This Indie Jurassic Park Game Looks Awesome

The history books are lousy with Jurassic Park games. Some have been good, others not so much, but a new dino game in development looks like it's headed straight for the awesome column. It's called Jurassic Park: Aftermath, and it looks freaking gorgeous.

Aftermath is a one-man indie currently being developed in CryEngine3 for PC. Personally I think it looks gorgeous.

As a lover of both the novels and films in the Jurassic Park universe, I think the way the developer has faithfully recreated scenes like the helipad, visitor centre and raptor pen is awesome. He's nailed it right down to the design of the "High Voltage" fence signage!

When the developer posted the new screenshots on Reddit yesterday, a commenter called him out saying it looked a bit average. The developer replied that polish comes from resources, and he's a one-man band on this project. He's certainly further along than I would ever be with such a project, so props to him. Of course, not everything always goes to plan...

Jurassic Park: Aftermath doesn't have a release date at this stage, so we'll just have to sit on our hands and wait for more pretty to emerge. Check out the below screenshots to see what I mean.

On top of the awesome new screenshots, the developer also gave the park a Christmas makeover for a new demo.

JP: Aftermath - Happy christmas - Indie DB

[Jurassic Park: Aftermath]


    Now this would be awesome with a full team working on it. If this was done by one person, you could only imagine how much better it would be with multiple people.

    If I have learned anything from "The Stomping Land" it is 'don't trust a dinosaur game, it will end in tears'.

      Yep, this. I'm cautiously optimistic.

        if there was a dino game like Alien: Isolation but better, i'd be very interested

    I want the dinosaur genre to return. A new dino crisis going back to it's roots would be awesome

      I want a real DC3, 2 left me hanging!

    Was that official Jurassic Park adventure game any good? I remember it looking really good but it just flew under my radar when it launched.

      If you mean the one on Sega Mega Drive then yes it was freaking amazing and completely maddening at the same time. It was a game without save points IIRC which meant not turning off your system and trying to hide the fact you'd left it on from your power-conscious parents.

        Nah, Telltale made a Jurassic Park game I want to say three years ago. It was episodic and looked reasonably faithful to the first movie. I get the impression that since it was before that hot streak Telltale had that legitimised that sort of game/episodic content it just failed to find an audience.

          Most people hate it, but there's a few if us who thought it was fun.

          Think Walking Dead minus the choice.

            The Walking Dead, man. That game HURT me. I need more.

        Mega Drive had a game other than the 2D platformer?

        That was my fave.

        Last edited 30/12/14 9:41 am

    this needs to be in there before i'll commit to a purchase....

    Looks great, especially for a one man team.

    One question though... He does have permission to use Jurassic Park resources (name, logo, etc) right?

    If he doesn't, I can foresee takedown notices in the future.

      Yeah that'll be the thing that puts a stop to this more likely then anything

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