The Time They Thought Pokémon Was Satanic

Summoning monsters to do your bidding, recording their names in strange electronic tomes, holding millions of children in its thrall — is it any wonder this Christian community thought Satan might have had something to do with Pokémon's popularity?

The latest Did You Know Gaming explores the many times pocket monsters and religion clashed, and it's quite a few times, really. When an entertainment property becomes as big as Pokémon was around the turn of the millennium, religion zealots tend to keep an eye out for signs that everything might not be on the up-and-up.

With correlations to ancient texts on demonology and creatures pulled from "Pagan" religions, this Christian community was concerned about what Pokémon might do to its children. They even began to believe the "Gotta Catch'Em All" theme song from the show said "I Love You Satan" when played backwards.

Eventually the Vatican weighed in, declaring the games free of "harmful moral side effects." It's highly likely the Vatican's research did not include searching "Pikachu Porn" on Google. DO NOT DO THAT.

It wasn't just these Christians either. Check out the video to see how Pokémon was accused of being both anti-Semitic and part of a "Jewish conspiracy."


    I went to a Christian high school which LOVED to ban things. The librarian took Harry Potter out of the library and was quoted in the local paper (relatively small regional area) saying that children didn't need a 'book of spells' while they were learning about Jesus.

    Pokemon was the next thing to be banned for these reasons. Summoning 'demons' to do your bidding was considered ungodly.

    I was forced to play my copy of Pokemon Yellow on my purple Gameboy Color in secret, stashing it in my pencilcase whenever a teacher came close.

    Good times.

      Funny you say that Luke, in my case the Ninja Turtles were what triggered my abandoning religion completely.

      I used to belong to a Salvation Army boy's youth group when I was younger. I went to church on Sunday, read the bible on occasions and whilst I wasn't massively devout (nor were my family), I had a healthy belief in the man above.

      The leader of said Youth group was one of *those* christians - the "denounce everything as evil and a slight against the lord" type that you see frequently attached to the above sort of video or carrying placards outside Women's clinics. Heck, he even thought nudity was a one-way ticket to hell!

      The day he tossed my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into his car boot and proceeded to rant at me about how they were the devil incarnate, and that "Cowabunga" was Satan speaking.. well, 12 year old me was more than a bit shaken, especially since I'd not seen Michelangelo fornicating with any goats, or Leo sacrificing babies.

      Needless to say, church got dropped hard and I've never, ever looked back.

      We got Pokemon banned because it would cause to many fights with kids not accepting their lost and having to trade their pokemon. Sooooo many fights. Good times really.

    This religious ban on pokemon is especially bad in the middle east ( mad Islamic preachers saying that it is bad) & southern usa (where they make up the mad preachers stuck in the middle ages), good luck trying to get any sci fi & fantasy stuff in the lands where there are ned flanders on every street

    I went to a Christian school and read all the Harry Potter books that were released at the time (I think 4?) from the school library. They also had no problems with Pokemon either.

    There was only one guy I ever met who was against it for reasons like the ones stated above. He was a friend of my parents but they pretty much ignored what he said. My brother and I both had a few games and my two younger brothers played the card game.

      Yeah, I went to a Catholic school and they never seemed to have any issues with what people read or whatever. Although, now that I think about it - they didn't mind me reading Stephen King and other similar kinds of horror literature, but they didn't really have much of their own in the school library, either :P

        I went to one school for a year that didn't carry a certain book because there was a sex scene in it. It was young adult lit.
        Funny thing was, we read Tomorrow When the War Began as the book we studied in English that year. The book they didn't carry was the sequel.

    Religion is really dramatic, I'm not a atheist i believe god exists but turning certain symbols and deeming than satanic? That is when i give up on religion, when it sparks wars and can change the ideals of a government and warmonger? Are deemed a satanist then?

    I Love alot of non/multi-god religion because it represents different ideals in the world. A God of war, love and peace? Instead of a god with no accurate motive. This is why i love roman/greek and Hindu culture so vast with there ideals, but trodden on by Christians, Jewish people and Muslims because there is only "One True God" i think God is what you make of it.

    All the yellow pokemon are satanic and only the yellow pokemon are satanic

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