Where To Find All Of GTA V’s Secret Peyote Plants

Where To Find All Of GTA V’s Secret Peyote Plants

Hidden across all of Los Santos are secret drugs that let your GTA V character do wild, funny things. There are 27 of them — and if you want to find them all, you’ve come to the right place.

If you don’t want to be spoiled on this cool feature included in the current-gen versions of GTA V, stop reading now!

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the peyote plants in GTA V. If you find one and use it, your character will get high and the game will temporarily transform you into an animal. You can turn into all sorts of things, from a chicken, to a mountain lion. Sometimes, these animals even have special abilities — the seagull can poop on things, for example. You can see this animal hallucination action in this video by taltigol:

Neat, right? And there are more of them. GTA Forums poster DuPz0r uploaded a helpful map that denotes where you can find every peyote plant, so you too can transform GTA V into something that resembles Tokyo Jungle. Make sure to click on “expand” on the image below, since otherwise it’s difficult to see the pictures on the right of this image — they can give you a better sense of what the area with the peyote plant looks like:

Where To Find All Of GTA V’s Secret Peyote Plants

In case you’re wondering: nothing happens if you collect all of the peyote plants. Well, nothing aside from you having the opportunity to hear funny dialogue after turning into a bunch of different animals. It’s not the key to unlocking the mystery at Mt Chiliad, but, hey, it’s still cool!


  • Drug use in a video game??? Nup! Won’t have it! Where’s the petition I can sign to remove this disgrace?

    • Video games are for adults too?! But I thought they were for kids only! Where’s the petition to have all video games banned?!

      • Video games have R18+ with references to drug use, sex and all other types of abuse? Where’s the petition to get idiots to read classifications on games after complaining they don’t have better classifications!

  • Where To Find All Of GTA V’s Secret Peyote Plants

    Clearly not in Australian retail stores.

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