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    Which is it TAY or WYWS? Morning.

      Talking among ourselves but only while we're sleeping

        I'll get my girlfriend to write post everything I say while I'm sleeptalking then. Be prepared for better posts than when I'm conscious

    Heh... Stealth TAY.

    Oh, and ... SHINY

    Dear kickstarter, thanks for reminding me to back Shane's Undad comics... Ends today, get in quick!

      Argh, why doesn't Kickstarter take paypal??

        because it uses Amazon payments which is a direct competitor i believe

    Man, every time 343i opens their mouths about Halo I hate them more and more.

    Oh well, at least I hit a good stride with my current project and might be finished in a couple of weeks.

    Now I just gotta get through the rest of the day after a night of troubled sleep.

      yup my xbox one is now up for sale... and its all the Master Chief Collections fault...

        Beta comes out in just 2 weeks! Should hold on for that man...there may still be hope. May.

          Yeah, maybe they didn't add in ADS and included some other system that... ok, seriously, it's friggen ADS.

            Yeah I have no idea what they're thinking. Take the one popular FPS that doesn't play like CoD and turn it into CoD? Why? Who are they making the game for?

            Halo 4 already kind of disappointed me with the terrible third faction that weren't fun to fight and which forced you to use guns that were generally terrible.

              I'm against ADS (I'm actually pretty bored of it honestly, I rarely even use it in Borderlands now) but if they want to make a game with it then fine. I'm against it but it's their choice.

              What I hate is how they're spinning the terms around to try and make it not sound like ADS when it is exactly like ADS.

        How much? :P

          i have it advertised for $550 with kinect, dead rising 3, Ryse son of rome, Halo masterchief collection, complete in box.

          might sound a bit pricey but was only bought in july, still have the receipt from JB hifi which covers the standard 12 month warranty, but i also have an extended warranty with Microsoft that covers it till either February or August 2017 so yeah... its all in mint condition, ive literally played it less than 10-15 hours....

          on a rough guess, i finished Ryse (6hrs) played DR3 for about 10-20 mins, Halo MCC for about 2 hours... and a few indie games here and there...

            I can get a new Xbox One for around $450 with Halo and Sunset from EB. Thanks though! :)

              i know greenman bro, but you gotta start high to give enough leway for people to knock you down a peg or two!

        They're up to what, 50gb of patches that still doesn't make the game work?

          dont even get me started... it is broken in so many ways its not even funny...


              That's just preparing you for the inevitable Assassins Creed/Halo cross-over project.

              holy shit is that a leaked shot from the new terminator film?

              I had an awesome glitch where my body glitched out of a banshee in mid air, the banshee went crashing down, but i remained in mid air flying around in a seated position flying the masterchief around as though he was still in it... i landed after a few minutes, but couldnt get out...

        Yeah, I took mine back. Same reason. I'm done with it.

      Damn. That was the only reason I'm considering buying an XBone. Looks like I'll keep my money then and wonder why other people hold Halo with such high esteem

        Well! Have I got a video for you!


          This is just making want to watch Red vs Blue again :P

          Never played Halo except for 20 minutes of co-op years ago, but I love red vs Blue :D

            And even that has been ruined over the years. I refuse to watch RvB Season 12 after the broken shell of a series that was RvB Season 11.

              When they made the switch to Halo 4 I stopped watching because I hate Halo 4 that much. I believe it's fair.

                Halo 4 is a lot harder to make machinima in due to 343i being stupid, and it kinda showed.

                  Yeah, they programmed in the ability to lower their weapons, but they forgot to program it remaining when the player crouched or walked.

    Dammit. I superglued my hand together last night to stop myself from pulling it open again as I was doing stuff, but now it's getting a little crackly and peely and annoying.

      If it doesn't need stitches, a band-aid will do. If it does need stitches...GO TO A DAMN DOCTOR!!!! How's it supposed to heal with superglue in the way?!

        It doesn't need (strange) stitches, but it can't really be band-aided because it's on my palm up at the top near my fingers. The glue seemed like a better solution to me :P

          There's always a way to band-aid! Go to a chemist's and ask them to help you find something that will work. Something that's not toxic. :P
          Superglue is never a better solution!

            Sure it is. It held it closed all night!

