Twenty Years Of PlayStation History The Most Delightful Way Possible

Video: Shown during the PlayStation Experience keynote presentation, this LittleBigPlanet tribute to two decades of PlayStation games makes me wish every game had an official sack counterpart.

It also makes me wonder what LittleBigPlanet would have looked like had it debuted with the PSone instead of the PlayStation 3. I'm picturing far fewer expressions, no individual thumbs and some basic brown polygons with a zipper texture pasted on. We've come a long way, baby.


    So many good memories of wipeout in lan at a friends house on the playstation, "What is this noodle thing" the rap-fu is strong in this one; Sweet tooth; that chime that still sends chills down my spine..

    Don't mind me just drowning in great memories right now :D

    that was cute. missed opportunity to have that amazing PS1 boot sound. SMH Sony :P

    I watched this a few times yesterday; such a charming and lovely way to celebrate 20 years, and a great way to showcase what LBP is capable of.

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