What Are You Playing This Weekend

What are you playing at the moment? I fancy that I might continue my (slow, always slow) trek through Dragon Age: Inquisition. Or now that the Xbox One has fixed all its updating problems, I might try and get a game in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. I can dream right?

It's such a shame what happened to that game, actually. I can't think of an experience I was more hyped to have — drifting from different Halo game to Halo game, playing all the different maps, all the maps I know so well. It seemed like a real dream come true. I hope 343 Industries can get it all working as it was initially advertised — but I hope it's not all too little too late. What a dream package that game is. It deserves to be unleashed in its perfect form.

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?


    I will also be trudging through Dragon Age. Might also do a bit of FC4, or continue up some old vita games I've been neglecting, like Bullet Girls and Freedom Wars.

    I have booted the missus out for the weekend, so I will be picking up a few brewskies and playing COD and destiny with a mate in a gaming marathon

    Mother 3.

    EDIT: Also watching the Video Game Awards tomorrow afternoon!

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      Keep a tissue box nearby :(

        everyone keeps saying that! :P

    I finished off the main game in LEGO Batman 3 before work. Probably going to do the DLC for that when I get home, then Smash Bros and maybe continuing where I left off on Persona 4 for the Vita.

    Having friends over this weekend so I'll probably be playing Diablo III or Worms Battlegrounds in a bid to not have one person monopolising the Xbox while everyone sits around watching and talking which is what happened last time I had friends over. I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad thing as long as everyone's having a good time, but I feel like I'm not hosting right.

      If there's going to be at least 5 people, go grab yourself a copy of Resistance: Avalon. Trust me, there's a lot of fun to be had with the constant bickering and accusations.

        Only four of us, sadly, but I have been on the lookout for more board games. I'm a bit overwhelmed by choice so I'm trying to ease into it by sticking with the more familiar - I want to get one of the Game of Thrones ones but I don't know which the good one is, any idea?

          There's only really two (the board game and the living card game) and they're both good.

          You probably want the board game though. It's a territory control which is really highly praised. The LCG is about to be rebooted so right now is the worst possible time to get into it (and it's only for two players head to head).

          That being said, it's a fairly heavy game. It might be a familiar concept but the game itself might be a little overwhelming if you haven't really put much time into this style of game before. Not only that, it's a Fantasy Flight game. So it's going to be hard to learn.

          Risk Legacy might be a better idea if you can convince everyone to play regularly.

          Pick up a copy of coup of you can. Plenty of bickering for four players

    I picked up the South Park RPG from that Steam mini-sale. It's alright and I've made it through to the second day so far.

    On the other hand, maybe I'll try playing some Agricola online... or try my hand at a solo game. Because everyone knows that board games are so fun that they're still fun when you're playing with yourself.

      How good is Stick of Truth!

      I was so scared that they were going to mess it up, but it turned out to be one of the funniest games I've ever played.

      I need to finish Stick of Truth. I started last weekend and I'm on the third day at the moment but I've not had any time to play this week.

    Might restart Dragon Age: Inquisition because I cant stand to look at my ugly Elf standing amongst attractive characters.
    Some people are over tomorrow which means we break out the Wii U and play some Mario Kart, Nintendoland and Super Mario 3D World.

      I fucked up when recreating my Hawke, I can't stand to look at her but I don't have any recent enough saves before that to redo her.

        I was really proud of my Shepherd until my wife told me he looked like a chimpanzee.

          Now I really want to play Mass Effect with an all ape cast.

          Oh my god, my Shepards always looked half decent in the character creator and then a hot mess in the game. I was surprised my Inquisitor didn't look like a dropped pie, but my Hawke has proved that was a fluke.

    DA:I, FC4 and Lego Batman 3.

    Also, all the talk of GTA5 has made me keen to play it again so might pick it up after work tomorrow morning.

    I won't be playing the MCC because I have an unfathomable hate for 343i! Why am I so mad at them? >:

    I'm actually doing something I've never done in previous games. I'm going through new game plus in Borderlands Pre-Sequel. I guess I just find the overall design much better then the two previous games.

    I might tap more into DA:I (only done the intro... kinda) or Alien: Isolation (Only just met the alien).

    Of course, more work on a project I should have done 2 months ago.


    For those who don't know, if you log in before December 8th you get a free Arena entry as a promotion for the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion. Arena now has the Goblins vs Gnomes cards available ahead of the official release of the expansion, which is very likely to launch next week. Rumour has it that everyone will get 3 free GvG card packs when it launches too. Get on it!

    Side quests in Dragon Age, playing through the first halo on the MCC, end game of pokemon omega ruby and I might possibly start on mordor if I get bored of those.

    DA:I - gonna restart as a rogue archer and try to solo it on nightmare diff, get my arse handed to me and load up my OP mage for some self satisfaction.
    Oh...and do some of the work project that's due on next friday, not too much though. Got a whole week after all!!

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    Not much gaming time this weekend but I'll try and fit in some smash and prolly Pokemon too.

    Still Far Cry 4 and PES 2015, and looks to remain that way for the forseeable future.

    Although the latest PS+ offerings landed this week, so I might take a look at Injustice: Gods Among Us and Secret Ponchos, too.

    I'm playing "donate to wikipedia" as it has settled many a game fueled argument, and then probably downloading the Zen Pinball humble bundle and getting the Virtual Pin cabinet finished.

    Still powering through FC4, but also, just like every day pretty much, Kerbal Space Program... lots of it...

    My brother is currently driving 8hrs to hang out with me this weekend before I move to Aus in 2 weeks, might plug the Ps4 in and finally start The Last of Us Remastered.

    Omega Ruby hopefully I can get some online battles in.

    Probably just going to leisurely plough through some PvP on WoW, and when not doing that - continue my Purkermen AS playthrough, and the horrific chore of trading my 'mon from my US copy of X one at a time.

    Also debating a fresh playthrough of P3P and P4G since I picked up Persona Q this week. That and multiple Final Fantasy playthroughs - those FF marathons on Twitch have got me inspired.

      Make sure you use mystery gift in Alpha to get a shiny beldum and mega stone.

        Sweet, thanks! Had my 3DS in my pocket, just grabbed it! Will have to make sure to do the same on my copy of OR as well.

    Ac Unity
    finishing border lands pre sequel
    Then borderlands 2

      I got AC IV in the steam sales, I never got around to playing it before now, so ima play that. How is Unity? I don't know if I should listen to all the people or just make up my own mind about it. I did that with AC III which I thought was a steaming POS.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition, with breaks to watch cars drive around in circles really fast... and maybe crash into each other, if we're being honest.

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