            Dunno how it'll go with rock climbing tonight though :P But hey, going by this chances are good that someone there will have some on them...

              Should've gone with PVA glue. You'd get the satisfaction of peeling it off when it's dried

        I've used superglue for cuts for years. It works brilliantly if you have to remain very active around the injury site.

    Morning. How were people's weekends? I got some Starcraft II time in - haven't played since Wings of Liberty and wow its changed

      staring at my computer monitor, then at my ps4, then at my xbox one. also dozing off every few seconds whilst trying to decide what to play... this went on for 8 hours...

      i played NOTHING and then gave up and went to bed early...

        Man I did the same thing, except replace xbox with books and anime I've already consumed.
        Such a productive weekend.

        I know exactly how you feel. Small games like the Binding of Isaac are great just to get into in times like that

    Morning Gents!

    11 Sleeps left till the holidays! Whats everyone got planned? Cant wait to see my bro's reaction to his present... Built him an i7 based gaming pc. short of funds so we didnt get him a monitor keyboard mouse, but i have spare keyboards and mice he can use for a while, and my dads getting him the monitor!

    So hoping for some suggestions with this one; i am absolutely stumped as to what to get the missus for christmas. Thing is, she doesnt really have any hobbies... she loves her movies and tv shows, she doesnt play games, no hobbies outside of this, except for maybe cake decorating, but she pretty much has everything cake related...

    was going to buy her the new ipad air but she doesnt want one cause shes quite happy with her 3rd gen ipad. I know she wants a new phone, but im a couple of hundred short of getting her an iphone 6 (which is what shes wants...), theres no point in looking at a used one either, as i can get 15% off from the retail prices anyway through apple. and a used phone usually goes for more than that...


        i get two weeks off... sorry to rub it in\! /o\

          I have Christmas day off...

            Mr. Strange has similar "holidays" to you. But that's only so he can take the 2 weeks off he needs to go to 70K. I imagine you're similar due to Super Mega Kotaku Takes Japan trip?

              Pretty much. Except I'm taking six weeks off to just do nothing either side of Japan trip. I have about 250 hours leave currently so why not?

          I can take as many weeks off as I want, but I don't get paid...

      Cake Decorating classes? (These guys have an app, too so she can watch them on her iPad.)

      And take it from one other who has an arty can never have "pretty much everything" . :P There's always new tools, new materials, new recipes, new techniques.

      Vouchers for activities are always good - a massage, a facial, getting nails or hair done, a high tea, a harbour cruise lunch...

      Soo... get your lady Netflix or a BD boxset with tons of extras perhaps?

    Played some Destiny on the weekend to try out the new stuff. The new story missions are a lot better than previous missions from a narrative structure, though some work is still needed on the exposition. Mechanically things were a lot more interesting. The fights felt more like Vault of Glass stuff than the mindlessly holding down shoot fights of vanilla Destiny. Disappointingly, the new missions don't really take you anywhere new. Some new rooms do open up, but you're still running around the same Old Russia and Moon you've been to before. You're also fighting the same enemies. There's a few boss fights where the characters have a new attack or two, but it's still the same old knights and wizards and thralls. This is a problem I had with old Destiny too, where visually there's nothing to distinguish boss/important characters from canon fodder but for the name above their head.

    I upgraded my already fully upgraded Thunderlord weapon, which I'm regreting. It now does 2 more damage than before, with the potential to be upgraded to 330 damage, but all the other upgrades I had for it - the increased stability and firing speed and stuff - is gone. If I were going to be playing a lot of Destiny I might not worry about it because I would eventually earn it all back, but I don't think I'll be playing Destiny that much, and for the few times I do play I'd rather have my old weapon than this new one.

    I think overall the DLC is an improvement for the game, even if there were a few poor choices made in relation to it, but they still have a long wat to go, and the base version of the game is still classic Destiny, flaws and all. I haven't tried out the strike or the raid, but from what I have played, and from what I've read on what else the DLC brings, it's not really worth the $25.

