This Might Be The Best (Or Worst) Way To Watch Anime

This Might Be the Best (or Worst) Way To Watch Anime

Life is short. There's lots of anime to watch. Why not do it all at once like Twitter user Miz_hi?

Picture: Miz_hi

As pointed out by Togech, Miz_hi tweeted, "In the least amount of time possible, I wanted to watch the current season's anime." By using 10 displays, and running two shows on six of them, Miz_hi was able to watch 16 anime at once. Which is something like this:

This Might Be the Best (or Worst) Way To Watch Anime

Picture: みづきひかり

Or actually, you can watch one show, if you like.

This Might Be the Best (or Worst) Way To Watch Anime

Picture: miz_hi

This season, there has been more anime to watch. Know what that calls for? More monitors.

これが人類の限界なのか……!! [Togech] できるだけ時間をかけずに今期のアニメをたくさん見たかった [Twitter]


    I tried that with porn once . Then I lost the ability to talk to women...

    how would you actually take in what going on in a particular episode, not to mentions all the spoilers you would see.


      some people are just wired up differently, a friend of mine can successfully watch 3-4 shows while playing his game boy and catch everything that happens, but me... i lose track of my car keys on an hourly basis

        I can usually play a game and watch something at the same time. Although I did stop watching subbed anime because subtitles distract me from actually watching the show.

        No he can't. Anyone that says they can text/watch or game/watch at same time is in denial. Humans are incapable of giving their full attention to a movie and remain functioning for other things.

        That's why texting and driving is so damn dangerous.

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