What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I think I may have decided that Dragon Age: Inquisition isn't for me. Too much lore nonsense, not friendly enough to players who haven't trekked through the first two games. I think this weekend I'm finally going to check out Shadow of Mordor.

The more I hear about it the more I'm intrigued. I love the games that influenced it — Assassin's Creed, Batman: Arkham Asylum — and the more I hear about its unique Nemesis system the more I want to go and hunt down Orcs. Sounds fascinating.

I realise I'm a little late to the party, but I think the tail end of the year is as good a time as any to play catch-up on the game you missed out on. Wolfenstein is another game I'm thinking about checking out.

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?


    Finishing off Far Cry 4, Then I really need to go back and finish Shadow of Mordor. If I get that done, I'll either go back and continue with Call Of Duty: AW or start Sleeping Dogs: DE. Want to try and squeeze in some Smash Bros. at some point too.

    Smash. Gonna re-train Little Mac again to try and get him taunting after every kill like he started to do last time.

    Street fighter x Tekken Vita was cheap on PSN. I reckon I should at least play it once rather than let it sit on that ol' "bought but not touched" list of games....

    Yakuza 4

    & I wanna finish off Shin Megami Tensei IV.

    Found out I'm right at the end of Fantasy Life which I got the shits with, so I'll finish that off.

    Might start Mordor, intro didn't excite me though.

    WoW... but I'm pretty close to quitting. Once I get my 150 mount achievement that will probably be it for me. It's weird, I log on everyday to manage my garrison but its starting to feel like busywork.

      I think I'm glad I got out at the end of MoP. I miss my old guildies, but I don't miss the grind. WoD just seems like too much busywork.

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    This weekend I'll be putting a bookcase together with my housemate. If I get time I'll probably play a bit more destiny and see if I can try the vault of glass raid. If I can't, I'll probably break out portal 2 and go through the story again

    Just got Divinity : Original Sin off Steam, so I'll be indulging in some isometric CRPG nostalgia.

    got my wii u in the mail yesterday, picked up bayonetta 2 so i'll play very little of that during the weekend due to working commitments, 6 days a week killing me :(

      Man, I feel for you. I used to work 6 days a week and even though I only had to be there for like four hours on Saturdays it absolutely killed my free time.

    Theme Hospital.

      I picked that up the other day from GoG. Keen as to play it again, loved it back in the day.

        Had the PS1 version on PSP and PS3, but I can't re-download it. :(
        So, I got it for $3 off GOG. :D

    I beat Dragon Age: Inquisition's main story and I'm now on to finishing all the area's and side quests, but in saying that I'll be going to Sydney this weekend to visit my sister and for Christmas carols etc so, no gaming this weekend.

    Definitely DA:I. I took a break from it for a week or so to play GTAV but I'm back with it now. 61 or so hours through.

    I was gonna wait til I finished it before firing up Far Cry 4 but I might give that a play too.

    Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition for me, for the 4th weekend in a row now lol.

    Also picked up COD: Advanced Warfare and enjoying the campaign quite a bit. so a bit of that also.

    Wait, you voted for Alien isolation without playing Shadows of Mordor?? Who are you?? I'm actually really enjoying DA:I - I didn't finish the first 2 in the series, but I don't think you should let lore stop you. Wolfenstein is also awesome, a great FPS actually.

    GTAV, the first I've ever gotten into. i don't know what it was about the others but I'm really digging this one.

    More Hearthstone of course, possibly buy some new GvG packs to start some deck building with new cards. I would've done this earlier but my car engine blew up and I've been sans $4000 for the last week.

    Also, BF4 online.

    Probably going to jump back into Destiny, my wife has got an itch to scratch. Otherwise, going to try and get through some of the Wadjet Eye adventure games in my backlog. Gotta finish Blackwell Deception then maybe pick up and play Epiphany in the steam sales - also got Resonance and Gemini Rue to play now as well.

    Actually has anyone imported/bought Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN from the US PS store? I have a strong desire for a new fighter to sink my teeth into and wanna know how easy this process is...

    I'm playing "Xmas Shopping 2014"

    hopefully it's a speed-run with no lives lost.

      Should have Pre-ordered your copy of that! Comes with a bonus exclusive of "Get's delivered to your house."

        the browser based version isn't as fun.

          I prefer the browser based version because it doesn't come with the Painful Parking Spot Expansion or the Dodging the Masses of Shoppers DLC.

            You don't need the parking expansion if you get the Public Transport Kit instead, though the microtransactions are terrible.

              Well The iOS/Android port sucks,
              Especially if the in game GPS stuffs up and you cannot find your way to the gift shop.

              I just paid $1.99 for the gift card expansion and finished easily.

      I bought this, but have been waiting for all the patches - so maybe by 2015 I'll be ready to play.

    Finished Far Cry 4 the other day, so back to PES 2015, I think. Maybe go back to BF4, too, since I haven't taken a look at the last map pack yet. They'll probably be deserted by now just like all the other DLC maps and it'll be back to the original ones instead.

      Oh man I picked up BF4 a couple of weeks ago and decided against buying the season pass for this exact reason. Shame because it seems some of the new maps are quite good.

        I haven't tried the latest bunch yet, but to be honest all the expansion maps have been pretty disappointing compared to the original maps, which are mostly great. The exception was the Second Assault map pack, mainly because it's remade maps from BF3, some of which are also pretty good.

        Doesn't bother me too much, since I love playing the original maps anyway. But yeah, if I had my time again I probably wouldn't bother with the premium subscription. Although I think there are a few weapons / gadgets in those expansions (I love roadkills with the SUAV!) so you wouldn't be able to get those.

        It's disappointing, though. I'd love to try playing the Carrier Assault mode that game with the Naval Strike expansion, but I've never found a game of that with more than about 6 people in it. That's the problem with paid DLC in a game like this - you fragment the player base. The fact that servers only seem able to host specific sets of maps (e.g. original, Second Assault, Naval Strike, etc) instead of being able to mix-and-match among them all doesn't help, either.

    I'm a preview program member on xbox one, and I just received a message about the halo 5 beta early access this weekend, so hopefully I'll be thrashing that!

    I'm playing "Fly home to visit parents for a couple of weeks," "catch up on sleep," and "catch up on books I've bought recently I've not had time to read cos Destiny." Also Pokemon OR, and maybe some Hearthstone, if I can get the Android version working (it keeps getting stuck in an infinite loading screen when I start a game, so might resort to just playing it over RDP to my laptop).

    I'll be playing through the Dracula X Chronicles (including the bonus games of Rondo of Blood and SOTN) as well as mixing in some Disgaea 4 and maybe finishing Etrian Odyssey IV.

    shadow of mordor. Just hit the branding section and while the controls are clunky and the main story is poor it's still a fun game.

    Most likely working on my current project while also dreading the inevitable loss of my job.

    For games I might still work on Phoenix Wright on 2DS, and maybe tap into anything from my backlog.

    Earthbound! and probably some more PS4 Shadow Warrior

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