      For me Destiny ended with the base game. Paid my $60 and got a lot of fun for my money.
      DLC has never been worth it and Destiny never looked to be changing that, even before it came out.

        agreed, if season passes were more like $15 -$19 EVERYONE would be buying them... $35-$70 for some extra maps and a few more missions is basically zero value for me

          Yeah, and Destiny was the perfect game to change that DLC price point. Solid core and massive hype behind it.
          If they had halved the price of DLC they probably would have trippled the amount they sold and maybe even had a shot at the 10-year game they wanted.
          But it'll be dead in 6 months this way.

            agreed i would have been all over the dlc for an extra 15-20..

        Yeah, I rarely bother with DLC unless it's part of a GOTY bundle. Only played this because it was part of the limited edition version of Destiny I got.

      One thing I've had a problem with is exotics and how you get them. Hearing about an 'evolving' auto rifle or what have you that you can upgrade as you use it from a rare to a legendary and then to an exotic, that's how I feel you should have been able to get exotics.

      I reckon you should have been able to choose your weapon type at, say level 20 when you've had enough time to run around with each different type of weapon so you know your favourite (handgun, auto rifle, whatever) then you have the chance to upgrade one of those to a legendary and then to an exotic, choosing what element damage and what perks you want it to have.

      This would've led to everyone having vastly different exotics rather than everyone buying the same exotics from Xur each week and turning the crucible into a Suros Regime fest

      Eris' storyline I've enjoyed though, but there needs to be more of those little one off missions I reckon to keep things interesting until the next DLC comes along. Introduce a one off quest giver every now and then, like the Queen's Emissary but one that gives new quests rather than 'hunt down this character from this existing story quest'.

      As with a lot of people's views, the basics of the game are good, more than good, just how the quests and rewards are handed out are sub par

      I tried it for a couple hours on the weekend. At this rate, I'm not going to bother installing House of Wolves.

      Maybe Destiny 2 will show me something interesting, but the hell I'm buying it on launch. There will be reviews and if they aren't fucking glowing, I'm passing on the whole mess of disappointment.

    Played an Xbox One for the first time on the weekend. My brother-in-law bought one and I have a key to his house!

    woah... as a wrestling fan, i had no idea!

      What, that he did it, or that it's being yanked from the CAW databases?

      Either way that is a brilliant article - that kind of writing keeps me here at Kotaku.

        agreed on the quality of the article... and i like the way he expressed both sides of the argument...

        but yeah i had no idea that ever happened....

        the double murder that is

          It's terribad. It was just after I stopped watching wrestling. I had a habit of deciding on a fav wrestler, only to have something terrible happen.

          Shamrock - got his back busted by Jericho.
          Jericho - got so many injuries he had to have years off, then came back a twat.
          Benoit - went and killed his family.

          ...I still have a deep love for Mankind, as that guy seems indestructible and also a very nice human being.

            wasnt Shamrocks back busted by Jericho's bodyguard?

     may be right. Actually, you are right.

              Still, that was (over?) a decade ago, so my memory may have difficulty remembering the finer details beyond "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you prick."

        I don't even give a shit about wrestling and I found it a really interesting piece to read.

    Morning all.
    Had a pretty good weekend, I played way too much GTA V and took like 1000 screen shots, there's so much to admire in the little details and in such an expansive game it's almost dumbfounding how much they've jammed into the world. This is my second play through & I still discover something new almost every time I play. I did discover that the money glitch still exists though. @virus (and anyone else planning on using the stock market to make money).
    I also stayed up till 4am last night watching the Expendables 3, it was stupid, over the top, filled with corny jokes & unnecessary explosions but still entertaining in its dumb way.
    Hope you all had a great weekend.
    Details of GTA V money glitch (not an exploit a glitch that could steal your money :O )
    On the PS3 your money limit was capped and if you went over $2.14 million it'd rollover into a negative figure and screw your game (if you had no back up saves). I read they'd patched it but instead they've just made it not roll into negatives, you're still capped at $2.14 billion but if you try to sell stocks over that amount it just won't let you and your cash is trapped in the stock market, I tested it with various reloads and tried different ways. In the end I had to let my stock's value drop low enough that I could sell for less than the $2.14. Nothing major as even $1 billion will buy you everything you could want, just letting you know in case it happens to you and your money gets trapped. I was set up to make around $3 Billion with Michael and 2.6 with Franklin and Trevor, I guess 6 billion between them will have to do :P.

