Try Playing Fallout As The Doctor

Try Playing Fallout As The Doctor

You don't always have to wander the wastelands as a grizzled survivor of a post-apocalyptic hellscape. Sometimes you can play as a smartly dressed, time-travelling British gentleman instead.

First things first: this isn't a mod. It's a guide to role-playing Fallout: New Vegas as a character (and player) matching the Doctor, so aside from advice on picking up a suit and glasses ASAP, this is about stats and playstyle, not a texture swap.

But it's a pretty cool guide. Basically you're picking your stats to best reflect the approach the Doctor would take when confronted with New Vegas. This means lots of talking and no killing: get through to the end of the game with these stats and you'll be able to talk your way to the credits.

You are now equipped to lockpick, charm, and hack your way to getting to 100 speech, 100 science, 100 lockpick, and 100 medicine. You'll have to let Benny betray you and run away with the chip, but you can sprint past the army of death robots awaiting you beneath Caesar's camp (indeed, this is my favourite part of the game if you've got I Am The Doctor blaring out of your speakers).

You can, and will, defeat the endboss through conversation.

UPDATE: Of course there's a mod as well. Of course.

Fallout New Vegas Doctor Who Run [No Wrong Way To Play, via Super Punch]


    That is how I play.
    I'm terrible with a gun

    ...I want to do this now.
    So badly.

    Hmm... I wonder if I can play Skyrim like this, too?
    Nope. Have to kill dragons. The doctor would love dragons. There goes that idea.

      Let companions kill them and then make them leave your company for killing something the Doctor just said "You are beautiful" to

    I'd much rather deck myself out like the 7th Doctor or failing that the 9th Doctor :D

    OK, I am totally doing this after I've caught up on all my other games.
    I've been wanting to play Fallout:NV for ages and have even owned it for over a year. Just had other things to do before it. Now it's moved up my list since I have a themed run to try out.

    You know, I've never played the Fallout games. This could get me to do it

    This has got me musing on other games you could play as the Doctor, but I can't really think of any other games that allow a pacifist run that aren't very protagonist character focussed. Fallout gives you a nice blank slate to build your own character, what other games give you that freedom of character PLUS pacifism options?

    Reminds me of that one time in Monkey Island when I bought a Rubber Chicken to a sword fight.

    Dude, this is the best way to play a game, plus playing it non lethally whilst wearing a suit, whilst using da pointing finger of doom, is a good way to reduce your potential body count, thus reducing the nightmares of killing someone

    The Doctor knows venusian kung fu, melee 100.

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