Watch Street Fighter V Played Live For The First Time

Watch Street Fighter V Played Live For The First Time

Capcom capped off today's Capcom Cup finals with a live demonstration of the recently-announced Street Fighter V. Who'll wind up with a head full of noodles? Watch and see.

It's the same two characters on the same stage we saw during the game's reveal last weekend, but now there's real hands making Chun-Li and Ryu do their thing. I love the commentators trying to keep up with a game that's familiar yet different enough that they have got no idea what to expect. Listen to them figure out the game's Revenge meter in real time.

The live demo was followed up with an extended version of last week's trailer, revealing the next character to join the roster, the blond and bespectacled Charlie.


    I honest hope this isn't just another version of SF 2, with all the same characters all over again.

    The series really needs to move on, like it did with SF3 (& all it's various versions) & bring new characters to the plate.

    fuck nostalgia.
    I want invention!

      I absolutely love Street Fighter 3 (it's definitely my favourite in the series), but it also did a fantastic job of alienating casual fans from the series, and the series just can't last without those fans. Not only was parrying a difficult prospect for most to wrap their head around, but it was the lack of recognisable characters that made people give it a pass. And while some of Street Fighter 3's characters were interesting and unique (Oro, Alex, Q, Dudley, Elena, etc.), others (like Necro and Remy) just stole moves from previous characters and called it a day.

      The other thing to remember that what we've seen is supposedly from a super early build, and we're already seeing things new to the main Street Fighter series. We've got the elemental activation mode, an ability that appears to be similar to King of Fighters' Just Defend and characters having differently sized EX bars (although granted, SF3 did this based upon what Super you chose) and stage transitions (although these appear to be purely cosmetic). Also, no Focus Attack, which was 'the great equaliser' between the hardcore and casual players in SFIV.

      Long story short, let's give them a chance to innovate before we accuse them of not doing so.

    I gotta say, if I want something new I'll play a different fighting game. I never got into SF3.
    I still play variants of SFII and they're well different to SFIV while remaining very much Street Fighter.

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