      GTA V had better come along on the 12 deals of Christmas on PS Store. I have a bit of cash in my wallet that I need to get through. Dragon Age would also be nice

        Yeah those deals are usually pretty good, they've helped keep me occupied on the christmas break a few years running. This year I have a monstrous backlog to work through though. Hopefully they do put one of those up.

    Morning everyone :D

    I spent most of my Saturday calling every store I could think of in my general area looking for a Little Mac amiibo with no luck. My local eb games store said they got one in for a preorder and it was for the guy I was talking to who worked there. Then I gave up and just played Smash Wii U for the rest of the weekend.

    I don't like how tempting the eBay listed Little Mac amiibo are getting now.
    ...I know, I have a problem.

      I have a friend who bought a Mac just to put up on eBay. Last I saw it was at $41.

      If I could, I'd go and steal it off him for you.

      Ugh, I made the mistake of looking at the eBay listings. Both current and complete.

      So much angry.

      There are some at the stores here.

        I'm in the mountains area of western Sydney (about an hour west of the city).
        Unless the stores you've seen them at are in my general area, I'm wondering if there's any chance of me paying you to pick one up for me and posting it to me.

        Edit: Unless I can contact the store directly and get them to ship it to me.

        Last edited 15/12/14 7:17 pm

          Sorry, missed this until now, I'll take a look at lunchtime and see if they have any left.

            I managed to get a target to put their last one on hold for me. I'd still be interested to know if anywhere else has them though.

    Driving with my littlest to drop her off at school and Dethklok is playing in the car. I notice in the corner of my eye her feet are bouncing in time with the D-Beat and her head is nodding.

    YES! At least one of my kids has picked up some taste from me.

      It's great when you catch your kids doing that. I have video of my 3 year old daughter dancing to Fear Factory.

      Them feels... <3

    oh god ive hit the twilight zone where ive woken up still a tad drunk from the night before

    tay what do

      Drink a powerade or eat some Mee Goreng 2 minute noodles in the broth.

      Pre dope the hangover.

      water ---> berocca ---> bacon ---> more bed

      Mix a poached egg and vodka in a blender and scull. Don't ask questions, just do it.

    Hi TAY

    Had a quiet weekend, played Destiny and Skyrim and some Splinter Cell.

    Also spent some time thinking about something, so...

    Provided it gets through the company's board, and we negotiate the salary etc, I could have a job from the 5th of January for six months!

    A Monday morning question: What should I plan to spend my first paycheque on?

      Pinball machine.

        I live on the first floor. the bloody couch was hard enough to get up here.

        Virtual Pinball Machine.

          Not as cool, for me.

          Last edited 15/12/14 11:14 am

            Yeah, but saves having to have 15 pinball machines when you can't choose a fave.

              To me it's like the difference between watching a TV show about food versus getting to eat the food yourself :P

                Nah, get one with 3D and headtracking and all the force feedback, the new unity based on is amazing, plus Zen pinball now supports cabs, so there are VPs that don't exist in the real-world, which are great fun. Also no maintenance.
                I have real machines as well, but find the VPs are getting more use these days. My main thought was it is easier to get a VP up to a first floor apartment than a real machine :)

                  I dunno, I'm just yet to play one that "feels" right I guess. The physics of it and everything, they just feel kind of off. There's just something more visceral about it all being actually there in front of you that's missing when it's virtual. Although I wouldn't mind trying one with head tracking and force feedback, that'd go a long way towards replicating the experience I'm sure.

      I watched you and adi play destiny, like a creepy internet stalker, but your fireteam was full so I couldn't join :(

        Aww man, didn't see you were logged in. What lvl are you at?

          24... I'm assuming a bit low for you?

          I had great fun with adi and masha the toher night tho, so seemed like the lvl deifference wasn't too big a killer.

            It's only an issue when in a lvl critical mission. If you can get to 26 we have 5 for the raid, 6 with @faction

              I'm trying dude!

              I never know when I'm going to get a chance to play, so it is hard to plan to meet up with people I know (like yourself) in Destiny :( I end up only doing strikes with matchmaking; not the worst, but it isn't the best either.

