When It Comes To Grand Theft Auto V And Target, This Might Be Part Of The Problem

As you are most likely already aware, Target has removed Grand Theft Auto V from stores across Australia. As I've already written this morning, I believe one of the root issues here is the attitude that video games are for children. If that's the case, Target isn't exactly doing themselves any favours.

Take a look at the above image. "The best toy prices in Australia... guaranteed!" That's the message as an R18+ rated video game sits alongside Barbie and Peppa Pig.

I mean seriously, what is wrong with this picture? What were they thinking? This is an advertisement and it is essentially informing consumers that Grand Theft Auto V is a toy for children on the same level as Peppa Pig.

Absolutely mind-boggling.

Thanks Leigh!


    "Another thing I find disturbing, is that the toys/merch from MA 15+ and R 18+ movies and games are in the little kids section."

    Including from R 18+ movies? Don't think that's right.

    "Exactly, the Batman movies are a classic example of that."

    Yeah but the Batman movies from the last 10 years are all M rated. He said MA 15+ and R 18+.

    I acknowledge that toys based on M (and higher) rated movies and/or games probably shouldn't be in the kids section of anywhere. This is similar to back in 2002 when the Spider-Man 'reboot' was seen by a lot of kids according to a media report, and it appealed to kids despite the M rating with corresponding violence level. Lotta parents took their kids to see it. A 6yo can go see it (or buy a game) on their own. There's no age restriction with M.

    There's not much difference between these:

    PG: Parental guidance recommended (additionally used to say "for children under 15 years" long ago but not anymore)

    MA 15+: Parental guidance ('accompanied') required by law for persons under 15 years.

    ^ Not much difference IMO.

    Doesn't "parental guidance" mean sitting next to the kid explaining things especially if the kid has a question? (in terms of movies and home formats)

    "But although the R18 rating is new, the GTA franchise has been around for 17 years. The claim that "we didn't know it wasn't for kids" is now starting to look like deliberate head-in-the-sand."

    Yes but from 1997 to 1999 the first few GTA games, although rated MA 15+, were top down perspective so were nowhere near the level of vivid-ness as the 3D GTA games from 2001 onwards. Also the GTA games didn't combine mass popularity with attracting huge controversy until the aforementioned 2001 with GTA3.

    (Note: A Colour Gameboy GTA game from 1999 was only rated M though, as well as a Gameboy Advance GTA game from 2004).

    There would be a lot of Kmart / Target employees (and people in general) who have never heard of the GTA games over the last 17 years not to mention what is the appropriate age to play them. But yeah that's no excuse for what this article talks about.

    Back to the original part of this post.. are there any examples that "the toys/merch from MA 15+ and R 18+ movies and games are in the little kids section." ?

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