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Looks like the rush is over. We''re back to weird games I've never heard of and the usual onslaught of indie games on Steam. Also — new Amiibos. Seriously — how many games get released on Steam each week?

So many...

BasketBelle (PC)

What Is It? A 2D platformer where you play as a basketballer doing basketball things. Should You Care? 2D platformers are ten-a-penny on Steam, but this looks super unique.

Bliss (PC)

What Is It? A 2D platformer with a "heavy story about life" apparent. Should You Care? Nah, I can't see this being any good at all. Even the game's description put me off.

Cargo (PC)

What Is It? A sci-fi horror game. I almost didn't include this, but thought it might be cool to feature a Steam game that wasn't a 2D platformer. Should You Care? This looks pretty scary. I like scary games.


What Is It? It's a 2D platform/puzzler. So far so generic but... Should You Care? It has a 'chalk art' aesthetic. Wow. I've never heard of that in a video game. That's pretty cool. Also, it's reviewed really well.

Frontline : Longest Day (PC)

What Is It? A World War II strategy game. Looks like a cross between Company of Heroes and old school Civilization. Should You Care? Has a real board game feel. Not for everyone, but I think this will find an audience.

I, Zombie (PC)

What Is It? A super simple zombie game where you play the zombie. It's your job to infect everyone. Should You Care? It's top down, seems basic but ridiculously compelling. People seem to love this game.

Juju (PC)

What Is It? Yet another 2D platformer, but this one appears to be aimed at kids. Should You Care? It actually looks supremely polished. Has a bit of the Donkey Kong Country about it, which is totally a good thing.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What Is It? The sequel to that quirky game Guardian of Light. That was good. Should You Care? The last one was super great, I expect something similar here. It's a cool formula.

Motorcycle Club

What Is It? It's a game about motorbikes. (I actually know next to nothing about this. Where did this come from?) Should You Care? The less I've heard about a game, the more I tend to be a bit cynical about it. But I sincerely can't judge this one.

The Talos Principle (PC) What Is It? A first person puzzle game by the writer of FTL and the Swapper. Should You Care? I think this looks great. Thinking of buying it myself.


What Is It? Another bloody 2D platformer. Kill me. Should You Care? Actually this looks quite original. Has a cool switch mechanic and plays at a super high pace.


    Already pre-bought Lara Croft atToO on Steam, so I think it'll just be Amiibo's for me this week.

    Bundlestars have a neat bundle including the Runaway and Broken Sword series so when I'm not able to Xbone it up I'll be pointing and clicking my way through the week ^_^

    Oh man, more Amiibos?

    What day do they come out?

      Friday the 12th.

        Dammit. Why not Saturday! I don't wanna miss out :P

        Any idea on who's got them for how much? It'd be nice if Target were still doing $14 for them.

          they had them in their catalogue for $14 and showed the new ones. they also had GTA V still in their catalogue, so it probably is all wrong.

    The Talos Principle looks decent, i played the public test and i liked it, GMG has got a discount for it for $35 but couple that with the 20% off code you get it at $28.

    I thought that Croteam were making Serious Sam 4, they had a humble bundle sometime last year saying that all funds that were to go to the developer were going on SS4 but instead we get Portal for philosophers. ;)

    I wonder if Cargo has any ties to the movie of the same name. The "Sci-fi horror" theme is consistent.

    Hrm. I, Zombie, eh?

    I kinda wanna play Stubbs again. I really liked the soundtrack to that one...

    Woo AMiibo's.
    The only thing I care for is the new Tomb Raider but part of me feels like giving it a miss as a middle finger over the Xbox deal.

    Thank goodness for Dragon Age. It'll keep me going for a couple months hopefully until something really good comes out.

    Dokuro is the same game that came out on the Vita about 2 years ago, right?

      Not sure as Mark didn't put a platform after it, but I'm assuming it is for iOS and Android, in which case the release was last week, not this week. Same game. And a good game! Got my platinum trophy for it and all :-)

    Lara Croft is tempting. Loved the first game.

    I should have my copy of Captain Toad tomorrow. Excite!

    Yeah we won't be getting Xeodrifter for some time.

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