                If you ever see I have a free spot in my fireteam, just join. Or, if you're on and I'm logged in to psn , send me an invite

    Anyone here a Kinect fan?

    Plugged it back in the other day & my 4 year old went nutsi for it.
    Seeing games as cheap as $10 around but have no idea about quality (in comparison to other Kinect games & for a child).

    Any tips, suggestions or recomendations?

      Star Wars! (that's like the only kinect game that I can even think of :P)

      The Sesame St game is pretty good, the kids liked Kinectimals as well, and the Disney theme park one was fun as well.

        There's a number of sesame street games, which is the good one?

          The double fine one. Once Upon A Monster.

            I thought I saw that in a special box the first time.
            I saw a cheap copy in a normal case. Was there anything included in the box that is required or enhanced the game in any way?

              From memory, the "special" one just had a decorated strip of somethingorother to put on the floor as a marker for how far back to stand from the TV, I guess so the kids know to keep in range of the thing. Or something along those lines at least.

            Yep, that's the one. The Disney one is great too.

        What do you do in Disney?

          Walkthrough of the Kinect Disney game. Start at 4:30
          One of the rides:

          Basically you get to run around disneyland exploring, go on the rides, interact with characters, lots of fun for kids.

          Last edited 18/12/14 9:56 am

      I gave a kinect to a mate of mine for Christmas a few years ago (got one cheap from work) and his kids have basically grown up with it around. Apparently his son gets frustrated when he goes up to other screens and can't manipulate them by making gestures at them. Kid's only about 2 years old...

      I've been told that the Double Fine Happy Action Theater thing is pretty good fun for kids, and the Sesame Street one is apparently great for playing with your kids too.

    Back to the drudgery I go after a pretty great weekend. Had a family gathering where I saw my grandad for the first time in about 5 years so it was good to see him. Looked through some old family photos going back to the 1930s and 40s so it was interesting to see what everyone looked like when they were younger (that 80s fashion though *shudder*).

    Also ran some Dark Heresy on the weekend where the main antagonist (Nurgle psyker) tried to be all spooky and creepy but the party just sprayed bullets through everything that he tried. When he tried to escape, he managed to barge into a Tzeentch psyker in the underhive where he only barely survived. Had to sacrifice his tox-dog to evade the party though, which made me sad (had plans for the tox-dog to fully mutate into a Beast of Nurgle). For his failure, Nurgle punished him by making him emit corpse fire from his body at all times. Bad time for him to mutate in that fashion considering the group's preference for fire.

    Good morning everybody. I feel like I haven't been on here in ages. Which... really, is true.

    Since Wednesday last week I've pretty much spent zero time on a computer. Wednesday was the day of the big move, so I'm now officially "moved in" with my partner / fiancée / person-who-hangs-around-me-a-fair-bit. Removalists though... I'd be a hell of a lot happier if they could show up on time. When you book a mid-morning slot (to avoid traffic) and they don't show up until late afternoon, and then you get stuck in rush hour traffic and end up having to pay extra (time) because of it... well, I'm not happy. Then they sent me a satisfaction survey. Felt good to vent.

    Thursday and Friday was prepping my apartment for handover, which involved lots of cleaning but it's totally worth it. The place looked as good as it did the day I moved in. Handed back my keys on Friday quite happy. I was in such a good mood, I went Christmas shopping. Which could easily have turned in to "BUY ALL THE TOYS... FOR ME! \o/" had I let it.

    So that just left the weekend which was unpacking, unpacking, cleaning, unpacking, working on my resume, unpacking. You get the drift. One "fun" (if you can use the word) bit was digitising the pantry list so that it's all synced between phones. Now there'll never* be another instance of buying more canned tomatoes when there's already 10 in the pantry. :P

    So, what's your best / funniest / worst moving story? I'm sure we've all got one. GO.

      I was about 2 or so when we moved so I can't really remember anything about it.

      Not...moving per se, but getting one couch out and another in.
      So anyway, we've hired a trailer on an hour by hour basis, so wanted to get that out of the way as quick as possible. So we pick up the new couch set, on the trailer, out to the front of our house, load it off, run inside to get the old couch, get it on the trailer, start tying it down...

      And a guy runs up to us out of the blue and points to the (new) couch sitting on the lawn. "OMG, you're going to just throw that out? I'll give you $50 for it!"

