This Week In Games: People Are Still Releasing Video Games?

You thought no new video games would come out this week. You thought your wallet was safe. You were wrong!

(Nah, you were right — most of these games are terrible. Except Marvin's Mittens. That looks cool.)

bit Dungeon II (PC)

What is it? A 2D, top-down rogue-like inspired by Zelda, Dark Souls and Diablo. Should you care? Seems like there are so many other games like this. Hard to recommend this one specifically.

Clash of Puppets (PC)

What is it? This is like a b-movie-style hack and slash game with the aesthetic of Animal Crossing. Should you care? It looks alright. It really is slim pickings this week.


What is it? Ah look, it's King of Fighters. Great game, but you know the drill. Should you care? Man, the length of this name and the fact it's in all caps really offends me. So I can't give this my seal of approval. If you're a fan of the series that won't matter!


What is it? A side-scrolling RPG set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where your decisions are permanent. Should you care? This sounds pretty fascinating, but I feel as though I don't know enough about it.

Marvin's Mittens (PC)

What is it? This is an inspiring little game in which you cannot die. It's about having an adventure. I really want to play this. Should you care? It looks gorgeous. It seems interesting. Might be the game to buy this week if you desperately need to buy something.

Motorcycle Club (PS4)

What is it? Wasn't this supposed to come out last week? I'm sure I featured this last week. Never mind. Should you care? Nah, probably not.

Rime Berta

What is it? A tactical combat RPG style thing. Should you care? This has major typos in the actual trailer for the game, like in-game typos. Seems a bit naff.

Buying anything? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below.


    I think what will get our wallets instead is another Steam sale's meant to start on the 18th in the US!

    Guilty Gear Xrd this week! Well... the shipment on LEs has been delayed so I'll be waiting a while yet ;)

      Oh man, if I had've known there was going to be a collector's edition, I would've grabbed a PS4 copy early (don't have a PS4 yet, but will soon).

        You can still put in an import order at amazon. Release date pushed back to Dec 23 for the LE as well :(

          Man, you are a lifesaver! I've just put in an order for myself. Sorry about the delay, but I'll likely have my PS4 in early January at the latest if you'd like some matches (PSN: AshuraMGS3SUB)?

    the length of this name and the fact it’s in all caps really offends me. So I can’t give this my seal of approval.

    Game reviewing at it's finest :)

    The only game I've bought this christmas-ish season is Lego Batman 3, no other releases seem to interest me. It's a dud year for me compared to previous years where I'm almost scheduling time to play through each game.

      How is lego Batman? I've been debating whether to grab that one.

      I also agree though, this year's been a bit dull.

        It's a pretty standard Lego game, as funny as usual but I was disappointed that there's no open world like Lego Batman 2 or Marvel.

    LISA is one that I backed on Kickstarter. Played a few hours of the pre-Steam release, really enjoyed it. Also there's an NPC of "me" somewhere, so I have to go find him.

    I keep thinking that this year has been quite a let down in terms of games for me, but then there are games which have garnered good press that I've missed - Shadow of Mordor comes to mind. But despite knowing this, I can't shake the feeling of antipathy when I think about gaming in 2014. If you ask me, what were the highlights this year... I can't really think of any.

    Destiny was a big let down for me - solid base mechanics dragged down by a story that felt as thin as graphene but simultaneously as bloated as the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

    CoD: Advanced Warfare - didn't even bother this year. Might give this a go later down the track, but so far, I'm not sold.

    Wolfenstein: The New Order - this was genuinely decent, but sadly sits in my pile of shame.

    2 things I have enjoyed in gaming this year have been online multiplayer in Diablo 3 (which arguably doesn't belong in 2014, save for the expansion) and co-op in Far Cry 4. But FC4 really doesn't feel like anything special. The madness that it allows me to do with my friends does feel special, but the game itself? The driving, shooting, stealthing are all competent, but ultimately feel quite empty when done solo.

    And that's pretty much it for 2014 for me. Am I the only one that feels this way? Is it just me getting older and pining for the days of old when games used to really captivate me in ways that they can't now that I'm an adult? Or are the games this year really as bad as I think they are?

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