This Sure Seems Like Fez With JRPG Elements

This Sure Seems Like Fez with JRPG Elements

Japanese social game maker Gloops just announced a new role-playing game with a very familiar bit. It's not clear if the game makers were influenced by Fez, but the stages and the 2.5 gameplay mechanic certainly scream Fez, namely in how it's used to find doors and items. Even some of the art style in certain sections looks somewhat similar to Fez. Maybe this game is a little too similar?

Dubbed Gururin Quest ("guru guru" means to turn around), the game goes into beta testing for Android this month.

プロモーションムービー [YouTube — Thanks JD!]


    Fez With JRPG Elements

    Is... is this feeling what drug addicts feel when they get a hit?

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