      I look at him and say "It's not for sale." He quickly yanks $100 out of his wallet and says "$100! I'll give you $100!"

      I look at him and say "Mate, that's the NEW couch setting. You can have a look at this one if you want (gestures to couch on back of trailer)."

      He just looks at me for a second and says "Man, you got ripped off!" and walks away.

      ...yeah we questioned our choice of couch for a few days after that, until the butt-groove wore in and it became super comfy.

    Morning all, I'm about to setup a media server (DLNA) and wondering what y'all use?
    I'm looking at Plex at the moment, but am open to suggestions.

      I use Plex. I was running it off my NAS previously but when I moved out I realized I can run it off my desktop instead - the reason I didn't want to do that was mainly noise levels because my PC used to be in my room, but I moved out since then.

      Unfortunately I don't have a good sink for the source. The PS3 can connect okay to it but the PS3 is old and clunky and feels like I'm going back in time when I turn it on. PS4 will work, but your server needs enough grunt to transcode it, you have to go via the web browser (and the PS4 web browser kind of sucks for navigating that interface - especially because in full screen it exceeds the screen area of my TV so I lose the edges). Also if you go that way you must force it to transcode audio to AAC or it won't work.

      I'm getting an Xbox One arriving very soon (actually got a text from the courier saying it was delivered as I was typing this!) and I know it has proper DLNA and an actual Plex app so I suspect that it'll become my de facto video system until Sony pull their finger out.

      I've used both XBMC and Plex extensively and I think Plex provides a much better product in that you're basically building a home media ecosystem instead of just running a player. It pulls down lots of metadata and generally looks a lot nicer and is more user-friendly, but if you want you can dig into the guts of it as it's got a pretty good plug-in system in Python. I actually wrote a metadata scraper for anime (anidb) a while back, ended up passing it on to another guy who wanted to maintain it subsequently. By default Plex uses TVDB for TV, and it doesn't index Anime in a way that reflects the way Anime is produced, often conflating things that should be separate and so on. So yeah, Plex is way better if you have OCD. :P

        Thanks, BTW, you can fix the PS4 fullscreen problem by going to the settings (on the PS4 menus) -> Sound and Screen -> Display Area Settings.

          That fixes it for the main UI, but not for any apps or games running in it unless they inherit that info. PS4's web browser doesn't use the settings and bleeds over the edges :(

          Btw, the Xbone app works really well. Kinect integration too so I can just yell at my Xbox and not even have to touch a controller.

      I <3 Plex

      tried XBMC for a while but I'm more comfortable in I have the paid apps on Android and iPhone.

      Still have shelled for a PlexPass but I'm considering it.


      Some smart TVs have plex apps built in - my samsung does.

    Good news this morning. My brother isn't dying. He's not 100% okay but nothing life threatening.

      Fantastic news. Really glad to hear that.

      Fuck yes. I'm relieved. Still sending good thoughts his way.

      That's great! Let's hope he gets completely better soon!

    Every time I've gone past a newspaper in the supermarket recently I've been a bit disgusted at the headlines deliberately designed to ignite tensions. And now there's this siege happening in Martin Place right now. Goddammit.

      The headlines tomorrow, ugh. All I can see is it's gonna be bad...

        I'm feeling a bit sick at the thought of the political advantage that will be taken by this. Not to mention the further blind and ignorant racist panic. Fuck.

          Yeeeeeep. I can see at least the NSW state gov't over react and inject fear into everyone over this and then amp up police and give them more powers which can probably only end badly for the general public. Then I can see the federal gov't using this to take advantage of being able to pass some really idiotic national security bills and being shown as "heroes" to the public and win their support back and proceed to ruin the country, yay politics... Ugh.

          Yeah, the pollies will love it, get an excuse to sow more fear and snatch up remaining freedoms whilst people are too scared to say no.

            Totally. You know some of them have been absolutely gagging for a (relatively) small scale incident like this to happen.

            I'm not even sure that people *are* scared. It's just that, I dunno, it's the "right" thing to do to support these freedom-reducing changes. Because if you speak out against them, that's means you're supporting the terrorists, yeah? It's an almost indefensible position.

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