Kinect Missionary Position: The Game. Switched to a new game and forgot the controls.

      easily the worst push-ups I have seen in a long time.

    only half a pizza....light weight.

      Depends on the pizza.


      Yeah, I pretty much eat a whole one if I buy a pizza, which is why I don't buy pizza anymore. Lost 6 kgs in 3 weeks, 6 more to go and I'm back to my fighting weight.

        me too, I usually eat a whole pizza to myself at LAN's....its the only time i get pizza, but we xbox one LAN about once a month.

      If you look closely you'll notice there are two types of pizza in the box: that's because there were two whole pizzas. I also downed half a Chicken Scallopini.

        That sounds more like a meal!

    You call that a push-up Serrels? I think you would have to halve that total for those nancy-psuedo-pushups.

      It's totally a push-up. You're just unfamiliar with the Scottish "Hump-The-Floor" technique.

    I’m just going to make another comment to give Mark a hard time over those piss poor push-ups ;)

    On a side note, I'm happy that the living rooms of other people with small children looks exactly the same as mine does.

      Except twice as clean as mine.

    Umm... Chest to floor and back up = 1 push up, Mark didn't do any!


      For a while, it almost looks like you're using more of your shoulders than your arms!

      I was surprised that the Kinect actually picked up Chris' movements given his space was so small.

      Lol well you don't like it when people cheat in other video games do you?

      True, but you weren't doing push-ups, so no-one is saying you were doing them wrong, we are just wondering what it was that you *were* doing...

      I dunno, people who claim to do push-ups while doing anything but are probably pretty close :P

      Disclaimer: Would die after about ten push-ups. Fifteen, absolute tops. Even just those "push-ups".

    I've seen fat old people do better push ups. All you did was move your hips down and shrug your shoulders.

    I was sort of hoping the Kinect would continue trolling Mark by not recognising his pushups.

    You're a dirty half repper. Nice Bubba mat though. Remember when your lounge room used to look like a place for sophisticated adults. Mine now looks like a set from Play School.

    On a serious note though, how are you finding the 'motivational' side of the game? Does it keep you wanting to come back and get into a workout, or not really?

    Your biceps should be at least reaching the horizontal plane, otherwise your effectively doing micro-pushups which can be good for doing highspeed intensity pushups, has its own benefits. But for comparison sakes you should be committed to doing it the same as each other.

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