This Is What Mark Serrels Losing At Crossy Road Looks Like

Kotaku Australia editor Mark Serrels is the most competitive man I have ever met. So when I realised that I would be able to film him playing Crossy Road — a game where everyone dies quickly — I knew I had to capture the moment to share with Kotaku readers.

To be fair to Mark: this was at a media event to celebrate the launch of Crossy Road on Android, and the most successful journalist would be given $2000 to donate to the charity of their choice. Mark beat every other writer in the room — the only person who did better was the game's co-creator Matthew Hall.

So there's no shame in (ultimately) losing, but will that stop Mark groaning with despair? Will it bollocks.


    I haven't even watched the video yet but in my head it's the most glorious Scottish rant full of swears I've never heard

      Upvote for the post AND glorious Simpsons reference as your username!

    Well at least he won. Out of curiosity, which charity did he choose?

      According to Twitter, the Smith Family.

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        good choice Serrels. well done.

    The other journos must not be much chop if Mark won with that score.

      We had already been eliminated in previous sudden-death rounds. Though with that said, I am utter rubbish and was the first one out with a grand total of 65.

      I got 337 in the journo elimination round, but bottled it against the final boss (co-creator of the game).

    I would actually pay to watch Mark do a play-through of Super Meat Boy.

    Can we get this on Kickstarter?

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